Mercy! It’s December already. Time is running out. If you forgot to order your Christmas or holiday cards, never fear. Especially the ones featuring the new baby, this summer’s family reunion, a wedding, et all. You know the ones we keep for years at a time. We placed a quick call to our independent stationer/gift source, Christy Pirrung, who assured us that she still has some of those cards in stock and all the books and notes that “The Chatworth Collection will print right up to December 21.” They will print the cards and attach your photos (this part’s extra). Christy has her own service that assembles, addresses and mails your cards, although her gremlins are booked for the rest of this year. For some repeat clients, like golfer Mark Omeara, she does it all, and for others she even picks the card. “People are so busy today,” she explains, “that they like this kind of service.”

It turns out that photo cards are the most popular of all the greeting cards. “People love to see pictures of their friends and children years after year. It makes us feel more connected,” says Christy, who takes great pleasure in matching the photo with the card that most highlights the image. “Most people order between 75 and 250 cards,” she points out; “the average being 100-150.” The lowest price is $2.50 per card with a custom greeting. “It goes up from there,” she says. “I have some lines that are $700 for 100, but most people spend between $3.00 and $4.00 per card. When they have a very special picture, or they haven’t sent cards in awhile, they’ll spend more (that rings a bell for yours truly.)

“I probably have 40 books of stationery,” says the woman who trained at Maureen Hall Stationery in Winter Park, Florida. “When my son started the first grade, I realized ‘I’d better do something.’” Since she moved to Annapolis, MD, “something” has turned into her own by-appointment-only business focused around stationery whether it’s note cards, formal letterhead, note pads or stickies. It has stretched to include all sorts of gifts from jewelry cases to her newest bathrobes and spa wraps. And this no-nonsense Southern entrepreneur has a passion for monogramming. “I am the queen of initials,” she exclaims, “I’d have initials on my underwear if I could.” (While talking, we decided she can have discreet little monogram on her bras, and next year, when she does her trunk show in New York, I bet she will bring one with her.)

What’s Christy’s favorite stationery: Arzberger Buening. Her note cards: the company’s square ones in blue, engraved with a white monogram, and the envelopes are white with a blue border.

Christy Pirrung
Stationery, Invitations, Gifts
Tel: 410-268-5158
Fax: 410-268-7985


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