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Stephen Doyle and Warrie Price at the Historic House Trust Founders Award Dinner.

Actor Dominic Chianese of the Sopranos was honored with a Creative Leadership Award by the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter at the Pierre. With a sparkling cast of celebrities including Ken Howard, Joanna Cassidy, Shannon Miller, the Olympic gold medalist, Jean Smart emceeing and Claudia Waite performing, they raised more than $1.1 million at the gala.

There were 650 guests, members of the city’s philanthropic, business, civic and health care communities.

Elder Law Attorney Michael Long, Esq. received a “Good Samaritan Award” for his tireless, pro bono work on behalf of a caregiver in need of legal assistance. The gala was co-chaired by Tami and Rick Schneider, a Senior Portfolio Manager and Managing Director at Highbridge Capital Mangement.
Sal Polisi, Susan Kayser, Lou-Ellen Barkan, and Dominic Chianese

Sarah Chianese, Jane Pittson-Chianese, and Dominic Chianese

L. to r.: Joanna Cassidy and Claudia Waite; Mark Zaric, Ken Howard, Jean Smart, Shannon Miller, Joanna Cassidy, Dominic Chianese, Tami and Rick Schneider, and Lou-Ellen Barkan.

Mark Zurack and Kathy Ferguson

Auguste Olson, Missy Hernandez, and Megan McHale

L. to r.: Jean Smart and Ken Howard; Colleen Rein, Debra Wasser, Michele Boxer, and Jill Zarin.

Marisa and Matt Brown

Rick and Tami Schneider

Steve and Michelle Boxer

Honorary Chair Mayor Michael Bloomberg and The Historic House Trust of New York held its Founders Award Dinner 2006 at Gracie Mansion and honored Dominique Browning, Editor-in-Chief, of House and Garden magazine.

Commissioner Adrian Benepe and HHT board chair Deborah Krulewitch

Mayor Bloomberg and Deborah Krulewitch

Under the dinner tent

Dominique Browning and Commissioner Adrian Benepe

Dominique Browning and George Beane
Charlotte Frieze

Dominique Browning with her son Alex Lehmann

From the lawn of Gracie Mansion.

Encarnita and Robert Quinlan with HHT Executive Director Therese Braddick

Jamie Drake and and Nanette Smith

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Each year The New York Public Library salutes a corporate leader at its annual Corporate Dinner. Last week the Library honored Thomas A. Renyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Bank of New York. The festive event took place at The New York Public Library, beginning with cocktails, followed by dinner in the Celeste Bartos Forum.

Catie Marron, Tom Renyi, and Paul LeClerc

Ron Chernow

The Celeste Bartos Forum, designed by David Monn

Beth and Tom Renyi

Steve Schwarzman, Catie Marron, Ron Chernow, Christine Schwarzman, and Paul LeClerc

Rodgin Cohen with Steve and Christine Schwarzman

John Garone, Molly Garone, Joan Anchin, and James Anchin

Robert Khoury, Joan Khoury, Leslie Godrigde, and Mark Godridge

Gerald Hassell, Agnes Hassell, Arlyn Gardner, and Ed Gardner

Ron Chernow, Leslie Godridge, and Ed Gardner

Zelda Kaplan celebrated her birthday the other night at Home and Guesthouse. A night or two before, she celebrated it at another club. So, you say, who cares, who’s Zelda Kaplan anyway? Zelda Kaplan is an amazing dancing queen of the New York nightlife and this last birthday was her 90th and she’s still going like sixty at Bungalow 8, at Lotus, at wherever.

Zelda wakes up every day somewhere around 2 pm. And when she leaves her apartment before dark, she wears a big pair of shades.

About twenty years ago, she started a one woman organization to raise awareness among African women abut everything from their own right to inheritance to clitoridectomies. If you have to ask, look it up.

She’s been a nightowl for more years than many of you possess currently. She remembers another New York of going out where you might cap off your night of clubbing at Reuben’s (where they served the original Ruben sandwich) which was located on the corner of 58th and Fifth where Bergdorf Men’s is today. A Reuben before bedtime was as irresistible as the subsequent heartburn that might follow. Zelda ate prune pancakes when she went to Reuben’s. To each his own, no?

She had two husbands One made her quit law school to move to Miami. After her second divorce she taught Ballroom Dancing. Now it’s Africa for her work and Bungalow 8 and other late night clubs for her dance. The result is Ms. Kaplan, now having arrived at her tenth decade is partying along with the speed and the song of her birthday celebrants, most (almost all) of whom were fifty to seventy years behind her in both years and boogeying.

Connie McMullan, Zelda Kaplan, and Heather Cohane

Brad Willes, Magita Willes, David Grossman, and Nicole Romano

Charlie Scheips and George Carr

Grace Edwards and friends

Connie McMullan, Zelda Kaplan, and Uncle Jimmy

John Benjamin and Debbie Berebichez

Judith and Marc Seeherman

Nadine Padilla, Lionel von Richthofen, and Elle Bergdorf

Laura Duggan and Reid Whitelaw

Dr. Pierre Saadeh and Mary Anne Mikhail

Laine Luo and Robert Michaels

Zelda Kaplan and Jay Brancato

Starlite Randall and Amy Goldman

Trey Knight

Zelda Kaplan and Raymie Moynagh

Melania Fulton and Cleo O'Hara

Tom Brigham and Gia Wang

Rose Landel, Edward Rubin, and friend

Marc Seeherman and Mia Morgan

Rob Pearlstein and Amy Goldman

Photographs by Malcolm Pinckney/NYC Parks & Recreation (HHT); Michael DeVito (NYPL); Patrick McMullan (Zelda).


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