Hedge Funds Care's Open Your Heart to the Children
Todd Bluechel and Valentina Cugnasca
Lauren and Brier Muse
Joel Press and Doris Schwartz
A couple of Thursday ago at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Hedge Funds Care held its 7th annual Open Your Heart to the Children Benefit. Louis Ricciardelli received the 2005 Award for Caring, and New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer was the evening’s special guest.

Rob and Kathalynn Davis
Hedge Funds Care was founded by Rob Davis in 1998 who created a coalition of hedge fund industry professionals, with a mission to prevent child abuse and provide effective treatment to those who have been victimized. The funds they raise are used in several ways. One is to provide grants to existing programs that either prevent or treat abuse. Another is to use funds for professional training community awareness, and much needed child advocacy and research.

The growth of this philanthropy has been remarkable. Their first fund-raising dinner dance in 1999 raised $542,000. Last year’s raised more than $1 million. Now they are planning benefits in San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Toronto this year.

Robert Schultz and Richard Portogallo were the Committee of Hearts co-chairs.
L. to r.: Alyssa Grad, Karyn Geringer, and Jennifer Ancker; Dauvin Peterson and Vidsha Kol; Alyssa and Michael Grad.
Robert Schultz, Louis Ricciardelli, Rob Davis, and Richard Portogallo
Rob Davis, Eliot Spitzer, Kathalynn Davis, and Joel Press

Photographs by Patrick McMullan

NYU Medical Center’s Inaugural Champions of Industry & Medicine dinner honor Marc Holliday
Dr. Edward Amorosi, Fannie Holliday, and Mark Green
Joseph Perella, Eddie Amorosi, Dr. Edward Amorosi, and John Amorosi
NYU Medical Center’s Inaugural Champions of Industry & Medicine dinner honored SL Green Realty Corporation’s President and CEO Marc Holliday and Hematologist/Oncologist Dr. Edward L Amorosi at a gala at Cipriani 42nd. The event was attended by more than 800 from the New York City real estate community and friends and family of NYU Medical Center and the honorees.

Dr. Edward Amorosi and Thomas Murphy
They raised $2.8 million which will go toward the new Clinical Cancer Center on 34th Street. The center will be the only one of its kind in New York, housing diagnostic, research, and treatment services all under one roof.

In addition to Mr. Holliday and Dr. Amorosi and their wives Sherri Holliday and Jan Amorosi, distinguished guests included Dr. Robert M. Glickman, Dean of the NYU School of Medicine and CEO NYU Hospitals Center; Dr. Steven Burakoff, Director of the NYU Cancer Institute; retired CEO and Chairman of CapCities/ABC, Thomas Murphy and his wife Suzanne; Eric C. Rackow, Drs. Simon Karpatkin and Margaret Karpatkin, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fuisz, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Greenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Stratford Wallace, Joseph Perella, Father Leo J. O’Donovan, President Emeritus of Georgetown University; Nancy and Stephen L. Green, Mr. And Mrs. John Kirby Morton and Fannie Holliday.
Dr. Edward Amorosi and family
The dinner was a tribute to Dr. Amorosi’s lifelong dedication to the treatment of cancer and blood disorders and a personal tribute to him for saving the lives of Mort and Pennie Holliday, the parents of Marc Holliday. NYU Medical Center Board Member and Partner of Rainwater, Inc., Darla Moore also made a major philanthropic gift to launch the gala in support of the NYU Cancer Center and the Dr. Edward Amorosi Treatment Suite.
Deena Wolff and Marc Holliday
John and Susan Kirby with Dr. Edward Amorosi
Steven Burakoff M.D., Simon Karpatkin M.D., Dr. Edward Amorosi, and Robert Glickman M.D.
Thomas and Suzanne Murphy
David Muccia, Dr. Angela Bennett, Trish Muccia, Father Leo O'Donovan, and Dr. Edward Amorosi
Mr. and Mrs. Stratford Wallace
Sherri Holliday, Beth Amorosi, Jan Amorosi, and Trish Muccia
Stephen Green and Robert Glickman M.D.
Morton Holliday, Marc Holliday, and Stephen Green
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Moskowitz

New-York Historical Society's opening reception for Audubon's Aviary
Barbara Woods Daly and Susan Madden
Charles Hewett and Charles Olbricht
John Flicker
On February 17th, the New-York Historical Society hosted a VIP opening reception for its newest exhibition: Audubon's Aviary.

The reception was hosted by Somers Farkas, Pat Altschul and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Nancy Newcomb. Over 350 people attended the reception, which was held in Dexter Hall where the exhibition is on view.

The exhibit showcases one of the Historical Society's prized posessions: John J. Audubon's original watercolors for his world renowned work Birds of America.

40 of his watercolors are hung in the exhibit, along with natural birdsounds that are projected from small speakers below each painting. There are also 'fly-over' sounds that eminate from speakers along the ceiling of the room. Due to the sensitivitiy of the paintings to light, the exhibit is on view for only six weeks from now until March 27th.
Courtney Booth and Mary Bartow
Cynthia and Dan Lufkin
Doug Schmidt and Emma Snowden
Jackie Hoffman and Marie-Ann Dreher
Melissa DeMouche and Scott Lamb
Nancy Newcomb and Somers Farkas
Jane Sokolow, Gordon and Carole Hyatt, and Edward Ames
Richard Gelfond and Kenneth Jackson
Pat Altschul, Nancy Newcomb, Louise Mirrer, and Somers Farkas
Louise Mirrer presenting Dan Lufkin with Birds of America
Sharon Dunn and Harvey Zirofsky
Sara and Evans Mitchell

Coca-Cola "Make It Real" launch party at Marquee
Roberto Cavalli
Richard Jefferson
Shannon Elizabeth
Coca-Cola celebrated the launch of the new "Make It Real" campaign at Marquee. The event highlighted Coca-Cola's recent partnership with two of the new generation's prominent creative forces, street artist Shepard Fairey and fashion designer Jennifer Nicholson. Shepard Fairey has designed a unique "Make It Real" creative expression using Coca-Cola icons and offered his vision to Jennifer Nicholson, who incorporated the graphic look into a limited edition fashion item.
Amanda Fairey and Shephard Fairey
Katrina Campins, Heidi Bressler, and Stacy Rotner
Dan Abrams and Dave Zinczenko
Vincent Gallo and Jessica Stam
Shannen Doherty
Anne Hathaway
Andrew Firestone
Dhani Jones
Anand Jon
Anouck Lepere
Dylan Lauren
Mini Anden
Natasha Leon
Jamison Ernest
Jennifer Nicholson
Marcus Schenkenberg
Estella Warren
Foxy Brown
Finesse Mitchell

Photographs by Michael Loccisano/PMc & Erik T. Kaiser/PMc

Theory, Cristina Cuomo, Jill Kargman, and Eleanor Lembo celebrated the publication of If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend, a new novel by Alison Pace
L. to r.: Cristina Greeven Cuomo; Jill Kargman, Andrew Saffir, Bettina Zilkha, and Zani Gugelmann; Allison Aston.
Fabian Basabe and Martina Borgomanero
Theory's Andrew Rosen with daughter Ashley
Eleanor Lembo and Alexis Bryan


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