Back into the swing of things starting with last night
Doing the hula in Central Park. Monday at 5:15 PM. Photo: JH.
First night. Warm, almost humid. The day after Labor Day. New York is back in town. At 7 o’clock we went down to Pucci, their new store on the corner of 55th and Fifth where there was a crowd outside waiting in line by the girls with the clipboards holding the guest lists. There was a moment, an hour, a week, a month, three, almost four decades ago when the most fashionable women in the world on a summer’s night (or often sunny day) were wearing those colorful signature prints. Sexy silk dresses spelling hip and cool, spilling sun-kissed breasts. They’re back. And it was a mob scene.

Jamee Gregory outside of Bergdorfs on her way to Pucci
It was the first night back in New York, summer’s over, Lulu’s back in town, and everyone was exhilarated. The new boutique (there are two parts) is in their words (good enough for me) “light, fantastical and futuristic” with backlit fabric-covered wall showcases of the famous Pucci prints, the flooring of shiny lilac quartz and on the suspended racks the entire Pucci collection of color, color, color.

Some of the familiar faces were making their entrances in the famous prints. Muffie Potter Aston, fresh off the Leonard Sterns’ yacht (The Lady Allison) cruising the Adriatic, was wearing a three-quarter length Pucci top that belonged to her mother and looked as fresh and as contemporary as if were made yesterday afternoon. Debbie Bancroft, now the new, reed-thin, fresh from the hectic wilds of Southampton was wearing a brown Pucci mini from days of yore that belongs to her most dependable friend Beth DeWoody who was wearing her Pucci cling-pants and Pucci earrings. There were Pucci hats and handbags, shoes, pants, blouses, dresses, jackets, all Pucci-goochie, all as cool and hip and sexy as they ever were. Talk about heat.
Lauren Ezersky
Gillian Hearst and Annie Churchill
Suzie Slattery in Tahari (!)
L. to r.: Pamela Fiori; Debbie Bancroft; Amy Fine Collins, Mark Gilbertson, and Mary Van Pelt.
Pucci top
Pucci hat
Pucci Blouse
Pucci bag
Pucci moment
L. to r.: Patrick McDonald passes by; Pucci legs; Melanie Charlton and her Pucci scarf make a blurred appearance
Pucci full length
Pucci skirt
Pucci couple
Pucci goods
Pucci shoes
Pucci exit

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Descended Pucci for Sammy's Hill
Kristin and Al Gore
Ashley Schiff, Lisa Marsh, Dana Schiff, and Diana Petroff
After a go-around with JH and the Digital, we exited the squeeze-em-in emporium cocktail party and took a quick hike up the Avenue to 58th Street, between Fifth and Sixth for a book party at the restaurant MIX for Kristen Gore and her new book, a first novel, Sammy’s Hill, hosted by Glamour Magazine and its editor-in-chief, Cindi Lieve. There were a lot of Pucci prints over at MIX, fresh from the Pucci party. There were also several members of the author’s family including her mom and dad, known to the world as Tipper and Al Gore, and Ashley Schiff, whose brother Drew is married to Kristen’s sister Karenna. Mrs. Gore, looking svelter than the world saw four years ago, also now looks young enough to be her daughter’s contemporary. The former Vice President too was looking like he’d shed years from his brow.

Click on Sammy's Hill to order
Editor Lieve introduced the author by telling us how she’d read the book in manuscript form one night standing up in her kitchen (Glamour ended up serializing it), and that it was what her grandmother used to call “a Bronx book” – you “started reading it on the train in the Manhattan and the next time you looked up you were in the Bronx.” Ms. Gore, taking the mike explained that she took up writing as a vocation because she thought it meant she’d never have to “give a speech,” all so not true now that she’s begun hawking her novel.

There were a lot of people in the room who’d already read the book, all thumbs up. the project was the brainchild of producer/impresario Harvey Weinstein who set it up simultaneously for Miramax Books and Miramax Films. Ms. Gore is writing the screenplay also. Congrats and kudos for Kristen Gore and Miramax.
L. to r.: Cindi Lieve and Kristin Gore; and Tipper and Al Gore look on with delight.
Tinsley Mortimer and Beth DeWoody
DPC and Samantha Gregory
Ashley Schiff and Tipper Gore

September 8, 2004, Volume IV, Number 140
Photographs by Jeff Hirsch/


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