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Overlooking The Pond in Central Park on the occasion of William Ivey Long's 50th Broadway show. 8:00 PM.
Beautiful night in New York. I took a cab down to 57th Street and Sutton Place where I got out and gave it up to the late President John F. Kennedy’s sister Eunice Shriver who was waiting, looking lovely in a long dress, probably off to the opening of the American Ballet Theatre (I’m guessing).

Above: Richard Haass with his wife Susan. Below: The author signing books. Click to order.

I met JH on the corner and we headed over to the apartment of Tina Brown and Harry Evans who were holding a book party for Richard Haass and his new book The Opportunity; America’s Moment to Alter History’s Course. Brown and Evans can draw such a stunning array of writers that it can only be regarded as a tribute to their continuing popularity and influence in media today despite the fact that neither of them currently are holding the powerful editorial positions that gave them their base in the first place.

Among the crowd: Ezra Zilkha, David and Sherrie Westin, Annette Tapert, James and Anne Sitrick, Jon and Keith Meachem, Sonny Mehta, Charles Michener, Esther Newberg, Hannah Pakula, Alan Patricof, Holly Peterson and Rick Kimball, Liz Robbins and Doug Johnson, Jim and Linda Robinson, Nina Rosenwald, Henry Schlieff, Nicole Seligman, Gail Sheehy, Ron Silver, Peggy Siegal, Georgette Mosbacher, Lally Weymouth, Zoe Bard, Roger Altman and Jurate Kazickas, Joe Armstrong, Ken Auletta, Barbara Goldsmith, Stan Pottinger, Jason Epstein, Ted Forstmann, Joan Ganz Cooney, Marie Brenner, Susan Cheever, Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild, Nancy Collins, Monica Crowley, Steve and Cynthia Brill, Peter Brown, Tucker Carlson, Richard Cohen, Karenna Gore Schiff, David and Jean Halberstam, Richard Johnson, Henry Kissinger, Olivia and Warren Hoge, Leonard and Evelyn Lauder. I counted 181 acceptances on their guestlist, and only nine “no’s” (including Al Franken, Arthur Carter, Floyd Abrams, Tom Freston and Rudy Giuliani. People don’t like missing and Brown/Evans party – they’re afraid they’ll miss something.

The author Richard Haas is President of the Council on Foreign Relations, the pre-eminent independent foreign policy organization in the world. Before that he was the Director of Policy Planning for the State Department and principal advisor to Colin Powell. Mr. Haas held the rank of Ambassador and served as US coordinator for the future of Afghanistan and as the lead US official for Northern Ireland’s peace process. Before that he was Middle East advisor to Bush 41, and before that he served in Ronald Reagan’s State Department and in Jimmy Carter’s Pentagon.

All this gravity aside, this was a cocktail party where a fly on the wall hears mainly how-ja-do’s, observes countless air kisses and notices that the host and hostess are two of the most intense conversationalists (apparently so) in the room. The author, whom I’d never met before, seemed like a very pleasant man, very happy, really pleased to have so many well-wishers at his book party, and quite happy to pose for a publicity shot taken by JH. I tried to determine what the politics of the crowd might be, considering the author’s political affiliations but it was impossible. Karenna Gore and Henry Kissinger? Monica Crowley and Roger Altman? It was impossible.

The matters of international politics, the economy and the real estate market are all very much part of conversation wherever I go these days. Pessimism permeates those who are confounded. Uneasiness expressed in many forms. Then there are those who think everything is just fine, status quo. And woe is me.
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Lynn Nesbit, and Joe Armstrong
Joan Ganz Cooney, Tina Brown, and Donald Marron
Ron Silver and Georgette Mosbacher
Barbara Goldsmith and Stan Pottinger

James and Anne Sitrick
Joel Klein
Hannah Pakula and Dr. Henry Kissinger

Susan Cheever

Julia and David Koch

We left the Brown/Evans about seven-fifteen and grabbed a cab up to Sotheby’s where The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center were holding their Awards for Excellence Dinner.

The SMSKCC is one of the most prestigious groups in the City and they are vigilant about their fund-raising to the point where Sloan-Kettering is one of the few hospitals in America that runs in the black. JH and I were there for a quick look-see while on our way elsewhere. We managed to catch a glimpse of some of the principals of the evening during their cocktail hour.

This is their 8th annual dinner and recipients this year were David Koch for Corporate Leadership, George J. Bosl MD for Medicine and James (Jamie) G. Niven for Philanthropy.
Mrs. Marvin Davidson and Mrs. Stephen Sherrill
Jamie Niven with Constance Casey, and Dr. Harold Varmus

Veronica Hearst and Gail Hilson
We moved from there across 72nd Street to Central Park and the Boathouse where Susan Stroman, the great Broadway director, and playwrights Wendy Wasserstein and Paul Rudnick were hosting a cocktail and dinner for their pal William Ivey Long, the costume designer who is celebrating his FIFTIETH Broadway show. Although William travels in both the worlds of society and show business (a longtime friend of Caroline Kennedy, he was the only non-Kennedy to attend the burial of Mrs. Onassis at Arlington) William is a Broadway Baby through and through. And when Broadway people get together, no matter what part of town they live in, the roar of the greasepaint is very much in the room. Although his friend Mrs. Kennedy Schlossberg was over at Lincoln Center where the American Ballet Theatre was having it’s annual Spring Gala celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the company.

William Ivey Long with "The Frogs"
They just “wrapped” the film version of The Producers for which William did the costumes naturally. JH caught him with a group of actors in “The Frogs” costumes, posing in front of the Girls In Pearls costumes from the film version of The Producers.

Girls In Pearls from The Producers
Meanwhile, the Park was beautiful at twilight.
Left: A selection of costumes from William Ivey Long's shows. Above: Guests in a gondola embarking The pond.
Doug Cramer and Tom Schumacher
Cathy Graham and Hugh Bush

Wendy Wasserstein and Paul Rudnick
Paul Rudnick and Matthew Broderick
Francine LeFrak and friend

Frank Rich and Alex Witchel
Posters from William's shows
Chris Clarens

Another William creation

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"21" Jockeys table favors

From there I caught a cab down to “21” where Anne Hearst was hosting a 21st birthday party for her daughter Amanda and 60 guests – old friends, young friends, family.

There was a cocktail hour on the second floor and then we all moved down to restaurant on the ground floor where Anne took over the third section. The birthday girl is a beauty (and has appeared twice on the cover of Quest – first as a very young girl and then recently), as are her cousins Gillian and Lydia, daughters of Patricia Hearst and Bernard Shaw, both who were in attendance.
Allison Mazzola and Jamie Figg
Georgianna Cavendish and Amanda Hearst
Cornelia Bregman and Patty Hearst
Jason Binn and Christine Schott
Bernard Shaw and Gillian Hearst-Shaw
Tony Peck and Anne Hearst
Francesco Galesi and Cornelia Bregman
R. Couri Hay, Anthony Haden-Guest, and Debbie Bancroft
I left “21” to stop by The Frick Collection where the Trustees were having their annual Spring Party for Fellows, black tie, with dancing to Peter Duchin and his orchestra featuring guitarist/vocalist Roberta Fabiano. It was beginning to thin out by the time I arrived (at almost eleven) although The Frick is one of those special places that has a special allure that makes it hard to leave even as the clock is winding down for the evening.
L. to r.: Roberta Fabiano with Peter Duchin; Susan Gutfreund, Colin Bailey, and Sana Sabbagh.
Christine and Stephen Schwarzman
The Garden Court at The Frick

May 24, 2005, Volume V, Number 91
Photographs by Jeff Hirsch & DPC/


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