Partying on July 4th weekend

The scene at Judy Licht and Jerry Della Femina's annual Independence Day Party out in the Hamptons.

Every year Judy Licht and Jerry della Femina and their family hold a poolside buffet/cookout at their East Hampton beachfront house. The della Femina residence sits on top of a grassy dune overlooking the Atlantic and the annual town fireworks show a few hundred yards down the beach. The guests come from all over the Hamptons for this traditional dinner and there must be hundreds of them passing through. It's a family affair with lots and lots of friends, so it's very beachy, laid-back and you often eat more than you intended to because you're making an exception because it's a holiday. And a damned good time had by all.

Jerry Della Femina and Judy Licht

Nikki Beel, Lionel von Richthoffen, and Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen

Tiffany Dubin, Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, and Debbie Bancroft

Cindi Cook and Joe Rao

L. to r.: Burt, Nick, David, and Katherine Flickinger, Jerry Della Femina, Sasha Michaels, and David Gordon; Brian O'Neill and Katie Ford.

John Kim and Jodie Della Femina Kim with their newest addition

Johnny Sirulnick and Lee Barasch

JJessie Della Femina and Alessandra Balazs

Beverly Camhe

Zac Gray and Laurie Shabtai

The Slonim family

Yun and Josh Hadar

Jimmy and James Williams

Alessandra Balazs and Katarina Brooksmith

Marya Martin, Ken Davidson, and Jamie Davidson

Stuart Match Suna and Rose Match Suna

Katie Ford and Brian O'Neill

Sam and Julie Sokolow

Mark Stevens and Michael Braverman

Stephan Henderson and James LaForce

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Southampton Fresh Air Home 2006 Camper Season kicked off early last month with legions of serious collectors and bargain hunters alike lining up—with record ticket sales--for the 14th annual Decorators-Designers-Dealers (D-D-D) Sale and Auctions that benefits the SFAH, a residential camp with a specialized recreation program for physically challenged youth, lovingly established by summer residents over 100 years ago.

The cocktail party gala took place on the magnificent grounds of the camp located at 36 Barkers Island Road. With special thanks to corporate sponsors-- Bloomingdale’s, BMG Columbia House, Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate—The Hamptons, and Wathne Ltd-- severely disabled youths from the tri-state area will be able to experience another summer of camp life while their families enjoy a well-deserved rest.  Most of the campers receive scholarships for a summer camping experience filled with laughter and friendship, and proceeds from the DDD event will be contributed to this year’s operating budget to fulfill their summer dreams.

Fabulous designers James Alan Smith, Gary Crain, Christie Hansen, Anke Friedrich, Iris Muster Zonlight and many others donated furniture and volunteered their talents to transform room after room into a wonderland of home furnishing buys.

Heather Leeds was Chairman; Anne Keating and Sarah Senbahar were the Live and Silent Auction Chairmen; Linda Beck, Catherine di Montezemolo, Ann Grimm and Christl Meszkat were Design and Decoration Chairmen; Emily and Tom Mahoney are Wine Auction Chairmen; and John Block of Block-Guest Group was auctioneer.  Among the committee members were Michele Ateyeh, Hilary Block, Mildred Brinn, Tory Burch, Catherine Carey, Shelley Carr, Fiona Druckenmiller, Somers White Farkas, Elizabeth Fekkai, Pamela Gross, Sheila O’Malley Fuchs, Kirsten Solsvig Galef, Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller, Robyn Joseph, Karen LeFrak, Pam Michaelcheck, Alice Michaels, Julie Minskoff, Linda Munn, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Catherine Price, Samantha Boardman Rosen, Hilary Geary Ross, Lavinia Snyder, Dana Stubgen.

More than 500 from Manhattan, Connecticut, Palm Beach and the Hamptons attended the sale and auction--a gallery of treasures donated by decorators, renovators and estates, including art, linens, furniture, fashion, jewelry, porcelains, travel, sports, entertainment and wine ranging in price and provenance from a Paris flea market to an international auction house.
Heather Leeds, Bryan Carey, and Catherine Carey

Former Southampton Fresh Air Home camper Anastasia Somoza and Pamela Michaelcheck

Gary Crain, Anne Grimm, Christl Meszkat, and James Alan Smith

Beth Rudin DeWoody

Kirsten Galef and her daughter Lily Galef

Christl Meszkat, Traudl Geraghty, Anne Grimm, and Linda Beck

Juergen Friedrich and Michaela Keszler

Laine Benjamin, Nikky Amey, and Bob Taft

Anne Keating, Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller, and Sarah Senbahar

Woody and Cindy Mullin

Pamela Michaelcheck, John Block, and Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller

Lily Galef on Vespa during live auction

Julie Minskoff and Sarah Senbahar
Beth Rudin DeWoody and Dana Stubgen
Marcia Bulow and Aida Turturro

Kathleen Minder, Executive Director of the Southampton Fresh Air Home

Barbara Glatt

L. to r.: Bryan and Catherine Carey; Carol Ann Sandoval (winner of 1979 vintage Mercedes-Benz 450SL two-door convertible) with Aida Turturro.

Guests bidding on wine

Auctioneer John Block

It’s part lending library, part part, a members-only salon that is run out of the century old National Arts Club on Gramercy Park South. The Club feels like a grand old home --- indeed it once was the home of Governor Samuel Tilden in the late 19th century. The Accompanied Library, as it is called, at the National Arts Club is an intimate private library and writers’ club located on beautiful Gramercy Park. Housed in one of New York City’s land marked historic mansions, the Library offers its collection of rare and vintage books for loan, serves as a quiet space for reading and working in busy downtown Manhattan, and hosts events for the literary community.

It was created as a home away from home for writers, and as a distinctly literary space for readings, lectures, and seminars. A founding tenet of the Accompanied Library Society is that literature, though deserving its own unique and beautiful facilities, does not exist in a vacuum. It is essential not only to reassert the importance of literacy, but also to reach out to individuals who are active in other cultural arenas and engage them in literature. To that end, the Accompanied Library acts as both a private club for those who are already invested in the literary community and as a dynamic event space for drawing in individuals with interests in other areas of cultural life. The Accompanied Library Society promotes the city’s current provocative and vibrant literary community while recalling the spirit of New York’s renowned literary heritage.

Jonathan Ferrari held a cocktail party for the Accompanied Library honoring the work of Samuel Beckett. Mr. Ferrari has a small apartment and a huge terrace and so the 200 they invited was no problem. Until the rain came pouring down in the first half hour of the party. Then it stopped, everything cleared off, and the party began.

Brooke Geahan, Josh Lucas, and Kiyomi Suzuki

Eraina Dougley and Andre Scott

Candy Meehan and Terry McDonell

John Searcy, David Shamoon, and Tom Hines

Emma Snowdon-Jones

Kara Boyle and Philip Reeser

Susan Koteen and Mollie Leis

James Ferrari, Candy Meehan, and Josh Lucas

Michael Wright and Shane O'Neill

James Ferrari and Will Cotton

Miriam Griot, Greg LeFrezre, and Solonge Umutoni

Nicole Davis

Stephanie Bruno and Ari Horowitz

Courtney Lukitsch and Andre Scott

Steve Garbarino and Maddy Simpson

Tatum O'Neal

Victoria Rowan, Charlie Scheips, and Candy Meehan

The scene on James Ferrari's Penthouse

Photographs by ©Patrick McMullan (Della Femina & Beckett); Gerardo Somoza (SFH).


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