Summer days continued ...
Akira Tsuroka at the Gimme Shelter Exhibition to benefit Earth Pledge.
There were periodic electric outages that night due to the heat wave. But they were no match for the star power generated at Child Development Center of the Hamptons (CDCH)’s Orchid Ball Benefit two weeks ago

It was a blustery evening, but CDCH supporters including Melissa Cohn, Graziano de Boni, Stewart Lane, Lisa Gastineau, Judy Gold, and James Lipton created their own force of nature helping the CDCH raise more than a quarter million dollars. The CDCH Foundation for Special Children celebrated its 10th annual summer benefit, “The Orchid Ball”, honoring their great philanthropists over the past decade. Distinguished honorees included: Melissa Cohn, Jane McEvoy, Bobby Campbell, Maria Pashby and David Manning, Erin and Craig Reicher, and Suffolk County National Bank.

Comedian Judy Gold hosted the dazzling Orchid Ball festivities and had the honor of drawing the winner of CDCH’s diamond anniversary raffle. Corcoran Real Estate broker Elise Prado, of Montauk, was the lucky winner of a stunning pair of 4 carat diamond earrings by jewelry designer Marlene Brown valued at $15,000.

The Child Development Center of the Hamptons has grown from an enrollment of 14 preschoolers in 1997 to currently serving 200 children from birth through Eighth Grade. At CDCH, students receive first-rate education and the therapeutic services they need, all in an integrated, nurturing environment. All students and staff are guided each day by CDCH’s five core values of Integrity, Responsibility, Cooperation, Respect and Empathy. The community’s support of CDCH is a true validation of our collective commitment to these intrinsic values.

Steve Brown, Jane McEvoy, and Steve Saide

Toni Haber and Laura Scott
Donna Colonna, Judy Gold, and Melissa Cohn

Erin and Craig Reicher

Dominic D'Alleva and Robin Cofer
Bob Rosen and Antonella Bertello Rosen

Julie Aronson and Melanie Asofsky

Elizabeth Nils, Alise Prado, and Cynthia Bol
Joanne Pashby and Maria Pashby Manning

Rob Florio and Ellen Cea

Debra Rose and Jennifer Mocbeichel
Jim Troy and Jackie Brew
Kedakai and James Lipton
Michael O'Reilly, Martha Sussman, and Mike Schell

Brendon and Jackie Brew

Giulia Alimonti and Dr. Kristin Naso
Steven Merdinger and Lauri Fliegel

Frank Filipo, Eugenia Au Kim, and Joanne Filiipo

Jeannine Burge and David Gaviola
Melissa Cohn and Robin Heiberger
Seth Campbell, Igor Gerzon, and Robbie Campbell Jr.
Jane McEvoy, Ken Witler, Richard Abrams, and Trish Backal

Lisa Gastineau, Cindy Guyer, Jane McEvoy, Erin Reicher, and Trish Backal

Cindy Guyer and Andrew Catapano
DSusie Baretz, Julie Aronson, Melanie Asofsky, Erin Reicher
Donna Colonna, Eli Horen, and Eugenia Au Kim
Antonella Bertello Rosen, Stewart Lane, Bonnie Comley, and Melissa Cohn
Barbara Zangrelli, Luz Deluz, Carlos Moscardi, and Alisa Kaufman

Mike Latham and Megan Riley hosted a Gimme Shelter Exhibition to benefit Earth Pledge at their home on Shelter Island.

Earth Pledge is a nonprofit organization that originated as a UN committee chaired by Theodore W. Kheel to promote interest in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. To aid in his efforts, Kheel enlisted the support of his friend, artist Robert Rauschenberg who created Last Turn, Your Turn (1991), the official artwork of the Earth Summit. The proceeds of the sale were contributed to Earth Pledge.

Earth Pledge’s mission is to identify and promote innovative techniques and technologies tehat restore the balance between human and natural systems. Through demonstration, education, and research, they deliver viable models to government, industry and communities.

To learn more, visit:

Estee Elkayam, Eugenia Hanlon, Mike Latham, Allen Jones, and Sharon Elkayam
Harif Guzman

Kim Bates, Mike Latham, Stephanie Cochinos, Nick Connor, and Julia Metcalf

Eugenia Hanlon
Cindi Cook and Mike Latham
Harif Guzman, Sam Kusack, Kristin Baker, and Mike Latham
L. to r.: Samantha Rhulen, Megan Riley, Joel Fitzpatrick, Eric Slayton, and Miranda Page; Lawrence Haggerty and Lexus.

Mike Latham, Harif Guzman, and Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave

Sarah Adams, Sheldon Moyer, and Aiden Moyer
Jeff Slonim, Finbar Slonim, Fiona Moore, and Declan Slonim
Stephanie Cochinos, Nick Connor, and Kim Bates
Ken Tyburski and Mike Lefkowitz
Marie Assante, Natalie Maniscalco, and Renee Lucas
Marie Eiffel and Joel Fitzpatrick

“Experts say that brain disease—including ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s—is the next epidemic of the 21st century. Project A.L.S. is meeting this problem with a rational, aggressive, results-oriented approach to scientific research. Think about it: By speeding progress toward medicines and cures now, we ensure the health of our children.”

Last May, Project A.L.S. opened the first privately-funded lab to focus exclusively on the study of stem cells to treat ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and related motor neuron diseases. It is a joint venture between Project A.L.S. and Columbia University.

In establishing the lab, Project A.L.S. has paved tehe way for a dramatic acceleration in the pace at which advances in basic motor neuron biology can be translated into more effective clinical therapies for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral schlerosis and related diseases.

Last Saturday in East Hampton Project A.L.S. held its 4th annual A.L.S. Spinathon at Zonehampton in East Hampton. Friends donated $1 or $2 for every minute their friends were on the bikes. That night John and Regina Scully hosted a fundraiser for the organization at their house in East Hampton.

L. to r.: Bari Mattes, Lisa Helms, Tom Helms, Vincenza, Alan Kulik, and Peter Wilson; Milly de Cabrol and Jay Snyder.
Coco Myers, Heidi Wald, and Lisa Jonas
Countess Lu-Ann de Lesseps, Randall Gianopulos, and Eleni Gianopulos

Dan Rowen, Countess Lu-Ann de Lesseps, and Ralph Esposito

Chau Ngo
Marilyn Prince
John Scully, Countess Lu-Ann de Lesseps, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sebastian Taylor
Lisa Jonas, David Hilder, and Vincenza
Maria and Anthony Vangec
Meredith Estess, Diane Max, Valerie Estess, Debbie Wilpon, Regina Scully, and Martha McCully
Joan Hornig, Michelle Bernhardt, and Dayle Haddon
John Scully, Debra Shriver, Dayle Haddon, and Michelle Bernhardt
Steven Raia, Debbie Raia, George Hornig, and Joan Hornig
Valerie Estess, Victoria Hagan, and Meredith Estess

Photographs by ©Patrick McMullan (ALS); Rob Rich/516-676-3939 (CDCH); Scott Rudd/©Patrick McMullan (Earthpledge).


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