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Madison Square Park. 2:15 PM. Photo: JH.

Summer endings; gallivanting along. Way out west, August in Aspen had many world travelers winding down their wandering ways. Joannie Schnitzer Levy, just back from the South of France with her husband Irvin, were recently seen staying at Little Nell’s for that annual visit before going back to Texas to spend a few days at their “permanent” address. Also in attendance were Janice Abbott, who’d flown into town to visit her son Gregg and his wife Marsha and their family who live there every summer. Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador to Washington, was staying at his house with his wife, the Princess who is also the daughter of the King of Saudi-Arabia.

Martha Abbott and A.J. Scribante at his house in Aspen

Also in town was Carolyne Roehm, and the crown princess (or is it the queen?) of Palm Beach, Pauline Baker Boardman Pitt who has taken a place out there right through September. She had Liz and Peter Ward and their son and daughter-in-law Jeremy and Amelia, all of whom came over from London for their Colorado mountain high. AJ and Sunny Scribante, who divide their time between Aspen, Omaha and Sanibel Island in Florida, had a big lunch at their beautiful house for writer Mark Seal along with Eric Motley, director of Personnel at the White House. All the Abbotts were there along with Jimmy Mitchell from New York. Also in residence: Heather Nye, once one of New York’s top decorators, who now lives out there full time; Bren and Mel Simon, who keep a house there.

Meanwhile, moving westward: Lee (Mrs. Walter) Annenberg made her annual trip to Beverly Hills where she stays in the same bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel where she has her own swimming pool (no kids, it’s not Bungalow 8). There were luncheons and dinners and luncheons and dinners for Mrs. Annenberg. The ubiquitous (and aforementioned) Mrs. Abbott was also having her annual visit to BH and gave a luncheon for Nancy and Betsy (that’s the Mesdames Reagan and Bloomingdale to the rest of us) on the patio of the Beverly Hills Hotel. More Reaganites: Jane and Charles Wick gave a dinner at the Bel Air Hotel for twenty-four in Mrs. Annenberg’s honor, which included Betsy Bloomingdale naturally, and Marion Jorgenson and Carol and Charles Price and Nancy Reagan, naturally, and Merv (Merv who need you ask?) as well as Jimmy Galanos, Frank Bowling and ... Mrs. Abbott.

Sharon and Terry Mullen had a dinner for everyone at L’Orangerie. The world once knew Mrs. Mullen as the beautiful Sharon Kay Ritchie, Miss America 1957 (from Colorado), whose first husband was the singer Don Cherry, father of her two sons. The Mullens divide their time between Bel Air and Hawaii. Also out there in them those glittery hills at their summer residence were those New Yorkers Joan and Ron Linclau who live just above Leo DiCaprio’s driveway-cum-basketball court where the boy occasionally (and sometimes more than) shoots hoops in the wee hours when the dribble dribble sounds like bam bam bam. Many platinum records ago the place belonged to Madonna and all the neighbors had to contend with her fans leaving bouquets of flowers at the gates; Tobey Maguire lives next door, but that’s a slam dunk to the light sleepers in the neighborhood.

L. to r.: Janice Abbott at the Beverly Hills Hotel; Sharon Mullen, Terry Mullen, and Janice Abbott at the Orangerie in L.A.; Joan Linclau at her house in Beverly Hills.
Meanwhile back on the luncheon and dinner circuit: Tita Cahn was in residence on Canon Drive. Super-realtor Kay Pick gave her lunches at the Beverly Hills Tennis club. There were dinner at Joss and The Grill where they were all (well maybe not all) talking about John Laubach’s new event design company here in New York, and lots and lots of talk about the handsome young musician named Duchin whose father used to be a handsome young musician (only about ten minutes ago by my watch) named Duchin as was his father – that would be Colin Duchin – son of Peter, (see The List) grandson of Eddy, as well as son of former New Yorker Cheray Zauderer Duchin Hodges, and grandson of Audrey (Mrs. Enriquillo) Del Rosario of New York, Southampton and Palm Beach.
Mark Seal, Greg Abbott, Marsha Abbott, Sunny Scribante, Janice Abbott, and Eric Motley at a luncheon at the Scribante's house in Aspen
The Koutsourbos, Connie Young, and Jim Mitchell on top of the mountain in Aspen
Aspen homes

Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson present the Harlem Jazz & Music Festival Artist of the Year award to Freddie Jackson

Barbara Burwell congratulates scholarship recipient Al-Lie Dempster

There were some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment attending the annual National Black Sports & Entertainment Hall of Fame (NBS&EHF) induction ceremony gala last Friday at Aaron Davis Hall in Harlem.

Robert Townsend, Kerry Washington, Freddie Jackson, Chuck Jackson, , Clarice Taylor, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, former State Senator, Basil Paterson; State Senator, David Paterson; Olympian, Diane Dixon; Hon. Percy Sutton; song writing duo Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson were present at the red carpeted affair, which celebrated extraordinary persons of African descent in sports and entertainment, as well as outstanding persons of non-African heritage, who have contributed greatly to the advancement of people of color in these fields.
Bob Slade, Crystal Blake, and Freddie Jackson
Robert Townsend, Arthur Mitchell, and Mark Willis
Ebony Executive Editor Lerone Bennett with Kerry Washington and Diane Dixon
Lerone Bennett, the Honorable Percy Sutton, and Andre Ward

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Meanwhile, back up in those glittery hills of Hollywood, Lara Shriftman (see The List) hosted an intimate brunch Saturday afternoon for those glittery young jewelry designers Wagner & Ko , that’s Courtney and Anita to their friends, at the Shriftman hillside villa on Belfast Drive. Christina Applegate, Amanda Peet, Marly Shelton, Sunrise Ruffalo and Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas all gathered poolside to preview the latest line from Wagner & Ko. Wagner & Ko displayed their fabulous new jewelry under off-white umbrellas for all to view and try on. Their trademark circle diamond necklaces are a favorite among such stars as Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Christina Applegate, Marley Shelton, Sunrise Ruffalo, Courtney Wagner, and Anita Ko
Guests nibbled on heirloom tomatoes and sipped Chandon Sparkling White Wine complimented with fresh raspberries while admiring pieces like the “Blue Topaz Fly” which became a “must have” for Fergie. Donovan Leitch showed up with his baby daughter, Lilac Jean while Stephan Dorff kept cool by going shirtless and taking a dip in the Mediterranean-style pool. Just another perfect Saturday afternoon in Hollywood!

Last August, we met with the girls of Wagner & Ko. Click here to take a looksee.
Fergie of the "Black Eyed Peas"
Stephen Dorff and Anita Ko
Tracey Ross

The Bridgehampton Polo Club hosted the coveted Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge again this summer matches with some of the most exciting matches in the sport of polo with some of the world’s greatest players competing for one of polo’s most treasured prizes.

Kyle MacLachlan and Todd English
Sale Johnson and friend

On each of six consecutive Saturdays in July and August the Bridgehampton Polo Club was open for public viewing, and was highlighted each week in a two-hour television special on WVVH-TV.

All proceeds from the General Admission fee ($20 per car) went to the South Fork Breast Health Coalition. The V.I.P. tent will host an invitation-only cocktail reception for another 1,000 spectators each Saturday afternoon.

Attendees Included Kyle McLachlan, soccer star Ronaldo, Todd English, Jeffrey Chodorow, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Sale Johnson, Tim and Helen Schifter, Samantha Cole, Joe Simpson, Richard Blackstone, Irina Pantaeva, Greg Bello, Charlie Walk, and Jeffrey Sachs.

Back in Bridgehampton, Nina Morris held a Fall 2004 Trunk Show
Jen Raines and Gretchen Gunlocke
Nobelius, Fernanda Niven, and Rachel Peters
Theresa Turek and Carl Fritjofsson
Gary Gilbert, Rob Vecsler, and Valery Joseph
Keith Rosenbloom and friend
Guests included:

Liz Cohen, Miranda Hausman, Shoshanna Gruss, Gary Gilbert, Rachel Peters, Alex Kramer and kids, Jackie Astier and kids, Blanca Brillenbourg, Rob Vecsler, Fernanda Niven, Steve Clark, Nancy Liebowitz, Valery and Revi Joseph, Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Chris Cuomo, Jimmy Hausman, Killian van Rensalaer
Nina Morris, Patricia Baremboim, Claudia Walter, Kasia McCormick, and Blanca Brillenbourg
Rachel Peters, Liz Cohen, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Alex Kramer, and Shoshanna Gruss

September 3, 2004, Volume IV, Number 138


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