Dressing for Success; Getting down in the Grenadines
Melky Jean, Ina Bond, and Denise Rich at the Raffles Canouan Resort in the Grenadines (second posting).

Dress for Success, the non-profit organization that advances low-income women's economic and social development and encourages self-sufficiency through career development and employment retention held its annual gala dinner and auction “April in Paris” two weeks ago at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

Fashion industry veteran Audrey Smaltz, founder and CEO of The Ground Crew is “La Grande Dame” who chaired a high profile committee of designers, fashion executives and celebrities which included Lorraine Bracco, Denise Rich, Dionne Warwick, L. Marilyn Crawford, Nurit Kahane, Barbara Tober, Jamie Drake and Constance White. Tommy Hilfiger and Clarence and Jacquie Avant were Honorary Chairs. For this special evening, the Marriott Marquis Ballroom was transformed into the City of Light.

Star Jones Reynolds, co-host of ABC’s The View, received the organization’s first ever Woman of Achievement Award. Corporate Citizenship Honorees were Kérastase Paris and Chantelle who have helped DFS clients on their path to success.

Angela La Greca

L. Marilyn Crawford, Audrey Smaltz, Joi Gordon, and, Lu Willard

Joi Gordon with the Ashley Stewart group

David Craggs

The festive scene

Bobby Abid with Lisa Cabrera

Stacey and David Schieffelin
Rocky and Keiko Aoki

Lisa Cabrera

Niki Londakis and Joi Gordon
Dr. Judy Kuriansky
Clockwise from top left: Vy Higginsen, Alex Garfield, Joi Gordon, Audrey Smaltz, and Clarence Avant; Gail Marquis, Audrey Smaltz, and Stacey Schieffelin; Tory Kiam, David and Stacey Schieffelin, and Elena Kiam.

Audrey Smaltz, Joi Gordon, and Jamie Drake

Bobbi Brown
Joi Gordon and David Craggs

Dr. Willy Crittendon

Star Jones Reynolds
Joi Gordon and Sonja Winther

L. Marilyn Crawford, Larry and Denise Wohl, and Derek Jones

John Wegorzewki, Katherine Thomson, Lesley Messer, and Edward Callaghan
L. to r.: Angela La Greca and Audrey Smaltz; The Bobbi Grown table.

The Raffles Canouan Resort is between Mustique and Barbados in the Grenadines has become a secret hideaway for celebrities, athletes and the business elite. Golfers are attracted to this spectacular Jim Fazio-designed Trump International Golf Club which has been named one of the “Best Golf Courses” in the world by Robb Report in 2005, offering one of the most exciting and challenging 18- hole rounds of golf.

Eulala Scheel and Eamon Rush

Last month Gina De Franco of De Franco Media Group, and her team organized two events per day for five fabulous days at the Raffles Canouan Resort that were tailor made for the golfing, dancing, and dining connoisseurs.

Guests flew in from Japan, New Zealand, Paris, London, and good ole New York. Matt Barelle, Australian borne out of London and producer of the new Disney movie “Goal!” which will premier at Tribeca Film Festival on April 29th, was joined by his girlfriend, Brazilian super model Ana Cunya. Eric Watson, hailing from New Zealand, CEO of Elle McPherson Intimates came with his beautiful girlfriend, Swedish model Lisa Henreckson and their son Lucas. South African borne entrepreneur and co-founder of Marquee Jets, Robert Hersov. Denise Rich flew in on her private jet with Kieron Kawall, Vice President of Denise Rich and 785 Records Corporation. Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill was joined by her son, Max Gelber and with his girlfriend Jenny Hornsby. Also joining the fun early was Marcia Gay Harden joined by her husband Thaddeus Scheel, daughter Eulala Scheel and twins Hudson and Julitta. The fashionable Mme. Anne Marie de Ganay brought her beau Arnaud de Minvielle. Also, Meghan Glennon, in from Malibu. David and Ina Bond from London, Troy Eldridge.

Wednesday night opened the long weekend with a Moroccan buffet in the Amrita Spa, where the glass bottom flooring reflected the Caribbean aqua waters by the illuminating full moon. Each night was designed by Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill prodigy Eric Lysdahl, who had a month to prepare and get everything shipped, turning the event into quite the beautiful spring fete.

Flying in on Thursday were New Yorkers, the Four Seasons Restaurant’s Julian Niccolini and his wife Lisa, along with Court TV’s Catherine Crier, and Karen “Duff” Lambros of MTV fame with her family, the Andrew Rockefellers from Boston, Lisa Rockefeller from Washington D.C., Rubin Singer head designer of Kai Milla’s fashion with Zack Dobbins, all joined together to celebrate Giovanni The Margarita King’s Birthday Party.

Also Robert Hughes co-owner of Clive Christian’s Kitchens with his family, models Crystal Renn and Ashley Graham joined the group on Friday. Ana Cunya joined Natalie Leeds Leventhal and the Silbersteins, Melky Jean.

Highlights of the event included the Saturday Night Gala at the Villa Monte Carlo Ballroom designed by Eric Lysdahl who also won the grand prize of a Swarovski Crystal bowl. Catherine Crier took second place in the Trump International Golf Tournament for the women, and Washington investment banker Peter Connolly took first place in the men’s tournament. Another highlight was the sunset Veuve Clicquot champagne cruise where Guillaume Jamet, manager of the US Division of Saint James, surprised the guests with chic boat neck t-shirts and striped purses.

Allan Maines and Esther Herrero

Ashley Graham, Giovanni The Margarita King, and Crystal Renn

Catherine Crier and Scott Carney

Chris and Jane Clegg
Charlie and India Clegg

Crystal Renn and Ashley Graham

David Webb Jewelry for the taking

Denise Rich and Antonio Saladino

Dennis da Menace, Denise Rich, Giovanni The Margarita King, Gina De Franco, Marcia Gay Harden, and Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

Diane and Melky Jean

Eric Watson and Lisa Henreckson
Eulala Scheel, Marcia Gay Harden, and Giovanni
L. to r.: Duff Lambros and Jack Lambros; Eulala Scheel, Julitta Scheel, Marcia Gay Harden, and Hudson Scheel.

George Rush and Joanna Molloy

Gilbert Madhavan and Marcia Gay Harden
Gina de Franco, Troy Eldridge, and Anna Symmes

Ina and David Bond

Jack McCue and Anna Boiardi

Jambu's bar

Jenny Hornsby and Max Churchill Gelber

Julian Nicollini and Catherine Crier

Kieron Kawall, Denise Rich, and Giovanni The Margarita King

Kieron Kawall, Denise Rich, Andrew Leventhal, and Natalie Leeds Leventhal

Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Matt Barelle, Denise Rich, and gang

Lisa Nicollini, Julian Nicollini, and Chris Clegg

Matt Barelle, Ana Cunya, and Troy Eldridge
L. to r.: Madame Anne Marie de Ganay; Michelle Ponto and Anna Symmes.

Michelle Ponto and Gina De Franco

Moroccan night of food
L. to r.: Mr. and Mrs. Archer; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Veronique.

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Henry

The pool at Raffles

Regina and Andy Rockefeller

Rubin Singer, Zack Dobbins, Phyliss Keitlen, and Keiron Kawall

Clockwise from above: Regina Rockefeller, Lisa Rockefeller, and Lee Culp; Rob Hersov, Natalie Leeds-Leventhal, Gina De Franco, Denise Rich, and Thaddeus Scheel; Thierry Barbieux, Stephanie Barbeux, Marcia Gay Harden, and Thaddeus Scheel.

L. to r.: Thuy Reider, Arielle Reider, and Mitch Reider; Thuy Reider at sunset.

Victoria and David Metzner

Troy Eldridge and Rob Hersov

Photographs by Rob Rich/516-676-3939 (Dress for Success).


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