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This past Wednesday, the Studio Museum in Harlem opened its summer exhibitions with Artists-in-Residence 2005-2006 Rashawn Griffin, Karyn Olivier and Clifford Owens. Also on view from July 19 through October 22, Nadine Robinson: alles grau.

The Studio Museum in Harlem is a contemporary art museum that focuses on the work of artists of African descent locally, nationally and globally, as well as work that has been inspired and influenced by African-American culture, through its exhibitions, Artists-in-Residence program, education and public programming, permanent collection, archival and research facilities. The museum is committed to serving as a unique resource in its local community as well as national and international arenas by making art works and exhibitions concrete and personal for each viewer, a providing a context within which to address the contemporary and historical issues presented through art created by artists of African descent.

The Studio Museum in Harlem is located on 125th Street (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd) between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard.

Domielle Howard

Eboni Gates and Christine Kim

Ivan Samels and Carmen Webber

Jenna Bond-Lauder and Erika Woods

Jennifer Boddy and Rosemary Neppenholl

Johanne Pena and Molly-Rose Avila

Teri Agins and Patrick O'Connell

Carmen Webber and Carmia Marshall

Karen French and Rosalind Griffin

Keith Scott and Angela Smith-Domzal

Mickey Mathis

Natasha Diamond-Walker and Kenyetta Lovings

Stephanie Diamond, Rashawn Griffin, and Will Villalongo

Thelma Golden and Jim Shi

L. to r.: Wangechi Mutu and Kemi Ilesanmi; Eve Ressa, Tim Gyves, Nicole Sealey, and Seitu Jemelhart.

Tod Raullette and Michael Henry Adams

Zoe Charlton, Nina Buxenbaum, Justin Thompson, and Wardell Milan

At this year’s National Audubon Society’s Women in Conservation Awards luncheon they honored Kathleen Bader, CEO of Nature Works LLC and Margie Ruddick, a principal at Wallace Roberts & Todd LLC with the Rachel Carson Award. Carson’s 1962 book The Silent Spring sparked the modern environmental movement.

Chairmen for the luncheon included: Jeanine B. Getz, Lisa McCarthy, Holly Corroon Robinson and Sheila Stephenson. Vice-Chairmen included: Wiggie Bitter, Wendy Carduner, Lynn Chase, Karen Clark, Margot Paul Ernst, Dani Luyten, Wendy Paulson, Allison Whipple Rockefeller and Virginia Stowe. Conservation Pioneers Chairs included: Allison Aston, Stephanie Field Harris, and Laura B. Zuckerman.

Guests included: Katie Carpenter, Jayni Chase, Karen Cord, Mary Darling, Bambi de la Gueronniere, Liz Finkle Eliot, Libby Fitzgerald, April Gow, Ann Grasso, Fernanda Kellogg, Margo Langenberg, Cynthia Lufkin, Gillian Miniter, Jill Roosevelt, Greta Shugrue, and Barbara Tober.

They raised $100,000 that will go to support one of Audubon’s top national priorities, the Long Island Sound Campaign, a joint effort of the Audubon Connecticut and New York State offices, along with its National Policy team in Washington, D.C. Together they are fighting to protect this treasured resource which is home to 10% of the US population (28 million people) , and which contributes an estimated $5.5 billion annual to our regional economy.
Constantine Sidamon-Eristoff and Holly Corroon Robinson

Jeanine Getz and Gillian Miniter

Bambi de la Gueronniere and Margo Langenberg

Mark Gilbertson and Ms. Trajalet

Elizabeth Tozer and Karen Cord

Allison Rockefeller and Mark Gilbertson

Lisa McCarthy, Tom O'Handley, and Heather Hanson

Fernanda Gilligan and Fernanda Kellogg

Wendy Carduner and Cynthia Lufkin

Margie Ruddick and John Flicker

Constantine Sidamonn-Eristoff, Ann Sidamonn-Eristoff, Polly Bruckman, and John Byrne

Liz Finkle Eliot and Pat Smith

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The century old Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers (CBSBB) held its annual Gala Dinner Dance and Auction at the Pierre. His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan and Marie Wallace Powers were honorary co-chairs. They honored Lee Spelman Doty with the Distinguished Service Award, Mimi Fitzsimmons Meehan with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Memoriam and Leslie C. Quick Jr. with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Memoriam.

The CBSBB is a non-sectarian not-for-profit organization committed to strengthening low income families and helping them recognize, reach for, and achieve their full potential regardless of religious affiliation. CBSBB provides gender specific services designed for girls and boys to promote mutual respect between the sexes as well as comprehensive family based services including one-to-one mentoring, family counseling, group support and skill based programs. This annual dinner dance is the primary fundraising event for the organization.

Nan Smith, Al Smith, Ann Mara, and Mary McCooey

Simon Wood, Irene McCreery, Tara Wood, and Charles McCreery

Mariana Sabater and Anna Centola

Judy Donahue Lafranchi, Meg Sheridan, and Betty Mullins

Pam Keller, Shannon Johnston, Susan Burke, and Lisa Fallon

Elizabeth Robbins, Cathy Dougherty, and Cricket Burns

Sara Beltz Rodriguez, Stacey Curry, and Anna Centola

His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan and Lucy McGrath

Craig Wood and Terry Thatcher

Chris Quick, Nan Smith, Al Smith, and DeeDee and George Ross

Chris Quick and Robert Cahill

Elena Dillon and Alicia Santos

Michelle Smith and Andrew Oshrin

Stacey and James Curry

Margaret Grace, Patrick Grace, and Ann Peabody

Lee Spelman Doty, His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan, Lucy McGrath, and Elsie Spelman

Scott Corrigan, Sara Beltz Rodriguez, and Joe Grace

Begona Santos and Ben Grosscup

Photographs by Parick McMullan (Studio Museum); Cutty McGill (Audubon).


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