New York to Chicago ...
Stiltwalkers with Debbie Beitler and Melissa Babcock ...

... and Whitney and Jerry Lasky

The Joffrey Ballet held its 50th anniversary gala in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago with a cocktail reception followed by a performance and then a dinner.

It was a spectacular evening with more than 1140 people attending including 130 former Joffrey dancers.

Many prominent Chicagoans attended and they grossed $1.6 million for the Joffrey.

Clockwise from above left: Bill Daley, Maureen Smith, and Ron Waters; Gerald Arpino and Shelley MacArthur Farley; Richard Ungaretti, Linda Cooney, Reuben Hedlund, and friend.

Andre and Dana Rice

Marci Holzer, Ronald Holzer, and Nancy Bauer

Party decor

Brooks Hartley-Leonard and Howard Morgan

Kathy Corday Lidbury and Bruce Crown

Melissa and Brian Babcock

Meanwhile back in NY, Milly Resort Cabana held a big old (actually young) party hosted by Michelle Smith (the designer), Allison Aston, Celerie Kemble, Holly Doran, and Michelle Barish.

Andy Oshrin and Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith and Meredith Melling Burke

L. to r.: Robert Futterman, Michelle Smith, and Jim Gold; Celerie Kemble, Allison Aston, Michelle Smith, Holly Doran, and Michelle Barish.

Michelle Smith and Joann Pailey

Sessa Von Richthofen and Allison Aston

Toby Tucker Peters

Martina Basabe and Annie Churchill

Cabana and Resort Runways
Annie Rinella, Ferebee Bishop, and Allison Aston

Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler, Celerie Kemble, and Melanie Charlton

Paige Bradbury, Farrell Crowley, and Memphis Hackl
Paige Bradbury, Holly Miller, Candice Koch, Memphis Hackl, and Lindsey Calla
Michelle Smith and Keith Nuss

Michelle and Chris Barish

Holly Doran and Michelle Smith

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The New-York Historical Society Celebrated its groundbreaking Legacies Exhibit at an Opening Reception on Wednesday, last June 21

New-York Historical Society President Dr. Louise Mirrer and Vice President Linda S. Ferber hosted the new exhibition entitled Legacies Contemporary Artists Reflect on Slavery.

Among the guests:  Mayor David Dinkins, Walter Mosley, Roz Abrams, Euzhan Palcy, Lois Chiles, Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr., Angela Vallot and James G. Basker, Judy Byrd Blaylock and Ron Blaylock, Katherine and Frank Martucci and Danny Simmons. Many of the artists featured in the show were also attending including Faith Ringgold, Ellen Driscoll, Joseph Lewis, III, Eli Kince, Leslie King-Hammond, José J. Mapily, Fred Wilson.

This is the first showing of contemporary artwork in recent memory at the Historical Society, and the largest group showing of contemporary artwork in response to the legacy of slavery in the U.S.

Legacies is curated by Dr. Lowery Stokes Sims, president of The Studio Museum in Harlem. The show includes six new works commissioned by the N-YHS and a total of 44 works by artists including: Fatima Allotey, Malcolm Bailey, Willie Birch, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Renee Cox, Leonardo Drew, Ellen Driscoll, Melvin Edwards, David Hammons, Eli Kince, Marc Latamie, Glenn Ligon, Whitfield Lovell, Kerry James Marshall, Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, Algernon Miller, Lorenzo Pace, Betye Saar, Joyce Scott, Lorna Simpson, Cedric Smith, Jeff Sonhouse, Kara Walker, Carrie Mae Weems and Fred Wilson.

Legacies is the second in a three-part, 18-month exhibition series at the New-York Historical Society examining the history of slavery in New York and America.

L. to r.: Curators Cynthia Copeland, Lowery Stokes Sims, and Kathleen H.; Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry.
Angela Vallot and James G. Basker
Leslie King-Hammond and José J. Mapily with their works
Edith and Harold Holzer

Faith Ringgold

John Hargraves and Nancy Newcomb

John McEnroe and Patrick Ewing

Mahmoudah Young with Oliva Polakov

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

Visitor listening to audio from Lorenzo Pace's Jalani

Simon Deng

L. to r.: Louise Mirrer, David Dinkins, Richard Gilder, and friend; Renee Cox in front of her photograph.

L. to r.: Judy Byrd Blaylock and Ron Blaylock; José J. Mapily, Leslie King-Hammond, Lowery Stokes Sims, and Eli Kince.

Algernon Miller

Tamar Gordon and Scott Christianson

Danny Simmons

Eli Kince and Marybeth deFilippis

Ernestine Howard with Lorenzo Pace

Judy Byrd Blaylock and Ron Blaylock

Leroy Neiman

Patrick Ewing and Louise Mirrer

Phung Lewis and Joseph Lewis III with their son, Joe

They held a book party for Kelly Killoren Bensimon last Sunday from 8 to 11 in East Hampton on Further Lane. Like a Saturday night party in the Hamptons. A small intimate party it said on the original invitation. Uh-huh. Dinner, dancing, fun and Kelly.
Andrea Menez

Heather Cohane

Martha McCully

Mariel Booth and Sam Johnson

Brian McCagg, Fiona Rudin, Chad Ritchie, and Victoria Schweizer

Bob Morris, Euan Rellie, and Kelly Bensimon

David and Sybil Yurman

Perry Guillot and James Reginato

Averell and Gigi Mortimer
Lisa Anastos, Marcie Warren, Caroline Berthet, Michael Dupont, and Mariana Olszewski
Lauren Muss, Scott Jason Fishkind, and Meagan Odabash

James LaForce and Patrick McMullan

Robert Morris, Leslie Stevens, and Ira Silverberg

Samira Nanda and Jeff Sine

Whitney Casey and Victoria Schweizer

Sarah Bailey

Andrea Menez and Todd Hadazimi

Oksana Lada and Paulina Porshkinae

Paulina Porshkina, Sea Bensimon, and Tara Weeks

Orestes Darvitsiotes and Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Killoren Bensimon with the boys

Photographs by ©Patrick McMullan (Bensimon).


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