New York Premieres
Sharon Stone at the New York premiere of Basic Instinct 2

Last Monday night in New York, the hot ticket was Sharon Stone. Or rather, the hot ticket was Basic Instinct II – the premiere, with a personal appearance by its star, Sharon Stone. 

Dianne Vavra and Sharon Stone

New York loves movie stars, maybe even more than Hollywood does.  New Yorkers are always blasé about it until they see a real one and then they go ga-ga. So, Ms. Stone, who is so rich and ripe when it comes to celestial seasonings, really gave them something to ogle and chirp about.  Everything about her can be talked about – and is – by her and by everyone else. So, whatwith the getting a glimpse of the girl in the flesh and then up there on the big screen (more flesh), you can imagine all the people who cudda died and went to heaven. Thanks to Ms. Stone et al

That night there were stars and stars and shiny cars lined up at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater at 68th and Broadway, flocking to join Ms. Stone – supermodels, rock-n-rollers as well as the New York glam crowd. 

After the film there was the dinner at Mr. Chow, hosted by Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir and Dior Beauty. And you thought the premiere was the hot ticket!  Ms. Stone dazzled ‘em and razzle dazzled ‘em like the Pied Piper all the way over to East 57th Street. Of course, seats were very limited, and therefore “exclusive.”

The lucky ones got to see (if they knew who they were looking at) the star mingling with the film’s co-star David Morrissey, along with Iman, Usher, Debbie Harry, Alan Cumming, Chris Meloni, Elizabeth Banks, Candace Bushnell, James Lipton, Joan Collins and Percy Gibson, Cynthia Rowley, Sante D’Orazio, Beth Ostrosky, Frederic Fekkai, Carol Alt, supermodels Maggie Rizer and Mini Anden, Amy Sacco, Serena and Samantha Boardman, Dixon and Arianna Boardman, Ivana Trump, Nina Griscom and Leonel Piraino, Marina Rust and Ian Connor, Nadja Swarovski, Marjorie Gubelmann Raein, Marty Richards, Hamish Bowles, Alexandra Kotur, Billy Norwich, NBC’s Dan Abrams, Ann Dexter-Jones, Denise Rich, Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen, Daniel Benedict, Olivia Chantecaille, Emilia Fanjul, Meredith Melling-Burke, Marc Badgley and James Mischka, Jerry Della Femina, Mathilde Krim, Milly de Cabrol, Roopal Patel, Minnie Mortimer, Samantha Gregory, Annelise Peterson, Zani Gugelmann, Doug Hannant and Fred Anderson, Jason Oliver Nixon, Nadine Johnson, Fabiola Beracasa, Ferebee Bishop, Carlos Souza, Jill and Andrew Roosevelt, Couri Hay, Alexandra Lind Rose, Christian Leone, Andrew Black, Fabian and Martina Basabe, Zang Toi, Nina Garcia, Project Runway’s Daniel Vosovic, Kelly Stone, Sony’s Rob Wiesenthal and Dior Beauty’s Dianne Vavra.

The evening raised over $200,000 for Concerned Parents for AIDS Research (an organization that is especially dear to Sharon and her sister Kelly) and the party at Mr. Chow glittered on and on with stars everywhere (and then some).

Carol Alt

Elizabeth Banks
Annelise Peterson
Marjorie Gubelmann Raein
Beth Ostrosky

Alan Cumming

Billy Norwich
David Morrissey

Andrew Saffir and Zani Gugelmann

Jislain Duval, Nelson Vance, Johannes Huebl, and Oriol Elcacho

Doug Friedman, Bradley Garlock, Denis Ferrara, and Liz Rosenberg

Dan Abrams and Rob Wiesenthal


Amy Sacco
Marina Rust Connor

Hamish Bowles and Daniel Benedict

Bill Powers, Cynthia Rowley, Candace Bushnell, and Charles Askegard
L. to r.: Olivia Chantecaille; Serena Boardman; Sharon Stone; Andrew Saffir and Chris Meloni.

Debbie Harry

Daniel Vosovic and Nina Garcia
Frederic Fekkai

Kedakai and James Lipton

Alexandra Kotur and Milly de Cabrol
Kelly Stone

Ivana Trump and Denise Rich

Leonel Piraino and Nina Griscom
Mark Badgley and James Mischka

Mini Anden

Maggie Rizer
Percy Gibson and Joan Collins


Sante D'Orazi
Sessa von Richthofen and Richard Johnson

Last Tuesday night at Skylight on 275 Hudson Street, the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art honored the artists, scientists and exemplary citizens who make New York City great the 4th annual Urban Visonaries benefit dinner.

This year they honored Marie-Josee Kravis – Urban Citizenship; Jenny Holzer – Visual Art; Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio – Architecture; Nicholas Donofrio – Engineering and Simon Lok – Emerging Talent.

This year’s gala was a great success, attended by more than 500 and raising almost $850,000 to support Cooper Union’s hallmark tradition of providing every accepted student with a full tuition scholarship. Bravo!

Chairman Ron Drucker, Honoree Simon Lok, Honoree Nick Donofrio, Honoree Marie-Josee Kravis, President George Campbell, Jr., Dinner Chair Jack Rudin, Honoree Ric Scofidio, Honoree Elizabeth Diller, Dinner Chair Frank J. Sciame, and Honoree Jenny Holzer

Ricardo Scofidio, George Campbell, Jr., and Jenny Holzer

George Campbell, Jr. and Nicholas Donofrio

Simon Lok, George Campbell, Jr., and Ron Drucker

Agnes Gund, Ric Scofidio, and Elizabeth Diller

Jenny Holzer and Marie-Josee Kravis

George Campbell, Jr. and Marie-Josee Kravis

New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.

Toshiko Mori and Anthony Vidler
Vernon Jordan
Tory Burch and Alan Bleznak

Historical Society of Palm Beach Lecture Luncheon with Tory Burch

The advent of spring always brings out the “Ladies Who Lunch” — except in Palm Beach where such events occur almost daily from November to May. In support of the Historical Society of Palm Beach, the gals converged in The Breakers’ spectacular beaux arts Circle Dining Room to hear a conversation between Town & Country’s Pamela Fiori and fashion designer Tory Burch. The luncheon, sponsored by US Trust, Neiman-Marcus and the law firm of Gunster Yoakley, was chaired by the glamorous Kathy Bleznak, one of Palm Beach’s true fashionistas. Also there: Jean Tailer, Annette Tapert, Hilary Gumbel, Diana Ecclestone, Dorothy Kohl, Patty Myura,  Maura Benjamin, Maggy Scherer, Frannie Scaife, Brantley Knowles, Phyllis Krock, Maribeth and Ellen Welsh, MA Quinn and even the occasional man, Tiffany & Company’s John Loring, Alan Bleznak, Don Burns and fashion editor Robert Janjigian.

Pamela Fiori, Suzette Morris, and Tory Burch
Kathy and Alan Bleznak, Pamela Fiori, and Tory Burch

Pamela Fiori, Brantley Knowles, Tory Burch, Kathy Bleznak, and Frances

Barbara Wainscott

John Loring and Jean Tailer

Models wearing Toruy Burch

Sue Keenan, Mary Fairbanks, Diana Ecclestone, and Michele Kessler

Ross Meltzer, Talbott Maxey, Tracy Smith, and Alice Randolph

CeCe Farris and Jasmine Horowitz

Mac Zahringer and Katy Dew Amling
Brantley Knowles and MA Quinn

Photographs by Billy Farrell/©Patrick McMullan (Basic Instinct); Lucien Capehart (Palm Beach).


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