Rundown of the week

Christy Turlington and Ed Burns at "The Holiday" after party at MoMA.

DPC/Have pocket digital; will travel. This past Wednesday night Gillian Spreckels Fuller gave her annual holiday cocktail buffet at her Upper East Side apartment. 

Ms. Fuller is an heiress whose fortune is said to come from Texas oil although the middle name is reference to the San Francisco sugar fortune. All very sweet depending. An only child, her far flung apartment is filled with family heirlooms including a substantial collection of 18th century furniture, paintings and decorative arts. All very comfortably set out, like the buffet table and the champagne flowing along with the cocktails. 

Gillian Fuller

The guest list of four score or more was eclectic as our hostess has cut a wide swath with her eclectic life here, in Paris, in Beverly Hills; there, in London (her first husband was Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill) and everywhere else that particular first class ticket has wanted to travel to.  Among the smart and elegant: Kirat Young, who was on these pages with her jewelry collection earlier this week, was there, and Kenny Lane, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia; Fuller’s old friend Barbara de Portago, Guy Oliver, the London interior designer who’s just taken a position as Andre Balacz’ development company as vice president in charge of design (I’m not quite correct, but it’s somewhere along those lines); Vera and Donald Blinken, Mai Hallingby who has just returned to the social circuit after a brief hiatus since the death of her husband Ridgely Harrison; Yanna Avis, Angus Wilkie and Len Morgan, Brian Stewart and Stephanie Krieger, Graham Arader and Mrs. Arader

Ms. Fuller, who was wearing a little black dress by Givenchy, a necklace of rubies and diamonds as well as a matching brooch and bracelet (these things can happen you know), and looked every inch the heiress that she is, or maybe a very successful movie star toasting her guests at the banquette (not a misspelling)  of life.

From that banquette to this banquet, -- I moved down the avenue a few blocks to the Museum of Modern Art where Sony Pictures was entertaining several hundred of their nearest and dearest after a premiere at the Ziegfeld of Nancy Meyers’The Holiday (see yesterday’s NYSD).  They took over the ground floor lobby of MoMA set up some sumptuous bars and sofas and lounges and buffets. 

There were hundreds of people I didn’t know, never saw before; as well as a few I did recognize, some of whom I knew and then of course, the movie stars. I saw Jude Law who was giving autographs to the daughters of Debbie Bancroft and Patricia Duff. I also saw Rufus Albemarle who is coming out with his own line of men’s dress shirts so that more people can look as impeccably smart as Rufus, who in real life is also the Earl of Albemarle, a title that goes back to William of Orange (see The List).

Len Morgan

Peter Kairis and Josephine Kairis

Stonington Cox and Stephanie Krieger

Mai Hallingby and Vera Blinken

Stephanie Krieger and and Brian Stewart

L. to r.: Carol Mack, Guy Oliver, Barbara de Portago, and Prince Dimitri; Kenny Lane and Kirat Young.

The Fuller residence

The flower arrangement

And then, traveling around with my new compulsion, the Digital, I saw Ed Burns and Christy Turlington, neither of whom I knew. But Burns, who was seated and in several conversations with those around him looked affable so I asked him if I might take his picture. He stood up, very gentlemanly (really) and replied, “certainly,” and then asked woman next to us if she’d take the picture.

I didn’t really want to be in the picture because my crazed eyes (in photos) drive me nuts and ruin, in my opinion, the picture. But no, he insisted (probably for a variety of wise reasons), and so she did. And so we have it. I was very impressed by the actor’s courtliness as it is rare. Period. Rare. Anywhere, especially in these “rarefied” climes.

Fifth Avenue at 11:30 PM.

By then it was time to get back to the nightdesk and the NYSD and so I split.  But traffic, at almost 11:30 on Wednesday night on Fifth Avenue, was bumper to bumper, as you can see by the photo. Amazing.

The lobby of MoMA transformed for The Holiday, after-party

Debbie Bancroft, Andrew Saffir, and Patricia Duff

DPC and Ed Burns

Mlle. Decleve from Palo Alto, over the shoulder of the Earl of Albemarle

Meanwhile at the tables over at Michael’s, they welcomed a first time (and well known) customer yesterday when Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton lunched with City Council President Christine Quinn. Ms. Quinn, it is said, couild well be a candidate for Mayor of the City of New York next time around. If she did run, and if she won, then she’d be the First Woman Mayor of the city.  And as for Senator Clinton, well, need I speculate?

This was the Senator’s first visit to Michael’s which she had heard so much about no doubt after her husband lunched here one day several moons ago with Liz Smith, Joe Armstrong, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams (and some other famous names which have escaped my over-charged memory).  Evidently the former President had a blast as did his lunch partners. 

Michael’s was very busy. Liz Smith at one table with a broadcasting executive, Tom Brokaw at another. Terry Allen Kramer entertaining her granddaughter and Margo McNabb, Herb Siegel and Jeanne Leff being regaled with stories by Frank Gifford

When she was leaving after her lunch the senator stopped at Joe Armstrong’s table.  They’d last seen each other a couple of month’s ago at Ann Richards funeral in Texas. It was there that Senator Clinton brought up Michael’s to Joe, referring to her husband’s famous visit,  and posed the question: “Why should he have all the fun?” She also stopped to say hello at my table, having seen me around the ball park often enough to know the face if not the name (although you never know with her, she might even remember the name). I introduced her to my lunch partner, Joy Ingham, congratulated her on her election victory, and she was on her way.

Harry Slatkin ran into Sarah, the Duchess of York at Elton John’s wedding. Sir Elton has had two marriages, as you may recall. I’m not sure which one it was, but I’m  presuming it was the wedding to his longtime partner.  At the time Mr. Slatkin who is probably rightfully the fragrance candle tycoon of the world wanted to do business with the duchess.

The Duchess of York, who could also be the Duchess of New York (since she spends a lot of time here), has a very dynamic but very friendly personality. It’s like meeting a friend of your best friend: she warms immediately, has a natural charm.

The Duchess of York

Yesterday afternoon over the Lowell Hotel on East 63rd  between Park and Madison, Mr. Slatkin held a little “tea” for the duchess so that she could introduce her own line of fragrance candles. The candles are Mandarin Green Tea (for Dignity), Rose Ginger Tea (Honesty),  White Tea Ginger (Loyalty), Bergamot Tea (Royalty), Green Tea and Mint Leaves (Tranquility). The price is $16.50 a container, which as you can see is very attractive Or you can buy the entire selection for $49.50. 

All proceeds from the duchess’ share of the sale go to the Sarah Ferguson Foundation which was established in New York this year.  The foundation is “dedicated to making a difference in the lives of forgotten children throughout the world," defined as those who do not receive charitable assistance despite their dire living conditions, which are either severely neglected or completely ignored.

The foundation adheres to the funding principles of Children In Crisis, (CIC), the London based international charity founded in 1993 by the duchess to alleviate suffering and create opportunities for the world’s forgotten children. Its sole purpose is to manage funds generated from The Duchess of York’s commercial programs internationally. The income from these funds is used to support qualified charitable and other initiatives, whose missions and programs address the eight priorities outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The Duchess of York addresses the guests about her Tea Fragrance Candles (below). Place setting with the York crest over the S (above).

Two Wednesdays ago, Van Cleef & Arpels, with the support of InStyle Magazine, launched its new Centennial Alhambra jewelry collection. The event was held at Phillips de Pury in Chelsea.

The charity partner of the evening was the newly formed Young Patrons Circle of American Friends of the Louvre. About  200 guests came to see the beautiful Alhambra collection worn by models and creatively displayed in the galleries. Guests also viewed works by some of the world's most influential contemporary artists being featured in Phillips' fall sale. Guest DJ for the evening, Paul Sevigny (Chloe's brother), had guests rocking and spinning around the giant red merry-go round by California artist Charles Ray.

On the guest list were Emmanuel Perrin, President & CEO, Americas, Van Cleef & Arpels, Simon de Pury, Sue Devine and Young Patrons Circle Co-chairs  Kipton Cronkite and Olivia Chantecaille. Also attending Roopal Patel, Plum Sykes; Meredith Melling Burke of Vogue; Derek Lam, Peter Som and Nicole Hanley, Elizabeth Meigher, Ferebee Bishop, Bill Fitzgerald, Brook Hazelton, and Charles Rockfeller.

Van Cleef & Arpels has been a generous donor to American Friends of the Louvre since its first benefit in 2004. The mission of the Young Patrons Circle is to advance the mission of American Friends of the Louvre by providing financial support and expanding AFL's outreach through special events and scholarly programs. AFL was founded in 2002 to strengthen ties between the Louvre and the American public more one million of whom visit the Louvre each year and formalize the longstanding generosity of American patrons.

Emmanuel Perrin and Sue Devine

Lauren Goodman

Nicholas Luchsinger and Brent Nestor

Harrison Kane and friend

Mimi Fery and Kristiaen Van Gastel

Toto Bergamo Rossi and friend

Nicholas Luchsinger and friends

Tenten Wu, Billy Gilbane, and Christian Leone

Ferebee Bishop, Kipton Cronkite, and Olivia Chantecaille

Nicholas Luchsinger and more friends

Emmanuel Perrin, Lisa Jordan Helms, and Simon de Pury

Charla Lawhon

Mark Langrish

Alvina Patel, Marion Fasel, Penny Proddow, and friend

Party scene

Peter Som

Aimee Cho and Meredith Melling Burke

Paul Sevigny

Brent Nestor and Nancy Ragovin

Roopal Patel, Olivia Chantecaille, and Ferebee Bishop

Nicholas Luchsinger and Linda Choi

Zelmira Koch and Beatriz Garcia amongst the furry friends of the Louvre

Last Saturday at the New York State Theater,  there was a matinee performance of Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel followed by a luncheon party om the promenade. The occasion was the City Opera Family Benefit – a fun, fantastic opportunity to introduce children to the wonderful world of the opera.  This production was set in New York City with the children getting lost in frightening Central Park instead of a forest, and are ensnared by a witch who drips with ropes of diamonds and lives in a Fifth Avenue mansion. Sound like anyone you know?  Not sure but then, Central Park which used to be very frightening (at night anyway), is  far less so at the beginning of the 21st century.

The proceeds raised from the  party support New York City Opera’s award-winning Education programs serving more than 9000 New York City public school children each year.

The chairs for the afternoon event were: Princess Alexandra of  Greece, Yildiz Blackstone, Caroline Cronson, Olivia Flatto,  Karen Kennedy MD, Alison Levasseur, Kara Unterberg, Ashley von Perfall.  Among those attending, many with families were: Damon Dash, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Susan Fales-Hill, Mary Sharp Cronson, Robert de Rothschild, Dina DeLuca Chartouni, Cornelius and Celeste Boele, Deborah Roberts, Helen Tucker, Caryn and Jeff Zucker, Kate and Brad Peck, Annaliese Soros, Amy Fine Collins and Flora Collins, Susan Baker and Michael Lynch, Norman Keller and Denise Sobel, Dr. Susan Krysiewicz and Thomas Bell, Vivian Barral Chambers.
Olivia Flatto and Dina DeLuca Chartoumi
Alison Levasseur, Charlotte Levasseur, and Alice Diamond
Susan Krysiewicz and Susan Fales
Kara Unterberg and Sandra Campos-Isaacman
Manzi Burns, Cricket Burns, and India Burns
Lorie Adams, Valeri Mogul, Robert Adams, Jack Mogul, and Hayley Mogul
Caroline Cronson
Susan Krysiewicz and Aubrienne Krysiewicz Bell
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Sophia Kanavos
Damon and Ava Dash
Ashley von Perfall and Nicholas von Perfall
Deborah Roberts
Olivia Flatto and Tom Gold
Face Painter
Yildiz Blackstone and Ashley von Perfall
Michael Lynch and Susan Baker with Mary and Howard Kelberg
Jessie Raven and Paul Kellogg with performers
Amy Fine Collins and Flora Collins
Kara Unterberg and Roy Niederhoffer
Susan Baker and Karen Kennedy
Gabrielle Niederhoffer
Michael Lynch and Susan Baker
Jane and Gwen Bischoff
Hollas Rivera
Joshua and Yildiz Blackstone
Rebecca and Annabelle Baum
Paul Kellogg

Photographs by Will Ragozzino/©Patrick McMullan.


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