Lining up ...

Bobby Weinstein, Matt Raynes, Leah Herman, Leah Hamamoto, Matt Dedario, and Christian Rammell at a party for Patty Raynes at the Pink Elephant in Southampton.

Don Burns and Greg Connors hosted their annual Midsummer Drinks Benefit for God's Love We Deliver on their Lake Agawam estate Old Trees in Southampton. Burns, one of the cyber-tycoons from the dotcom boom who walked away with a large fortune bought the old Goodhue Livingston estate five or six years ago for the at-the-time record price of $20 million. The property which consists of several acres and several outbuildings including guest cottages was designed by the architect for his family.

Mr. Livingston was a prominent architect of the late Gilded Age, in partnership with Samuel Trowbridge. Their commissions included the Morgan Guaranty Trust building (originally J.P. Morgan), the St. Regis Hotel which was built in 1904 for John Jacob Astor IV and the B. Atlman department store which still stands (as The Graduate Center, CUNY at 34th and Fifth). When Don Burns acquired the property, it had been out of the family for many years and altered either by design or benign neglect. He restored the property to its architect's original plans. It's a beautiful property, with a graciousness of a by-gone age and the comforts of the contemporary. Only a few hundred yards from the Atlantic, you can hear the surf faithfully pounding the sand in the distance in the night. Old Trees, I've been told recently, is now on the market again. For $48 million.
Brook Connors, Arnie Rosenshein, and Paola Rosenshein

Beth Rudin DeWoody and Don Burns

Chad Leat and Maureen Brille

Scott Currie, Greg Calejo, Greg Connors, and Thom Filicia

Don Burns, Mady Schuman, Greg Connors, and Hershey

Greg Connors and Don Burns with Hershey

Antonio Santiago and Roland Nivelais

Cathy Dransfield

Karin Ward

Perry Guillot, Jill Ross, Lisa Scamlon, and Steven Gainless

Ezra Alvarez and Brendan Monaghan

Greg Yale and David Granville

Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber

Keith Berg and Mady Schuman

Patrick McMullan, Barbara Locker, Marion Lesavoy, and Nina Lesavoy

John Meath, Thomas Clavier, and Pierre-Luc Corriveau

Todd Black and Christopher Adam

Michael Morelli, David Oren Erech, Maria Killery, and Bill Smith

Steven Kolb, Jason Inkpen, Randall Beale, and Carl Lana

Joe and Felicia Rao

Richard Feldman, Dorian Atkin, and Jon Gilman

Ellen Scarborough, Chuck Scarborough, and Angie O'Sullivan

Perry Eisman, Lucelle Duran, and Peter Lichtenthal

Greg Unis, Mary McBride, Leslie Klotz, and Steven Horn

Liv Tyler

The Cinema Society teamed with Hugo Boss to premiere “Allegro,” a hit at Sundance and the Venice Film Festivals, at the Tribeca and SoHo Grand Hotels before a glam and gorgeous crowd.

The film was directed by two-time Cannes Film Festival winner Christoffer Boe, and marked the acting debut of Danish supermodel and superstar Helena Christensen.

The crowd loved Helena’s performance, calling it  “mesmerizing,” and the film’s modern and stylish direction drew raves from the chic cineastes as well.

After the screening everyone attended the dinner outside in the Yard at the Soho Grand, hosted by Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir.

Among those who supped under the stars were Josh Lucas, Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon, Anthony Langdon, Jack Huston, Alex Lundqvist, Bob Colacello, writer/director Terry George, Rachel Roy, Sante D’Orazio, Fabrizio Ferri, Francesco Clemente, Amy Sacco, Rufus Albemarle, Daniel Benedict, Olivia Chantecaille, Irina Pantaeva, Tiffany Dubin, Ann Jones, Bettina Zilkha, Nicole Miller, Holly Dunlap, Sessa von Richthofen, Tiffin Jernstedt, Allison Sarofim, Jackie Astier, Karen Duffy, Kate Schelter, Natalie Leeds, Ghislaine Maxwell, Isabel Rattazzi, Project Runway’s Daniel Vosovic, and the film’s producer Tine Grew Pfeiffer.
Nicole Miller

Alex Lundqvist

Tyler Wood

Daniel Benedict

Irina Pantaeva

Kate Schelter

Rachel Roy and Amy Sacco

Daniel Vosovic

Josh Lucas

Martin Saar

Bob Colacello and Isabel Rattazzi

Elsa Christensen

Ghislaine Maxwell

Rufus Albemarle and Joyce Varvatos

Jackie Astier and Andrew Saffir

Tiffany Dubin and Bettina Zilkha

L. to r.: Sessa von Richthofen and Lucille McGovern; Liv Tyler and Andrew Saffir; Olivia Chantecaille.

Helena Christensen and Elsa Christensen

Jack Huston and Helena Christensen

Ann Jones, De Yampert, and Allison Sarofim

Nur Khan and Sante D'Orazio

Fashion designer Doug Hannant and his business partner Fred Anderson threw a party for their friend Patty Raynes at the Pink Elephant in Southampton.

Amanda Fredea and Guido Sanchez

Bill Hamilton, Deborah Hughes, and Peter Cross

Estee Elkayam and Lewis Coraggio

Carter Peabody, R. Couri Hay, Annie Churchill, and Barclay Butera

Natalie Maniscalco and Louis Coraggio

Wendy and Michael Clurman

Jeffrey Podolsky and Euan Rellie

Matt Dedario and Christian Rammell

Bobette Cohen

Jessie Epstein and Scott Rudin

Ines Misan

Nick Raynes and Matt Raynes

Renne Sarner, Diane Passage, and Melissa Berkelhammer

Andrew Ellis and Renee Lucas

Douglas Hannant, Alex Kramer, and Frederick Anderson

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Photographs by ©Patrick McMullan (Patty Raynes).


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