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Fifth Anniversary Gala Dinner in New York – THE SINGULAR SIR JOHN SOANE:

More than 300 architects, designers, writers, art collectors, Anglophiles and friends of the Sir John Soane Foundation gathered to celebrate the great man but all those he has inspired through his work down through the centuries as well as the amazing legacy he left in the creation of the Museum that bears his name and contains some of the most extraordinary treasures in the city of London.

Foundation President Chippy Irvine welcomes guests
This 15th Anniversary of Sir John Soane’s Museum Foundation was held in the presence of one of England’s most accomplished contemporary designers, Viscount Linley (David A. C. Armstrong-Jones). He was joined by her Majesty’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir David Manning and Lady Manning, who served as Honorary Gala Chairs.

Distinguished guests included Tim Knox, the new Director of Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, and Samuel C. Miller, Cyndy Spurdle, Robert A. Silver and Susan P. Magee, Gala Chair, all of whom are among the original founders of the Foundation. Also among the guests Gala Underwriter Anthony Ingrao, Deputy Consul-General John Benjamin, Michael Graves, Richard Driehaus, George McNeely, Robert A. M. Stern, Richard Feigen, Louis Bofferding, Alison Gowman, Robert Ivy, Melinda Papp, Susan Henshaw Jones, Dale Stott Cunningham, Debby Brice, Britt Tidelius, Alexa Hampton, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Jean and Raymond Troubh, Joan K. Davidson, Birch Coffey and Chas Miller, James Druckman, Miguel Flores-Vianna, Mark Gilbertson, Mercedes Mestre and Pedro Bonachea, Jeffrey Simpson, Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder, Charlotte Moss, Keith Irvine, Mario Buatta, Jan and Marcia Vilcek, Johnnie Moore and Ashton Hawkins, Michael LaRocca, Inge Heckel, Nancy Richardson, Robin Miller, Robert Couturier, and Vincente Wolf, to name a few.

Held at the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the 36th floor of the TimeWarner Center, guests enjoyed spectacular evening views overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park.

Fabulous centerpieces topped with a model of Soane's lantern tower on the Dulwich Picture Gallery adapted from designs by Fairfax and Sammons and with flowers done in collaboration with Fleurisa
There was a serious side to the evening with speeches by Foundation President Chippy Irvine and Museum Director Tim Knox, a Conversational Chat between Viscount Linley and Tim Knox on Linley’s work, the announcement by American Architectural Foundation’s President Ronald E. Bogle of the newly sponsored Traveling Fellowship... there was also the lighthearted side with dancing to the tunes of DJ Andy Anderson until the house lights had to go up signaling the end to the night.

The evening was the largest gathering of Soanians on these shores ever. The Foundation, through the support of so many, has now been able to make a significant new grant to the Museum. Monies raised from the event will support the work of the Foundation, as well as the Museum’s work on the final planning stages of the $3 million restoration program for No. 14 Lincoln's Inn Fields, the recently acquired Soane building known as “The House Next Door.” The restoration of No.14 will allow the Museum to expand its facilities, which will include the creation of a dedicated Architectural Model Gallery and a Robert Adam Study Centre. Since the founding of the Foundation in 1991, more than $600,000 has been raised to support the Museum's various projects.

Planning has already started for the next Gala dinner, which will be held on April 25, 2007 at the Rainbow Room.
Museum Director Tim Knox, British Ambassador Sir David Manning, and Foundation President Chippy Irvine
Bob Silver, Kathy Springhorn, Remmel Dickinson, and Rosetta Miller
Duncan Darrow, Stephen Drucker, and Frank Newbold
Barry Bergdoll, Kathryn Berry, Robert Ivy, and Sam White
David Linley and Bob Silver
Tony Ingrao, Bob Israel, and Fred Imberman
Viscount Linley conversing with Tom Kligerman
Jane Havemeyer and Susan Magee
Barbara Pine and Patti Matson
Fred Koontz, Walter Kaiser, Jamie Gibbs, and Debby Brice
Blaire and Alistair Clarke with Melissa Gagen
Stephanie Stokes and Tony Ingrao
Randy Kemper and friend
Michael Graves
Susan Tane and Birch Coffey
Robert A.M. Stern
Wendy Moonan and Connie Shuman
Tom Kligerman and Lucy Day
Frances Schultz and Katie Rider
Anne Igelbrink and Jeremy Garfield-Davis
Mitchelll Owen, Charlotte Moss, and Cyndy Spurdle
Joan K. Davidson, Tim Knox, and Cyndy Spurdle
Sir David Manning
Ron Bogle
Tim Knox
Kathleen Springhorn, Remmel T. Dickinson, and Susie Magee
Suzanne Stephens, Barbara Pine , Alex Gorlin, and Robert Ivy
Lucy and Nat Day chatting with Viscount David Linley
Jane Gaillard, Tim Knox, Jane Havemeyer, and Alison Gowman
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The evening celebrated Bric’s partnership with New Yorkers for Children (NYFC) with champagne and caviar and lots of mingling amidst the holiday shopping for Bric’s luxury handbags and travel accessories with 10% of the proceeds of all sales going to NYFC.

Among the guests Pietro Briccia, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Fabiola Beracassa, Tinsley Mortimer, Zani Gugelmann, Claire Bernard, B. Michael, Lydia Fenet, Clo Cohen, Carmen D’Allessio, Maggie Norris, Susan Burden, Susan Magazine of NYFC, Lionel and Sessa von Richtoften and Richard Johnson.
Amy McFarland and Lydia Fenet
Anait Bian and Richard Johnson
Carmen D'Alessio and Daniel Urzedo
Claire Bernard and Tinsley Mortimer
Fabiola Beracasa and Susan Shin
Maggie Norris
B. Michael
Melissa Berkelhammer
Clo Cohen and Susan Shin
Marianna Olszewski
Pietro Briccola and Tracy Paul
Robert Swingle and Lydia Fenet
Sessa von Richthofen and Lucy McGovern
Susan Burden and Susan Magazine
Susan Shin and Diana Hsu

Photographs by Matthew Gillis (Sir John Soane); Billy Farrell/©Patrick McMullan (NYers for Children)


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