Partying on ice ...

The Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy's annual ice-skating party at Wollman Rink.

On one this winter’s rare cold evenings, the Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy hosted its annual ice-skating party at Wollman Rink at the southeastern end of the Park. The event was created to thank donors for their support throughout the year. It brings together Park donors as well as their guests of all ages.  The “party on ice” honors the Playground Partners and Patrons of the Women’s Committee, which is a group whose fundraising efforts helps keep Central Park’s 21 playgrounds safe and well maintained.  Its Children’s Education Committee provides educational sessions about the Park to local public and private schools.

Nearly 500 skaters of all levels and ages turned out, including Douglas Blonsky, President of the Conservancy and Central Park Administrator; Gillian Miniter, the Chair of Playground Partners and Patrons,with children Serena and Clint, Bonnie Pope, and Robyn Joseph; the Chairs of the Children’s Education Committee — Robin Bell Stevens, Samantha Topping, and Cricket Burns. Also attending were Nancy Paduano, President of the Women’s Committee, and Agnes Gund, Jennifer Saul Yaffa, Camilla Sorenson with children Isabel and Charlie; Adelina Ettelson with son Tyler; Melissa Olcott with daughter Celine; Anne Marie Lock-Carr, Jackie Hennessey, Anna Hass, Melanie Coronetz, Patricia Boland, and many more.


Bill Cunningham

Gillian Miniter and Nancy Paduano

Cricket Burns and daughter

Sylvester and Clint Miniter

Jackie Hennessey and Anna Hass

Robyn Joseph, Douglas Blonsky, and Bonnie Pope

Opening night for the exhibition “To Your House”, painting and sculptures capturing the play between chaos and order in life, attracted New Yorkers to Chelsea’s hot new Tria Gallery, from the elegant to the funky, from musicians and literary critics to artists and Broadway producers, 500 guests arrived early and stayed late. The exhibit showcased works by painter Nicole Parcher and sculptor Wyatt Nash.

Broadway producer Edgar Lansbury, brother of Angela Lansbury, perused canvases by Parcher, along with his companions Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, and artist Louise Peabody, whose impressive body of work hangs in the  Portland, Maine Museum of Art, and  The Century Association and the  National Arts Club in New York.

Eddie Simon, brother of Paul brought greetings and good wishes to the artists from his brother. He spent the evening deep in conversation with gallery owner and director, attorney Paige Bart.

Peter Max took in the paintings and sculptures, ate sushi, and shied away from the camera.

Laurent Thibbaut, from the house of Yves St. Laurent, discussed old times in Paris with gallery director and former fashion model Latifa Metheny.  Jazz musician Pat Metheny arrived from an all-day recording session.

Newport-based interior designer Ally Coulter, who works with Ralph Lauren, came with Will Sofrin.

Wyatt Nash had to reassemble his sculpture of faux cinder blocks in a shopping cart, knocked askew by the crowd.  There were major sales concluded of both Parcher paintings and Nash sculptures. Tria Gallery is on-line at, telephone is 212.695.0021.

Julie Boehning and Nels Kauppila

Louise Peabody, Producer Edgar Lansbury, and Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

Pat and Latifa Metheny with Karen J. Booth

Youngest art lover Miriam Katz with grandmother Susan Hason

Sam Seawright, Emily Church, and Joe Havel

Scott Tixier, Latifa Metheny, and Nicolas Letman

Rance Goff, Naomi Hamby, Nicole Parcher, and Richard Fronapfel

Eddie Simon and Paige Bart

David and Tara Rosegarten with Nicole Parcher

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Sachs purchasing a painting from Carol Suchman

Kele McComsey and Wyatt Nash

Andrew Bart, Paige Bart, Starr Ockenga, and Sheila Finnegan

Nola Zirin, Serena Bocchino, Nicole Parcher, and Joan Fine

Alec Graham and Kayti Roberts

Richard Basch with Andrew and Paige Bart

Fotini Vurgaropulou, Agni Zotis, and artist Stephen White

Steven Hayes and Robert Jacobs

Ally Coulter with Peter Max

Richard Fronapfel

Ally Coulter and Will Sofrin

Carol Suchman, Nicole Parcher, Paige Bart, and Latifa Metheny

The Gallery Directors with Wyatt Nash

Laurent Thibbaut and Latifa Metheny

Jim and Will Hubbard with Anna McDonald

Crowd at the opening of “To Your House”

The New York Philharmonic and Casa Verdi, Milan honored the late conductor and former Philharmonic Musical Director Arturo Toscanini on the 50th anniversary of his death, in a joint concert and gala by the Philharmonic with Loren Maazel conducinting, and Symphonica Toscanini last Tuesday night at Avery Fisher Hall, Broadway at 65th Street.
Honorary Chairmen include Walfredo Toscanini and Emanuela di Castelbarco ˜ the grandchildren of Arturo Toscanini; Beverly Sills; and Consul General of Italy Antonio Bandini. Gala Chairmen are Alberto Cribiore, Chairman of Casa Verdi Antonio Magnocavallo and UniCredit Group Chairman Dieter Rampl.

The Gala Concert included film excerpts from the 1951 performance of Wagner’s Die Walkure: Ride of the Valkyries with Maestro Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra.

Among those attending were: Beverly Sills, Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Guenther, Mr. and Mrs. Zarin Mehta, Licia Albanese, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Bandini, Frank A. Bennack, Jr. and Dr. Mary Lake Bennack, Emma Bonini, Sergio Cisterna, Mr. and Mrs. Toos Daruvala, Mr. and Mrs. Gurnee Hart, Richard Kauffman and Ellen Jewett, Karen and Richard LeFrak, Suzanne and William McDonough, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Petschek, Mr. and Mrs. Itzhak Perlman, Mr. and Mrs. Joel I. Picket, Mr. and Mrs. John Pomerantz, Richard Sardelli, The Honorable Mel Sembler and Mrs. Sembler, Daisy and Paul Soros, George Soros, Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Teich, Paolo Timoni, Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Tusiani, Edward G. Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich, Nicoletta Valletti, The Honorable and Mrs. Sergio Vento, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wachtell, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Weinberg, and Wayne Whalen.

The concert, A Tribute to Toscanini, will be conducted by Lorin Maazel, music director of both orchestras, and will include film excerpts from a 1951 performance of Wagner‚s Die Walküre: Ride of the Valkyries with Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra.
The gala concert is underwritten by UniCredit Group and Pioneer Investments.  Proceeds from the concert will help establish the Arturo Toscanini Associate Conductor‚s Chair at the New York Philharmonic.

Walfredo Toscanini, honorary Gala Chairman, Emanuela di Castelbarco, honorary Gala Chairman, Cia Toscanini, Elaine Toscanini, Murdoch McBride, Zarin Mehta, President and Executive Director of the New York Philharmonic, Susan and Allan Steckler and Richard Migot. (front top to bottom) Wyatt Toscanini-McBride, Liam Toscanini-McBride and Liana Migot

Carmen Mehta, New York Philharmonic President and Executive Director Zarin Mehta, Diane Guenther, Rafaella Cribiore, New York Philharmonic Chairman Paul B. Guenther, and Pia Elda Locatelli

Alberto Cribiore and Richard Sardelli

Alberto Cribiore and Martina Cribiore

Charles V Schaefer III and Carol Schaefer

Elizabeth Ballard and Kenneth Lipper

Joseph and Elizabeth Polisi

Diane and Paul Guenther

Murdoch McBride, Liam Toscanini-McBride, Wyatt Toscanini-McBride, and Cia Toscanini

Enzo Viscusi with Paul and Daisy Soros

Glenn Dicterow and Alberto Cribiore

Sedi Flugelman, Maximo Flugelman, Joyce Kootz, and Helmut Friedlander

Renato Miracco and Barbara Haws

Rafaelle Cribiore, Alberto Cribiore, Claudio Angelini, and Renato Miracco

Stan Warshawsky, Carmen Mehta, Sandra Warshawsky, and Zarin Mehta

Lidia Matticchio Bastianich

Isabella del Frate Rayburn Eich

Richard and Liana Migot

Elaine and Walfredo Toscanini


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