Abercrombie and Opus
A look at the Abercrombie & Fitch space and its models.

Two weeks ago, Abercrombie & Fitch opened their must anticipated flagship store at 720 Fifth Avenue on the corner of 56th Street with a big crowded party of retail revelers. The four-level 27,000 square foot retail space is the company’s largest store to date.

Because of its modern image it is not widely known that A&F started in 1892, with a small store and factory in downtown New York City and later moved to a more fashionable midtown address on Madison Avenue right next to Brooks Brothers. The early shop was dedicated to selling only the highest quality camping, fishing and hunting gear with a distinguished clientele of professional hunters and explorers including Theodore Roosevelt, Admiral Perry, Ernest Hemingway, Presidents Hoover, Eisenhower, Taft, Harding, and Kennedy.

The flagship designed in collaboration with Annabelle Selldorf [Selldorf Architects LLC] is the first of four flagship stores to open within the end of 2006.

Mike Jeffries and Bruce Weber
Sandra, Lei, and Fitore
Cortni Tuck
Allison Vizaccelli and David Ortiz
Annabel Tollman and Erica Blumenthal
Alexa Havins and Justin Bruening
Marty Richards
Hamish Bowles
Fabian and Martina Basabe open up their own shop
Dorothy Kakaris and Eric Villency
Jessica Stakley
Erica Hardy
Stephen Knoll and Patrick McDonald
Jeannine and Linda
Bob Haboldt, Daniel Romualdez, Annabel Seldorf, Mike Jeffries, and friend
Dani Stahl
Donna Janelle
Daniel Motta and Luigi Tadini
Dan Sullivan and Ed Limato
Fabian Basabe, Marissa Bua, Adam Lippes, and Robert Verde
Joanne Agoglia, Steve Pressler, and Patricia Revellese
Marcus Teo, Paul Wilmot, and Jennifer Glenn
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Two weeks ago at Steinway Hall on West 57th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, OPUS, the Contemporary Patrons of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center held a cocktail reception, hosted by the Founders — Lisa and Saar Banin, Michael Evans, Andrew Borrok, Justin Hays Green, Robert Deutsch, Lise Powers, and Bill and Marie Samuels.
Borromeo String Quartet and Opus Founders
There was a special performance by Jonathan Biss, pianist, and the Borromeo String Quartet of Schumann's Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major, Op. 44.
Justin Green, Mark Stewart, and Brian Blum
Kate Shelter and David Gruning
Lise Powers with her parents
Sendra Schwartz, Henry Schwartz, and Wu Han
Marianna Olszewski, Bobette Cohn, and Christina Wood
Wu Han and Richard Miller
L. to r.: Bernard Paul, Lise Powers, and Mrs. Bernard Paul; Laurel Kenner and Norma Hurlbert.
Christina and Ned Wood
Jim Brodsky and Phil McCarthy
Jeanne Lunin and James Goldschmidt
William Cummings and Bert Heiberg
Maria Risso and Dani Lachowicz
Jim and Stephanie Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. James McGovern
Lisa Banin with a friend
L. to r.: Opus Founders Lise Powers, Justin Green, Marie Samuels, Andrew Borrok, and Lisa and Saar Banin; Saar Banin and Robert Deutsch.

Photographs by Michael Loccisano/David Pomponio & Rob Rich/516-676-3939 (Abercrombie).


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