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Liza Minnelli
Jill Gulseth and Kid Rock
Gloria Briggs and Bob Lappin

In the first week of May, on a Monday night at Carnegie Hall, the New York Pops celebrated its 23rd birthday gala. The theme for the evening was “88 Keys for Skitch; A Celebration of the Piano.” Skitch Henderson, who passed away last November at the tender age of 87, was the man who founded the New York Pops in 1983, made it what it is today; and up until his sudden passing, he continued to be the force behind it.

Many of us remember Skitch Henderson from the early day of television when he was conductor and contributing personality on Jack Paar’s “Tonight Show,” one of the most talked about and watched television shows of its time. I never got to know the man although I spent time in his company. He and his wife Ruth lived up in Litchfield County where they also restored and operated Hunt Hill Farm, a preservation trust which includes a gallery, a cooking school, and a museum.

For the evening at Carnegie Hall, the Gala Honorary chair was Van Cliburn, the Honoree was Ahmet Ertegun, the music impresario and Founding Chairman of Atlantic Records. The conductor for the evening was Marvin Hamlisch. Host was Elaine Stritch. Special Guest was Liza Minnelli. They saluted Damon Dash. Guest artists were Broadway’s Jersey Boys, Chu-Fang Huang, Kid Rock, Bob Lappin, Darlene Love, Paolo Nutini, Gisele Jackson, MeSoulTree, Elizabeth Withers, John Giordano, Michael Keller, Ron Melrose. Gala co-chairs were Karen andGordon DuGan, Mica Ertegun, Suzanne Murphy, Julie Turaj and Robert Pohly, Donna and Richard Soloway, and Andy Unanue.

After the concert, there was a black tie dinner dance just up the block at the New York Athletic Club.
L. to r.: Paolo Nutini, Damon Dash, Ahmet Ertegun, and Kid Rock with the 2006 Salute to Music Students; Kid Rock, Elaine Stritch, and Marvin Hamlisch.
L. to r.: David Schiff, Damon Dash, Ruth Henderson, Lisa Schiff, Catherine Forbes, and Bob and Pat Schieffer; Mica and Ahmet Ertegun.
L. to r.: Donna Devarona and Jane Powell; The Jersey Boys with Damon Dash and Rachel Roy.
L. to r.: Marvin Hamlisch, Bob Schieffer, Ruth Henderson, and friends; Chu-Fang Huang.
Liza Minnelli
Elaine Stritch
Darlene Love
Ann Barish and Kelly Bensimon
Rufus Albemarle and Lee Radziwill
Barbara Taylor Bradford and Bob Bradford
Kid Rock, Catherine Forbes, and Damon Dash
Louis Perlman, Suzanne Murphy, and Donna and Dick Soloway
Last Thursday night, Nina Griscom and the New York City Ballet's Special Events and Working Committee hosted an evening at the Ballet honoring Diamond Project Sponsor Movado on its 125th Anniversary.
Candace Bushnell and Nina Griscom
Debbie Bancroft and Susan Tabak
Kate Betts and Ephraim Grinberg
L. to r.: Peter Martin, Barbara Cirkva, Ephraim Grinberg, and Susan Tabak; Charles Askegard and Candace Bushnell; Darcy Kistler.
A Moroccan-themed Birthday party for Tatiana Platt in Southampton.
Jay Sugarman, Tatiana Platt, and Jeffrey Slonim
Jeremy Platt, Tatiana Platt, Tracey Ellis, and Patrick McMullan
Lisa Anastos, Countess de Lesseps, Tatiana Platt, and Tracey Ellis
Blair Clarke, Alistair Clarke, and Tatiana Platt
Mark Gilbertson and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
Jillian Aufderheide, Will Aufderheide, and Countess de Lesseps
Belly dancing
Lisa Anastos and Richard Johnson
Patty Raynes, Anne Hearst, and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
Susie Hayes
Sessa von Richthofen
Left: Campion and Tatiana Platt by fire.
Right: Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.
Tatiana bellydancing; Scenes from the Moroccan-themed party.
Patrick McMullan, Campion Platt, and Bettina Zilkha
Campion and Tatiana

Photographs by ©Rob Rich/516-676-3939 (NY Pops); Jimi Celeste/©Patrick McMullan (ABT); ©Patrick McMullan (Platt).


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