Closing out the week
On the corner of 34th and Broadway. 1:15 AM. Photo: JH.
More than two hundred turned out the other night for one of the first, if not the first screening of the movie version of the best-selling book Seabiscuit at the Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center. A lot of anticipation in the audience because the book was so univesally popular and even beloved, just like the equine legend himself. No disappointment, it can be reported, in film treatment. “Seabiscuit” is a very emotional, exciting, thrilling and ultimately triumphal story that gets to everybody, man woman and child. Many in the audience were already talking about their plans to see it again. Here are some of the happy campers who’d just emerged from the screening.
Arthur Ross and Hilary Geary
Jan Wenner and Rita Wilson with a friend
Helen and David Gurley Brown
Michael Fuchs
George Plimpton
Bartle Bull
Cornelia Guest
Barbara de Kwiatkowski and friend
L. to r.: Allison Thomas, Gars Ross, Frank Marshall, and Kathy Kennedy; Robert Wood Johnson; Veronica Hearst.
Mimi Strong
Joy and Regis Philbin
Ron and Ellin Delsener
Abe and Shirley Lord Rosenthal
Libby Pataki and Gov. Pataki
Linda and Mort Janklow
Jules Asner and Steven Soderbergh
Rita Wilson, Jann Wenner, and Matt Nye
Kathy Kennedy and Andrew Rosen
Candice Bergen and Marshall Rose

Photographs by Heather Cohane & PMc


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