Saving Venice and Bunny Hopping
Dancing in the chapel at Cipriani 42nd Street for Save Venice's annual costume ball.
On another Friday, Save Venice held its annual costume ball at Cipriani 42nd Street with several hundred attending the black tie affair. Before the Ball, Disney’s theatrical producer Tom Schumacher and his partner, interior designer Matthew White had a small cocktail party for the Ball’s honoree, Terry Stanfill who came in from her home in Los Angeles with her husband Dennis Stanfill.

Hugh Hildesley auctioning a Seguso Viro vase
Schumacher and White have a rather grand apartment in one of the fine old Stanford White designed mansions on lower Park Avenue.

After drinks, it was up the avenue to Cipriani 42nd Street where the evening’s theme was Dolce Vita A Venezia, or: Italian glamour of the 1950s, and the décor was provided by Philip Baloun. The costume was black or white tie and 1950s vintage gowns. Terry Stanfill was being honored for her longtime support of the organization through its California Chapter.

There were 550 guests including members of Young Friends of Save Venice. Melva Bucksbaum, Hilary Califano, Elizabeth Stribling, George White, Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimò were co-chairs, and junior Co-chairmen: Lauren Davis and Tinsley Mortimer. The evening is sponsored by Maserati North America with additional sponsorship from Italian designer Raffaella Curiel.

Susan Shin, Coralie Charriol, and Annelise Peterson
Beatrice Rossi-Landi wore a 1954 vintage haute couture evening dress in black silk faille by Gigliola Curiel. Amelie Stroh wore a 1959 vintage haute couture evening dress in ecru linen, embroidered in pink and green silk, also by Gigliola Curiel, as did Raffaella Curiel, the daughter of Gigliola, who wore a 1952 vintage haute couture long evening dress in blue velvet. And Adelina Wong Ettelson wore a short evening dress, inspired by the 1950’s, in bright orange chiffon with embroidery from the Spring/Summer 2005 Couture Collection of Raffaella Curiel.

A live auction included items from Maserati, Nardi jewelers, Raffaella Curiel couture, and Venetian glass-maker Seguso Viro. Proceeds from the event will go towards the restoration of the art and architecture of Venice.

Founded in 1971, Save Venice has provided funding for the restoration of more than three hundred important works of art and buildings in the Most Serene Republic, among them some of the glories of Western civilization.
Matthew White and Diahn McGrath
Francesca Stanfill Nye, Terry Stanfill, and Ruth Wilkinson
Zani Gugelmann and friends
Sarah Siegel Magness and Tara Subkoff
Serena Tufo, Francesca Stanfill Nye, and Peter Tufo
Hutton Wilkinson
Farah Dib and Marco Mattiacci of Ferrari Maserati North America
Bob Guthrie with Lisa and David Schiff
Thomas Schumacher
Cynthia and Thomas Sculco with Robert Simon
Loren Bassett and Brandt Hooker
Günter Blobel and Laura Maioglio Blobel
Violet Boe
L. to r.: Beatrice Rossi-Landi in vintage Gigliola Curiel; Raffaella Curiel in a 1952 vintage haute couture long evening dress by Gigliola Curiel, Adelina Wong Ettelson in a dress inspired by the 1950’s from the Spring/Summer 2005 Raffaella Curiel Couture Collection, and Gigliola Curiel; Joe and Hilary Califano.
Lauren Davis
Jose and Beatrice Esteve
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos
Ronald Lee Fleming and Sandra Ourusoff
Ana Clemencia Fox with Carter and Julia Walker
Francesca Stanfill Nye and Richard Nye
Sarah Siegel-Magness and Holly Kylberg
Geoffrey Talbot-Jones and Mimi Stafford
Dennis and Terry Stanfill
Gillian Hearst
Martha Miller
Coralie Charriol
Margherita Missoni
Diane Ray Brown and George Rudenauer
Beatrice Rossi-Landi, Sarah Siegel-Magness and Junior Co-Chairmen Tinsley Mortimer and Lauren Davis
Isabel Fowlkes and Julia Walker
Frances LaGatta Shelton and Dieter von Lesten
Jennifer Missoni
Augustus Rylands and Luella Lane
Young supporter
Diahn McGrath, Elizabeth Locke, John Staelin, and Elizabeth Stribling, Co-Chairman
Merrill Hanley and Lily Bunn
John and Annie Fiorilla
Howard and Helen Johnson
John Zee and friend
Nina and Bill Judson
Lara Meiland and Claude Shaw
Tinsley Mortimer, Junior Co-chairman
Mel and Dick Oldenburg
Pat and Ashlyn Lovejoy
Alex Lind Rose and Alvin Valley
Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness
Nick and Amanda Stonnington
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The Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center held its 14th annual “Bunny Hop” American Girl Place on Tuesday, March 8th welcoming children young and old for a fun-filled evening of entertainment.

Bunny with Alexandra Mandis, Courtney Moss, and Katie Colgate
Sponsored this year by Scalamandré and Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, the party was with entertainment from Magic Al, Mikey Mike, Kevin Krueger Party Kidz, Stinkie Pinkie, Mad Hatter Balloons and lots more. In addition, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Peter Rabbit, Pikachu and many others were on hand for photo opportunities. Guests enjoyed cookie decorating, candy necklace making, shopping and a few surprises.

For the second year in a row, there was a fabulous silent auction for both kids and adults with items from Jacadi, Vineyard Vines, J. McLaughlin, Spring Flowers, Magic Windows, Ruzzetti & Gow and more.
Elizabeth Fuller, Katie Colgate, Courtney Moss, Mark Bitter, Wiggie Bitter, Christina Addison, Lisa Errico and Alexandra Mandis
DeJuan Stroud provided the décor and flowers, Levy Caterers, of the American Girl Café, prepared the food and there were the famous Bunny Hop gift bags, this year provided by Ralph Lauren. The Co-Chairmen are Katie Colgate, Alexandra Mandis and Courtney Moss. Vice Chairs were: Christina Addison, Chesie Breen, Lisa Errico, Elizabeth Fuller, Ashley Potter, Nicole Robinson, Suzie Fairchild and Kimberly Tighe.

Funds raised from the "Bunny Hop" support the Associates partnership with the Eunice School in the Department of Pediatrics. The partnership helps to provide for the Center's educational needs, such as computer based learning programs, school supplies, teacher programs, and a school re-entry program that helps children return to their normal classroom environment.
Alix and Jennifer Creel
Chloe and Erin Lazard
Peter, Dayssi, Sophia, and Nicholas de Kanavos
Jill and Sadie Kargman
Jim and Jamie Watkins
Mary and Annabel Darling
Lara and Alexandra Glazier with Melissa Berkelhammer
Andrew and Lesley Heaney
Clifford the Big Red Dog and Charlie Uffelman
Tatiana Mandis with Clifford the Big Red Dog and Polo Bear
Rockette Kim Petros, Courtney Moss, Katie Colgate, Alexandra Mandis, and Rockette Lisa Matsuoka
Isabelle and Philip Gorrivan
Andrea Donahue and Tommy
Moira, Olivia, Travers, Alannah, and Caroline: “Every Penny Counts”
Mary Ellen Coyne and sons
Hilary Dick with Gigi and Sophie
Christine Cachot and Allegra Williams
Alexis Waller and Every Penny Counts Boys
Mary Ellen Coyne and family
Debbie and Serena Bancroft with Jodi, Isabelle, and Beatrice Edmonds
Kevin, Madeline, and Barbara McLaughlin

March 16, 2005, Volume V, Number 47
Photographs by Mary Hilliard (Save Venice) & Cutty McGill (Bunny Hop)


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