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Monique Yazigi's Odd Fellows at "Goblins, Ghosties, and Goodies" at Doubles.

At its 23rd Annual Awards Dinner in New York City’s Rainbow Room on Wednesday, November 1, the Aspen Institute bestowed awards upon former Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel and the Goldman Sachs Group.

The Aspen Institute Global Leadership Award reflects the expanding international scope of the Aspen Institute. It is bestowed upon a leader on the world stage who successfully promotes the ideals of global peace, intercultural understanding, and widespread human progress that are critical to the mission of the Aspen Institute.

The recipient has exhibited a deep understanding of the elements vital to building and sustaining civil society, along with a willingness to act boldly to effect positive change throughout the world.

The Goldman Sachs Group received the Aspen Institute Corporate Leadership Award, which honors annually  an individual or organization whose exemplary leadership and dedication to the betterment of society represent those values and traditions fostered by the Aspen Institute in all its endeavors.

The recipient of this award exhibits vision, a commitment to the public  good, and practices highly principled leadership. Representing the highest standards of corporate citizenship, this individual or organization has helped to redefine the private sector of the 21st century.

The Aspen Institute, founded in 1950, is an international nonprofit dedicated to fostering enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue. Through seminars, policy programs, conferences, and leadership development initiatives, the Institute and its international partners seek to promote nonpartisan inquiry and an appreciation for timeless values. The Institute is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has campuses in Aspen, Colorado, and on the Wye River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Its international network includes partner Aspen Institutes in Berlin, Rome, Lyon, Tokyo, and New Delhi, and leadership programs in Africa, Central America, and India.


Vaclav Havel, Madeleine Albright, and Aspen Institute CEO and President Walter Isaacson

Lester Crown and A. Huda Farouki

Jerry Murdock and Ann Nitze

Stephen Friedman, Sidney and Jane Harman, and Zoe Baird

Anne Welsh McNulty

Bob Rubin

Berl Bernhard

Her Majesty Queen Noor and Samia Farouki

Robert K. Steel

David and Kirsten Carmel, Karenna Gore Schiff, and Marie Charles

Anne Welsh McNulty and Leonard Lauder

Kathy and Bill Mayer with Jerry Murdock

Vaclav Havel and Madeleine Albright

Eric Schwartz and Peter Kraus

Lynda Resnick and Vaclav Havel

The McNulty Family: John, Brynne, Kevin, and mother Anne Welsh McNulty

Doubles, the private club in the Sherry-Netherland, held its annual “Ghosties and Goodies” Halloween Party for the junior junior members. The club’s Halloween chief Wendy Carduner transformed the place  into a spooky underground getaway filled with unraveling mummies, jack o’ lanterns, witches on brooms, bats, snakes, skeletons, cobwebs complete with scary boa constrictors and tarantulas and black, orange and printed balloons everywhere. The party has become the Must Stop By for more than 200 children under eight and their families while on the trick or treating trail down 5th Avenue.

Once inside the magic doors, little goblins rubbed elbows with Elmo’s and ladybugs while dancing the Monster Mash and feasting on Chicken McDoubles. The real fun began when Magic Al Garber appeared and entranced the kids with assorted tricks; the treats were to come later. Those enjoying the festivities included Governor Hugh Carey’s grandsons Bryan Carey and Paul Carey with Helen Carey O’Neill and their parents Catherine and Bryan; Luke, Jamie, Lauren Thierry and Jim Watkins; Katharina Otto Bernstein’s sons Nicholas and Jonathon; Alexander and Pamela Gross Finkelstein; Dana Hammond and Charlotte Stubgen; Emily Post and Katlean de Monchy, Casey, Katie and Edwina Annicelli; Aubrienne, Susan Krysiewicz and Tom Bell; Tracy, Brooke, Haley and Greg Warner; Isabelle, Charlie, Lisa and Philip Gorrivan; Catherine, Clementine, Cosima, Caroline and Nicholas Tom; Serena, Quint, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, and Donna Soloway and Paola Rosenshein in the hottest orange colored jackets imaginable.

Katie, Casey, and Edwina Annicelli with Grace-Mcaden
Roy Kean
Greg Warner as a Good Sport
Martha Glass and Monique Yazigi

There was Tudie, the makeup artist enhancing the mermaids and vampires; Hormoz and Serena Sabet; Hercules, Patricia, Marie Regina and Peter Sotos; Hannah, Kate and Duke Buchan; Pam Doyle; Jill Dweck; Lisamaria, Carolina and Liliana Falcone; Shabam and Jack Henry; Jordan, Simon, Ethan and Mark Wasserberger; Ashu and Sunjay Singh; Finn, Balin and Christine Gerry;Monique and Isabelle King; Jamie Gould; James and Debbie Stephenson; Charles Borthwick; Jack Barker; Sofia Ricciarini; Amelia and Evelyn Popp;Annabel and Christine Graham; Ulrich and Chiara Lanaro; Antonia and Camilla Lanco; Josephine, Alexandrine, Philippe and TracyContent; Malin and Blanka Karlsen; Gunilla and Erika Persson; Katherine Bella; Martin Bernstein; Jill Davis; Campbell Conor; Charlotte and Katie McElroy; Jennifer Powers; Ceci Owen; Leo and Michaela Clary; Daniel and Shane Dolch; Allan Elliott; Lisa Elson; Julianne Bertagna; Robert Lewis Kwillen; Sherry and Conrad Pryora and Grace-Mcaden Sipp.

Later in the evening, older gremlins, monsters, devils and angels descended the magic stairs for The Goblin Gala. Monique Yazigi celebrated her birthday, while Sharon Bush and Gerald Tsai, Geoffrey Bradfield, Melanie Seymour Holland, Eric Javits, Caroline Rowley, Mark Gilbertson, Martha and John Glass, Evelyn Tompkins, Michele and Larry Herbert, Leslie and Andrew Heaney, Roy Kean, Lisa Arliss, Emily and Richard Leonard, Loerto Bard, Ira Reiter, Shari Pryor, Robert Mullen, Susan James, Shelby Wilcox, Jose Dryer, Alex Hack, Gerald Herschkopf, Thomas Wilkenson, Mimi Adler, Michael Kovner, Renee Brown, Stuart Shikiar, Adam Greffe, Alvin Delaire, Geoffrey Broderick, and Ted Gamble did the Monster Mash.

Caroline and Catherine Toms
Sitting Bull
Spooky Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Catherine, Paul, Bryan, and Bryan Carey
Quint and Sylvester Miniter
Pamela Gross and Dana Hammond
Michele and Larry Herbert
Haley Warner, Wendy Carduner, and Brooke Warner
Joni, Martin, and Nikko Otto-Bernstein
Allison Mazzola and James Flynn
Serena and Gillian Miniter
Alexander Finklestein
Monique and Isabelle King with Lauren Thierry Watkins
Geoffrey Bradfield, Eric Javits, and Martha Glass
Amy Mazzola and Christina Flynn
Hormoz and Serena Sabet
Mark Gilbertson and Wendy Carduner
L. to r.: Isabelle and Philip Gorrivan; Cowboys and Indians; Dana and Charlotte Stubgen.
Mesmerized by Magic Al
Queen Melanie Seymour Holland

The New York City Ballet celebrated its 2007 Winter Season with a dinner and an exhibit of mosaic panels created in honor of the New York City Ballet at the Sicis showroom at 470 Broome Street.  Among those attending were Barbara Cirvka, Tara and Michael Rockefeller, Peter Bacanovic, Marcia and Richard Mishaan, Bettina Zilkha, Susan Tabak, Alexandra Lebenthal and New York City Ballet dancers Albert Evans, Tom Gold, and Maria Kowroski.

Maurizio Placuzzi, Darci Kistler, Peter Martins, and Fe and Alessandro Saracino Fendi.

Barbara Cirkva and John Schumacher

Tom and Patricia Shiah

Eric and Lindsey Nederlander

NNCB dancers Sebastien Marcovici, Janie Taylor, and Jared Angle

Jared Angle, Dr. Susan Krysiewicz, and Alessandro Saracino Fendi

Maria Kowroski and Fe Fendi

Alexandra Lebenthal

Peter Bacanovic and Fe Fendi

Bettna Zilkha

Joaquin De Luz, Donya Bommer, and Lynn and Roger Bolton

Patricia Shiah with Tara and Michael Rockefeller

Waqas Wajahat in association with Tony Ingrao presented new works by Neil Jenney and Donald Sultan, exhibiting together for the first time at the Ingrao Gallery. While always aware of each others work, Jenney and Sultan were brought together at the Ingrao Gallery because of a friendship that started at “The Art Bar at Edward’s in Tribeca.  A tradition started by Donald Sultan in 2002, “The Art Bar” provides a relaxed “forum” where artists can come together, hang-out, exchange thoughts, ideas and cameraderie reminiscent of the Cedar Tavern or Max’s Kansas City.

Beside their shared interest in nature, both Jenney and Sultan bring sculptural elements to their work, building relief onto two-dimensional picture planes. Application, process and construction are important elements for them and provide a means to realize their work in an innovative and challenging way.

Among the admirers at the opening were Ingrao Gallery’s Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper, Jennifer Olshin and Phillip Thomas, artist Michelle Marie who unveiled her “Winter Trees on Oak Paneled Boxes” collection at the Hotel Carl Gustaf in St. Barth’s two weeks ago; also Colette, Betty and Stanley Greenfield, Melissa Berkelhammer, Frederico Suro, artist Nicola, Martin Marks, Cynthia Cliff, Al Spangenberger, Elaine Sargent, Douglas Graneto, Amanda Tapiero, Brian Murphy, Josie Smith and Taylor Barton.

The work will be on display at the Ingrao Gallery, located at 17 E. 64th St. until December 2.

Neil Jenney and Donald Sultan

Douglas Graneto, Dave, Amanda Tapiero, and Brian Murphy

Jon L. Heinemann and Michelle Marie

Betty Greenfield, Donald Sultan, and Stanley Greenfield

Cynthia Cliff and Al Spangenberger

Lauren Larkin and Renee Lucas

Melissa Berkelhammer


Martin Marks and Andrew Ellis

Jennifer Olshin and Phillip Thomas

Photographs by Scott Rudd/©Patrick McMullan (Aspen Institute & Ingrao); Mary Hilliard (SICIS/NYCB).


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