A “surprise” birthday party for Patrick McMullan
L. to r.: Dave Schlacet, Lara Schlacet, Melanie Heyes, Lorian Gabel, and Tasya Teles; Patrick McMullan, Tinsley Mortimer, and Minnie Mortimer.
Last Saturday night in Southampton Bettina Zilkha, Alice Judelson, Tinsley Mortimer and Nina Garcia hosted a “surprise” birthday party for Patrick McMullan. It’s hard to believe they kept this thing a “surprise” especially in this group and especially considering that invitations went out in the mail weeks before to scores of Patrick’s thousands of friends. Besides, if there’s anyone in New York who knows what’s going on when and where at all times, it’s Patrick.

Patrick has been at his business since he was a kid and although that goes back at least thirty years, he’s just beginning to almost not quite look like a kid. In the meantime, he’s taken tens of thousands (hundred of thousands?) of pictures at thousands of parties across the land and across the globe. He’s so famous now that the name “Patrick” when uttered means only one person: him. After decades of hard work and diligence, he’s a kind of one man industry and he’s fanned out with several photographers on his team covering the scores of parties that occur in New York on any given week of any given month.

Just being a photographer at a party can garner a lot of friends (using the term loosely), but Patrick is more than a celebrity photographer (who’s also published several coffee table books of his work). He likes people, he likes parties, and he likes the idea of bringing people together. A lot of people have met through Patrick whether it was while he was taking their pictures or just hanging out.

So the idea of a “surprise” party for this guy is daunting to say the least. But even if it weren’t, Patrick enjoyed the whole idea; and maybe not so much because it was for him but because it brought together a lot of people he knows and likes, many of whom know each other because of him.

Saturday night was a busy one in the Hamptons
and Patrick’s small cadre of professional party photographers had to be fanned out across the South Fork snapping away while the man himself was enjoying his own party. Although don’t think he wasn’t thinking of everything else that was going on – for work, not ego, is his thing. It’s what put him up there and that’s where he intends to stay. Happy Birthday Patrick, and thanks for all you do for us.
Grenada Mandonnet and Daniel Urezedo
Andrew Saffir, Olivia Chantecaille, and Daniel Benedict
Alanna Shalinski and Britney Quinones
Lucy Sykes Rellie, Bettina Zilkha, and Euan Rellie
Lady Cavendish and the pink monkey

Kathy Hilton
Hedy Kleinman and Jane Holzer
Jackie Astier and friend
Liam McMullan and Nadine Johnson
Marcy Warren and friends
Dave Zinczenko and Olivia Chantecaille
Patrick McMullan, Amanda Hearst, and the monkey (of course)
Patrick McMullan and Rick Hilton
Sharon Shalinski, Connie McMullan, and Alanna Shalinski

Photographs by Patrick Hannaway/PMc

Nello Balan hosted a gathering to celebrate the unveiling of LeRoy Neiman's "Nello Summertimes Collection"
Keith Hernandez, Nello Balan, and LeRoy Neiman
LeRoy Neiman, Joe Dekama, and Jennifer Watters
Last Saturday night in Southampton, Nello Balan hosted an intimate gathering to celebrate the unveiling of LeRoy Neiman's "Nello Summertimes Collection", the latest installment in Neiman's continuing depiction of "The Good Life" — this time focusing on the polo matches that have been a Hamptons tradition since the 1920s.

Nello Balan and LeRoy Neiman
Painted specifically for Balan's new restaurant "Nello Summertimes,” the 10 paintings will be displayed in what was the historic Old Post House Inn, restored by Balan to its original baronial style, and they'll be right at home amid the chandeliers, fireplaces, and floral arrangements.

Neiman, now a dashing 78, is probably the most recognized living artist in America. His storied, hugely successful career spans six decades — from early basement boxing matches which gave rise to a lifetime interest in prize fighting, to a four-year tour of duty in the military (where, to the delight of his fellow enlistees, he often decorated the kitchens and mess halls with wall-sized erotic murals), to becoming a fixture at every major sporting event, from the Olympics to local football games, where chants of "Put LeRoy in!" could be heard once the home team fell behind.

A member of the New York City Advisory Commission for Cultural Affairs since 1995, Neiman has been a longtime benefactor of the arts, donating many of his works to charitable organizations as well as contributing to institutions such as the School of the Arts at Columbia University, to which he donated $6 million to the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies.

Among those attending Nello’s opening exhibition were Bettina Zilkha, Margaret Ledbetter, Richard Johnson, Sessa von Richthofen, "artist in residence" Damon Johnson, Keith and Kai Hernandez, Patrick and Liam McMullan, Lee Martins, Heather Tierney, Katie Tierney, Professor George Nicholas, Taryn Lawrence, Christopher Kent, Lynn Quayle, Brook Christopher, Joyce Howard, Irv Welzer, Lionel von Richthofen, Theresa Hill, Tracey Paul, Jamie Camil, Vivian Bernal, Josette Armato, Anna Kulimova, Mina Albright, Brittny Gastineau, Lisa Gastineau, Ronnie Copa, Sheila, Jennifer Watters, Ann Thomas, Lynn Paulsin, Brook Christopher and John Finan.

— Chris Prendergast for NYSD
Kai and Keith Hernandez
Vivian Bernal with the chef

Lynn Quayle and LeRoy Neiman
Joan Jedell
Ann Thomas and Lynn Paulsin

Heather Payne and Margaret Ledbetter
Anna Kulimova
Sessa von Richthofen

Margaret Ledbetter and Kenneth John McGregor

Michelle Salzman and Alisa Kauffman
L. to r.: Aaron Burser and Tracey Paul; Gloria Sheldon; Brook Christopher and John Finan.
Jennifer Watters
Robert Ganker and friend

Lionel von Richthofen and Theresa Hill
Clockwise from top left: Mina Albright, Brittny Gastineau, Lisa Gastineau, Ronnie Copa, Jennifer Watters, and friends; Irv Welzer and Joyce Howard; Tracey Paul and Jamie Camil; The band.
Lynn Quayle and Brook Christopher
Andrea Pemberton and friend
Heather Tierney and Katie Tierney
Lisa Gastineau, Margaret Ledbetter, and Brittny Gastineau
L. to r.: Liam McMullan, Bettina Zilkha, Patrick McMullan, Taryn Lawrence, Christopher Kent, and Margaret Ledbetter; Vivian Bernal and Josette Armato.

Photographs by Joe Schildhorn/PMc

Kick-off party for the 2005 Idea House in Bridgehampton
Susan Stroman, Robert Stilin, Lisa Bowles, and Steven Learner
Joan Craig and Joel Woodward

On August 12th, out in Bridgehampton, Newell Turner, Editor in Chief of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens and Robert Stilin, Creative Director of IDEA HOUSE hosted a cocktail reception/kick-off party for friends as well as well decorators who contributed to the 2005 IDEA HOUSE in Bridgehampton. The reception benefited the Children’s Museum of the East End and the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor.

The house was built by Jim Fauci and designed by San Francisco Based architect Hugh Huddleson. Not only did the house have exquisite rooms by decorators but amazing contemporary works of art hung in various rooms lent by Richard and Eileen Eckstract.

Among the guests attending were Juniper Tedhams, Joan Craig, Joel Woodard, Marcy Masterson, Kevin Hart, Darren Henault, Carole Crittenden Reed of Lush Designs, Stephen Sills and James Huniford, Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan of Nathan Egan, Christopher Maya, Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler, the hosts, Turner and Stilin (Robert Stilin’s own new house appeared in the June Elle Décor); Christopher Spitzmiller, Madeline Weinrib, James La Force, Jamie Drake, the house’s architect Hugh Huddleson, Cricket Telesco Burns, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens founders Richard and Eileen Eckstract, Frances Schultz, and Jim Reginato.

The gang from Jim Thompson
David Frye, James Huniford, and Walter Bobbie
Chris Spitzmiller and Rob Robson
HC&G's Orli Bed-dar, Katherine Lagomarino, and Justin Troust
Christopher Maya
Chris Spitzmiller and Lisa Bowles
The Gaggenau Kitchen
Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan
Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan with clients
Eileen Eckstract with Peter and Barbara Dayton
Robert Stilin and Juniper Tedhams
Mario Niviera (right)
Paul Siskin's Media Room with Sony Qualia
Nathan Egan's dining room
Robert Stilin's Main Entry and Great Room
John Connor, Paul Siskin, and Steven Gambrel
L. to r.: Marcy Masterson in her room; Decorator enthusiasts.
Robert Rufino, Ward Simmons, and Alejandro Saralogui
Scott Saunders and Marshall Watson
Ward Simmons (left) and Stephen Sills (right) in front of a Louise Nevelson sculpture
Jennifer Talbott, Patti Wilson, Gabriel Rey, Effie Katsonatonis, and Jack Dreamer

Photographs by Michelle Gillet

Greenwich Polo Club held its Graff Diamond Cup match
Henri Barguirdjian and Lucas Gracida
White Birch Farm Polo Team

Last Sunday up in Greenwich, the Greenwich Polo Club held its Graff Diamond Cup match with the Who's Who of world-class polo geared up to make this one of the most sparkling (pardon the pun) polo events of the season anywhere. The Graff Diamond cup which was designed and crafted by the world famous British jewelers was flown over from the Cirencester Polo Club for the match between White Birch and the rival team, Airstream.

L. to r.: Chris Brant, Alison Kelley, Henri Barguirdjian, and Marie Barguirdjian; Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant.
Alison Kelley and Denise DeLuca
Chris Brant and Dwight Brant
John and Tara Milne
Peter Karis, Josephine Karis, and Lorraine Horan
Peter Brant

Photographs by Jimi Celeste/PMc


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