Southampton here we come ...

Christina Addison, Elizabeth Dennis, Jackie Hochberg, Joyce M. Long, Melanie Wambold, Cindy Willis, Cathy Price, Sandra McConnell, and Kirsten Galef at the Ross's in honor of the President's Committee of Southampton Hospital.

There was a cocktail reception in honor of the President's Committee of Southampton Hospital at Hilary and Wilbur Ross's Southampton estate. Committee members modeled fashions by Steven Stolman, women sported jewelry by Christina Addison and handbags by Eliza Gray and the men wore Pirelli watches from London Jewelers- all contributors to this year's Southampton Hospital Summer Party- to be held on August 5th.

It was a beautiful evening, with a tented terrace at sunset, Glorious Food doing the glorious catering, mind-blowing hydrangeas, rolling lawns with towering privet hedges in the distance, just like in a movie.

Among those attending were Summer Party chairs Cindy Willis and Sandra McConnell, Jean and Bill FitzSimmons, Melanie and John Wambold, Diane and Charles Holmes, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Cricket Burns, Julie Dannenberg, Ellen and Chuck Scarborough, Barbara and Randall Smith, Rev. Peter and Nancy Larsen, Jackie and Robert Hochberg, Cheryl Sterling (Pres of Ralph Lauren Women's Wear) and Gary Udell, Ann and Jack Grimm, Nassrine and Norman Traverse,   Nina Griscom and Lionel Piriano, Alan Glatt, Chris Obetz, Patricia and George Kraus, and Judy and Jack Hadlock.

Bill Fitzsimmons and Jeanne Little Fitzsimmons

Cathy and Malcolm Price

Enriquillo and Audrey del Rosario with Rosalie and Garrison Brinton

Anthony and Christina Addison

Cindy Willis, Lad Willis, and Haley Willis

Faith Lovejoy and Howard Martin

Mrs. John and and Dr. John Hubbell with Cindy and Lad Willis

Gillian Miniter and Steven Stolman

Joe Fuchs, Shelia O'Malley Fuchs, and John Wambold

L. to r.: Louise McGwinn, Patty Krause, George Krause, Joan Hallenby, and Howard Martin; William and Katherine Duggan.
Chris Obetz and Leonel Piriano

Cindy Willis, Nina Griscom, and Hilary Geary Ross

Sandra McConnell and Christina Addison
Haley Willis and Olivia Kromemeyer

Cricket Burns and Tracy Bross

John N. Kastanis, Joyce N. Long, Wilbur Ross, Hilary Geary Ross, and Bill Finneran

Joyce N. Long and John N. Kastanis

Larry Norton, Cindy Willis, and Fran Alessandro

Shelly and Gilbert Harrison

Sheila O'Malley, and Christl Meszkat

Larry Norton, Lydia Touzet, and Rudy Touzet

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The Parrish Art Museum held its annual Midsummer Party last Saturday in a tent in the museum’s arboretum on Jobs Lane in Southampton  and honored architects Herzog and de Meuron who unveiled plans for the new Parrish. The party is the institution’s most important fundraising event – they raised $900,000, and one of the most important social events of the season.

Herzog & de Meuron is based in Basel. One of its principals and founding partners, Pierre de Meuron was in attendance with several of his team members including Ascan Mergenthaler, Associate Jayne Barlow, Simon Demeuse, Dieter Mangold and Camia Young. The firm is one of the most highly regarded architectural firms in the world, with projects across Europe, North America, and in Asia. They are known for designs that are at once highly inventive and sensitive to the site, the geography and culture of the region. Among their most widely recognized museum projects are the transformation of a power plant into Tate Modern in London, the new de Young museum in San Francisco, and the expansion of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. The Parrish is the firm’s first major project on the East Coast of the United States.

The evening began at 7 with cocktails, followed by dinner at 8 and at 10 pm it was time for drinks, dessert and dancing. The tent was air-conditioned to deal with the heat and humidity. The décor was by Antony ToddBentley Meeker designed the lighting. Sean Driscoll’s Glorious Food provided the delicious fare and Todd Barrie Music provided the DJ music.

The dinner menu was: Antipasto of Shrimp, Artichokes, Bocconcini, Roasted Peppers and White Bean Salad, Grilled Tournedos of Beef with 21 Club Sauce, Sugar Snap Peas and Crispy Fingerling Potatoes, followed by Key Lime Pie and Blueberries.  The Wines served with Ress Rheingau Riesling, Klosterkeller Siegendorf Red.

Honorary co-chairs were Debbie Bancroft, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, and Beth Rudin DeWoody. Among the hundreds of guests for the evening were: Will Ameringer, Geoffrey Bradfield, Lucia Hwong-Gordon, Tiffany Dubin, Robert Zimmerman, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Robert and Laura Sillerman, Melissa and Chappy Morris, Carroll Petrie, Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale, as well as artists Chuck Close, Ross Bleckner, Jane Wilson, Donald Lipski, Malcolm Morley, David Salle, Donald Sultan, and Jack Youngerman.

All proceeds from the evening benefit the Parrish’s ongoing educational programs.

Kathy Hilton, Debbie Bancroft, and Patrick McMullan

Jane Holzer and Edmund Lo

Beth DeWoody, Chuck Close, and Leslie Close

Debbie Bancroft and Geoffrey Bradfield

Jean and Louis DeMeuron

Troy Buckner, Bonnie Hoye, Barry Levinson, and Diana Levinson

Alexander and Leia Lis

Antony Todd and Tiffany Dubin

Allison Morrow and Katharina Otto-Bernstein

Charlotte Moss and Nicole Miller
Kathy and Rick Hilton


Herb Schmertz and Kay Gilman

L. to r.: Heather Mnuchin and Kelly Behun Sugarman; Robert Wilson and Betsy McCaughey; Stephen and Heather Mnuchin.
Bryan Hent and Lucy Winton

Bonnie Hoye and Troy Buckner

Bridget Marks, Philip Isles, and Antonia Paterno

Bridgette Kaufman

Louise Cameto

Lulu de Kwiatkowski

Lilian Fernandez

Lucia Hwong Gordon

Katlean Demonchy, Stephanie Lapkner, and Louise Camuto

Danielle Levine, Abagail Klem, and Sulaika Gormley

Betsy McCaughey and Italo Zanzi

Eric Boman, Vicky Turberville, Beth Rudin DeWoody, and Peter Schlesinger

Beth Rudin DeWoody and Maria Snyder

Priscilla Azerezo

Cheri Kaufman and Richard Youngman

Chappy and Melissa Morris

Ula Parker

Photographs by Patrick McMullan/PMc (SH Hosptial & Parrish).


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