Guests at the 24th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon
View through a champagne flute in the Conservatory Garden

Jay Cantor

Nancy Paduano
Denise Wohl

Gillian Miniter, Steven Stolman, and Carol Bell

Sarah Wolfe with her daughter Whitney and Suzi Cordesh

Holly Hunt, Liz Finkle, and Nina Richter

Nancy and Joe Missett and Daisy Soros

Henry Stern and Wendy Carduner

Anka Palitz
Fe Fendi and Barbara Hemmerle Gollust

Nancy Sambuco, Sara Rodriguez, and Vanessa Willett

Fe Fendi, Lisa Perry, and Marjorie Van Dercook

Susan Krysiewicz and Lisa Boone

Cornelia Bregman, Diane Chapman, and Mario Buatta

Michele Kaplan and Hilary Gumbel

Nian Davidson

Alexandra Lebenthal

Susan Shin
Frances Hayward

Clockwise from above: Amy Fine Collins and Muffie Potter Aston; Amy Fine Collins, Dennis Basso, and Muffie Potter Aston; Mama Wathne, Thorunn Wathne, and Coco Kopelman.

Jill Roosevelt, Margo Langenberg, and Geoffrey Bradfield

Mish with Alexia and Candy Hamm

Jeanne Lawrence, Mario Buatta, and Cornelia Bregman

Beth DeWoody holding court

Mark Gilbertson and Calvert Moore

The check-ins

The Wathne sisters

Tory Burch and Jill Roosevelt

Ashley Bradley and Elizabeth Kennedy

Nina Cooper, Sherry Bronfman, Gordon Davis, Audrey Smalz, and Erana Stennett

Martha Glass

Nathalie Kaplan (right)
Joan Schnitzer Levy and Ambassador Brenda Johnson (Joan's brooch is by Carole Rochas)

Corneila Ercklentz

R. Couri Hay, Andrea Stark, and Janna Bullock

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Barbara Winston

Princess Firyal of Jordan
Ann Nitze and friend

Inside the tent

Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos

Ann Pyne, Ann Jeffrey, and Monique Merrill

Liz Finkle, Ashley Allan, and Sara Bliss Hamblett

Gillian Miniter, Steven Stolman, Liz Finkle, and Cricket Burns

Passing through

Outside the tent

Ted Hartley and Dina Merrill

Blair Clarke

Amy Gross
Geraldine Fabrikant and Marjorie Reed Gordon

Allison Rockefeller, Eric Javits, and Gillian Miniter

Sarah Fiszel with Richard and Renee Steinberg

Wendy Sarasohn, Ashley Allan, and Sara Bliss Hamblett

Marjorie Fortgang and Geraldine Fabrikant

Adrian Benepe and Gordon Davis

Kathy Sloane
Jessie Araskog and Kathy Thomas

Mish and friend

Barbara Bennett
Frances Schultz
Gail Hilson
Michele Herbert

Sharon Klingenstein and Hugh Freund

Ann Quick
Christy Ferrer
Marc de Bary, Alyne Massey, and Lukcy Roosevelt
Jamie, Richard, Karen, and Harry LeFrak

Marisa Brown

Wendy Carduner, Judy Angelo, and Candace Beinecke
Jamee Gregory

Diane Chapman and Armene Milliken

Annabelle Mariaca and Yolanda Garza
Carol Cohen and Deborah Grubman

Eileen Judell, Sahra Lese, Elizabeth Stribling, and Sondra Gilman

Marjorie Reed Gordon and Daisy Soros

Pamela Grayson and Francis Shelton

Sara Ayres
Evelyn Lauder

Photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch & DPC/


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