First Day in L.A.
Looking East (towards Paris) on Sunset Boulevard. Photo: JH.
Running yourself ragged. Up at five-thirty ayem, in the car on the way to Kennedy at six-thirty (this is Thursday), Jet Blue to Long Beach – I love Long Beach Airport with its Art Deco small town terminal in the bright California sun. Tired. Tee-Eye-Are-Ee-Dee, are we after a flight sitting next to a mom and her year-old son (waaaahhh!) in the squeeze-em-in seats and no sleep. Back unpacked, staying with our accommodating friend in Bel Air, JH and I went down to Sunset Plaza on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood for some lunch (and breakfast) and what should we see staring down on us from above but ... Paris for Guess Jeans. With a snake wrapped around her famous torso. Aren’t we bored with it all, this Paris business, we should ask. But then, when you think of it, everywhere you go, there she is looking down on us with that sultry face or sulky face, and here we are in L.A. where it all starts and all ends up. Too fatigue for the moment; tune in tomorrow for the rest of the day which went on well into the night.

February 25, 2005, Volume V, Number 34


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