A quick trip to San Antonio to celebrate SAMA's 25th and back to New York to listen to a legend

The San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) held its 25th Anniversary Gala on last Thursday night under glorious silver and white tents of SAMA’s West Courtyard and honored one of the Museum’s greatest founders, patrons and visionaries, Nancy Brown Negley.

San Antonio Museum of Art

Mrs. Negley saw the potential of the Museum’s current site and worked with Jack McGregor, the Economic Development Association and a very supportive board of trustees to make the conversion a reality. She was also instrumental in the acquisition of many of the Museum’s best modern and contemporary pieces currently on display.

Event co-chair Alice Carrington Foultz remarked, “I was inspired by the vision and enthusiasm of Nancy Brown Negley and Jack McGregor in 1981, when they decided to convert the historic Lone Star Brewery into a true museum of the Americas (as it was originally conceived). I am still inspired by Nancy’s contributions 25 years later.” Carrington Foultz and co-chair Chris Hill are both founding members of the Museum and strong patrons since 1981.

Chris Hill and Alice Carrington Foultz

In keeping with Negley’s devotion to contemporary art, the event had a sleek, modern feel, with its entirely white décor. To highlight the Museum’s silver anniversary, Tiffany & Co. provided mementos for all guests, and will host an exclusive evening in the fall with renowned silver expert and author John Loring for benefactors contributing at the silver anniversary level.

The event’s invitation is an homage to Frank Stella’sDouble Scramble, donated by The Brown Foundation in 1981 as part of the Museum’s original opening collection. Double Scramble has recently been rehung in the Museum’s Great Hall as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration. It coincides with the recent announcement that the Brown Foundation has established a fully funded curator of contemporary art position for the Museum.

For a complete calendar listing of public exhibitions, lectures and other special events open to the public celebrating the San Antonio Museum of Art’s 25th Anniversary, visit SAMA’s Web site at www.samuseum.org.

Ramona Bass

Nancy Negley with Walter and Lenora Brown

Iris Rubin
Lynn Crystal, Chris Carson, and Susie Finesilver
Ramona Bass and Nancy Holmes
Table settings
Guierrmo Nicolas and Linda Seeligson

Frances Billups

Herb and Joan Kelleher
Daniel Libeson and Barbara Berger
Edith McAllister and Marion Oettinger
A nude from the permanent collection
Chris Hill and Nancy Holmes
Anne Butler with her daughter
Brooke Negley and Nancy Holmes
Mario Oettinger, Nancy Negley, and Alice Carrington Foultz
Tom Frost and Charles E. Butt
Alice Carrington Foultz and Herb Kelleher
Scott Shibley, Alice Carrington Foultz, Nancy Negley, and Chris Hill
Mark and Ana Paula Watson with Chris Hill and Rudy Choperena
Brooke Negley and Marion Oettinger
Nancy Negley and Toby O'Connor
Charles Butt and Nancy Negley
Grammy Winner John Legend performed last Thursday night at 20 Pine Street on the Plaza at a benefit for The New York Academy of Art hosted by Michael Shvo. In the crowd: Liev Schrieber, Amanda Hearst, Lauren DuPont, Valesca Hermes, Jennifer Creel, Kelly Bensimon, and Dennis Paul.
Amanda Hearst and Luigi Tadini
Angie Weaver and Aixa Nunez
John Legend performs
Bonnie Padilla and Jody Valencia
Eileen Guggenheim, Rudoy Michael, Jennifer McReynolds, and Matt Shafer
Matthew Bronfman and Leviev Boymelgreen

Kelly Bensimon

Lauren DuPont
Jennifer Creel
Anly Krepinezich, Michael Shvo, and Laura Toretzky
Leviev Boymelgreen, Michael Shvo, and Shlomo Peles
Isabel Wilkinson, Mary McCarthy, Emily Turner, and Jennifer McReynolds
Payal Chaudhri and James LaForce

Eileen Guggenheim and Liev Schreiber

Jason Ryan and Leviev Boymelgreen

Heather Burgoyne and Jeff Chernick

Tamar Reisch and Bassie Deitch

Valesca Guerrand Hermes

Emily Beare, Brian Beare, and Elizabeth Beare
The scene

Emilia Alonzo and Adam Patrizia

Chappy Morris

Roland Nivelais

Silvano Marchetto

Chad Gross and Anly Krepinezich

John Legend

Photographs by Paul Overstreet (SAMA); ©Patrick McMullan (Shvo).


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