Who Killed Society?
Portrait busts of Roman Caesars at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton. Photo: JH.
We ran some pictures (taken in the Hamptons) last week and among them was a trio of very pretty young women, X, Y & Z.

A reader emailed the picture back the following day with the following message:

“Y” is having an affair with “Z’s” husband. “Y” was married to (a very social preppy). Paid for her first divorce. She's from (the midwest). He was abusive. She called the cops on him. She dated the tennis pro last summer. Dropped her membership this summer because her ex- is cutting her back a lot. He's a controlling stinker. A sad creature. Bad reputation. She drinks too much at every party; gets sloppy and flirty. Eats at the bar at Nick & Toni's. Many men to meet there. That's the new act for these single ladies. They can't meet people with a girlfriend at a table. Much more turnover at the bar. Rathah a bore to watch.

And from another reader about another Party Pictures page last week:

Dear DPC: (One day last week) you ran an item about a reception held at (someone’s home in the Hamptons).

Pictured in the article was VB (not his initials) posing with (a very attractive female guest).

VB is a person that all should be wary of. He has quite a past and should not be trusted. He has been in prison both in the state of California as well as Utah. He was arrested in California (Lake Tahoe area) where he embezzled funds from his position as the manager of (a local) store.

For a few years he posed as a decorator in Manhattan. After September 11th he left NYC and went back to the (to the West but apparently) has now returned to New York.

There was a write-up in a local magazine about his legal troubles with a famous female singer. This is just one of many tales. He is related to (a very rich widow with a wild past) who was photographed in one of your columns last March. I would hope that she does not introduce him to anyone whom he could consider a victim.

Continuing: Yesterday’s New York Times had a piece by Warren St. John in its Sunday Styles section about a new club abuilding on East 56th Street which is to be called the Core Club that will “serve as a place for a geographically and socially diverse set of wealthy people to gather and meet others of the same disparate tribe.”

St. John refers to the membership as a “Noah’s ark manifest of over-achievers from various professional species” such as Vernon Jordan, real estate developer (and husband of Samantha Boardman) Aby Rosen, Mickey Drexler, Terry Semel, Steve Roth of Vornado Realty, Richard Meier, Patty Smyth and John McEnroe, Beth DeWoody, Tory Burch, Ghislaine Maxwell, Teddy Forstmann, Woody Johnson, Donnie Deutsch, Marianne Boesky, Andrew Lack and Ari Emanuel, (big-time talent agent).

The fee to join is $55,000 although the first 100 members are reported to have put up $100,000 a piece to get the club going (that $10 mill if you’re doing the arithmetic) and will get their money back plus interest in a few years.

The club is the brainchild of Jennie Saunders, a very goodlooking blonde who grew up in Westchester and “always wanted to be one of those people” (she saw on the evening news – the celebrities and powerbrokers). Ms. Saunders says it’s going to be a “for-profit” venture and the original investors (the 100 grand group) will get their money back plus interest over five years.

The Knick it’s not.
Of course there will be a gym, a Pilates machine and a spa, not to mention an apartment upstairs if you should get sleepy. Or something. Ms. Saunders reportedly sees the Core Club as a place for intellectual stimulation (even for the sleepy?) that will give the members “a voice in contemporary culture.” Richard Meier? Patty Smyth? Tory Burch? Vernon Jordan? Maybe she means a much louder voice. Club consultants (they’ll be called “curators”) “will filter through the cultural detritus of the day to recommend the best stuff” to its otherwise apparently culturally overwhelmed members. Well, it’s always good to get the detritus out of the way, isn’t it. Everything will be curated – the library, the “art offerings,” the movie library, the books, the menus, even “the toilet paper.”

If you’re thinking this takes the cake, the obvious question for the intellectually stimulated is: Whose cake? Marie Antoinette’s?

Meanwhile, over this past weekend I’ve been reading
the galleys of Michael Gross’ fabulous new book 740 Park; The Story of the World’s Richest Apartment Building. The book, which will be in the stores in October is a riveting document of the city’s social history from the time of the building’s construction which began about the time the stock market crashed in 1929 right up to today. Now considered one of the best addresses in the city, it was built by Jackie Onassis’ grandfather James T. Lee.

Mr. Lee had the right idea although The Crash destroyed any dreams he had about a great financial success with the building. Jackie and Lee Bouvier and their parents (who had a horrendous marriage) lived there rent-free for several years until the building could find a tenant (to rent) their apartment. The building limped along financially until it got an important boost when John D. Rockefeller Jr. moved in with his wife Abby and his son David in 1938-39. Even then, it was well into the late 1950s before the building became entire co-op, thanks to the effect of the Crash.

The book is can’t-put-downable but more on it when I finish (it’s a tome – more than 500 pages).

No rest for the weary. Out in the Hamptons this past weekend it was party party party as the season winds down. On Friday night, one of America’s most famous mothers, Kathy Hilton threw a big dinner (sixty for sitdown) for one of America’s most famous fathers, her husband Rick Hilton, celebrating his fiftieth. The whole clan was in attendance, the world famous daughters – Paris and Nicky, as well as sons Conrad III and Barron II. I emphasize the “famous” part because Southampton remembers how not many years ago, they were “just the Hilton family,” popular members of the social set and now they belong to the tabloids and the media. Among the guests dining under the tent on a buffet of steak, lobster, chicken et al, Julia and David Koch, Leonard and Allison Stern, Henry and Nancy Silverman, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Ben and Linda Lambert, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Dana and Dr. Patrick Stubgen, Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas (who will be dividing their wintertime between their apartment in the Trump Tower on Columbus Circle and their finally finished fabulous villa in West Palm Beach); Oscar-winning producer Marty Richards (who is rumored to be getting married again – unless he’s already tied the knot), LeRoy Neiman (who sketched a portrait of the birthday boy on his napkin), R. Couri Hay, Pamela Gross and Jimmy Finkelstein and special guest – one of the contestants from Kathy’s recent reality TV show.

Saturday night, one of the Hiltons’ neighbors,
the urbane Jacques Leviant and his son Sasha and daughter-in-law Luisa hosted his annual summer cocktail party (with a Viennese orchestra providing the background music) on the terrace and back courtyard of his villa, drawing many of the same crowd plus scores of others from both new and old Southampton, such as Hilary and Wilbur Ross, Cyril Dwek, Francesco and Marina Galesi, the Monty Hackets, Rainer and Regina Greeven, Alexis Gregory, Fern Tailer Denny, Barbara Cates, Carl and Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Betty Sherrill, Frank and Victoria Wyman.

This was also the week for the annual Huggy Bear Invitational Tennis tournament – a week of doubles play started in 1985 by the three Forstmann brothers – Nick, Tony and Teddy. The event raises millions for children’s charities and is held at Tony Forstmann’s estate on Cobb Road in Southampton. Last night was the big benefit dinner, totally private (for contributors) which featured Stevie Nicks, Don Henley and Roger Waters performing.

And if that’s not enough for one night in that poor little resort village by the sea, Bettina Zilkha, Alice Judelson, Tinsley Mortimer and Nina Garcia gave a surprise (am I suppose to believe that??) birthday party (huge) for for the society/ celebrity/hipsterdom’s ubiquitous photographer Patrick McMullan at a nightclub called Cain which is part of a trendy motel complex called Capri. The guests (the Who’s Who and What’s What) dined at trestle tables set up around the pool, served by young, sexy waitresses.

Over in East Hampton last night Frances Hayward hosted
a dinner for the Royal Academy at Grey Gardens. Tonight writer and now literary-mom Joanie McDonell is having a book party today (Monday) for son Nick who published his first novel (Twelve) when he was 18 (three years ago) and has now published his second – The Third Brother (about a young man in search of an MIA journalist in Thailand). Accomplished and an achiever as he approaches majority, the media rags are already talking about the envy and jealousy that apparently surrounds Nick. They should all go read a book. For a change.

Weddings, We have weddings ...!

A couple of weeks ago in Monte Carlo was the wedding of James Orlando Sibony and Lauren Henderson. James is the son of investment banker Marc and Margaret Sibony. He was brought up in Spain (his father is Moroccan, his mother British), Monaco and in England, and is also an investment banker.

A Moroccan dinner party took place on Friday night, followed by the church ceremony on Saturday at the Monaco Anglican Church.

That evening there was a Dinner and Ball at La Vigie Gardens overlooking the spectacular bay of Monte Carlo.

The bride is daughter of Texas oil tycoon Robert Henderson. Brought up in Texas, she graduated from Georgetown University. After living in New York and Washington D.C., she completed a course at Christie’s in London. She is a top executive at an advertising firm in London.

The couple met in the South of France, twelve years ago. They will live in London where they are redecorating a penthouse apartment in Chelsea.
L. to r.: Haidee Henderson and Alexander Sibony; San Franciscan Nancy Wilson and Rupert Montagu; The Prince of Salina and Ivana Boris at a Moroccan dinner given in honor of James Sibony and Lauren Henderson.
Clockwise from above: The newlyweds with Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Sibony; Lauren Henderson Sibony and Prince Jacinto Salina; The newlyweds drive off into the sunset.

There was a Mother and Daughter Afternoon Tea hosted by Alex Kramer, Julie Dannenberg and Lilly Pulitzer at Kramer’s Bridgehampton home to celebrate the introduction of Barbie doll by Lilly Pulitzer, benefiting the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.

The Barbie doll was inspired by a classic photo of Lilly Pulitzer and her daughters, all dressed in mom’s creations.

Among the guests, Cristina Cuomo, Melinda Hackett, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Calvert Moore, Gigi Mortimer, Helen Lee Schifter, Lisa Selby, Maria Villaba, Bettina and Donna Zilkha, Louisa Moraldi, Dana Taylor, Mark Gilbertson, Couri Hay, Brendan Dillon, and Cynthia Lufkin.

Bettina Zilkha and Cristina Cuomo with Bella Cuomo
Helen Lee Schifter and Story Schifter
Monique Merrill, Calvert Moore, and Schuyler Moore
Cynthia and Dan Lufkin
Polly Onet, Webb Egerton, and Mark Gilbertson
Laetitia Krifel and Bettina Zilkha
L. to r.: Charlie Ray; Julie Dannenberg with Lucie Regal and Alex Kramer with Libby Kramer; Annabelle Snow and Mary Snow.
Lillian Stern and Tessa Rose
Alex Kramer and Cristina Cuomo
Lily Dillon, Eva Dillon, and Cliodhna Dillon
Stephanie Kendler, Phoebe Roberts, and Amanda Roberts

Photographs by Neil Rasmus/PMc
Michael Trokel and Pamela Morgan threw their annual Foodie and Chef's Potluck Party last Saturday, a week, at their home in Bridgehampton.

Ms. Morgan is, if you didn’t know, a special event planner, cookbook author and food and entertaining editor for Hamptons's Cottages and Gardens. The event began 8 years ago with a few food friends. That few has grown into this year's party of 130 guests.

David Burke of David Burke Donatella
and Creative Edge Parties made all the hors d'ouevres which included: Pommes Souffle with Lobster Mayonnaise, The World's Smallest Meat Loaf, Lobster Sticks, Sashimi Tuna with Spicy Chili Sauce, Goat Cheese and Watermelon Tart.

Other Chefs included Michael Romano of Union Square Café who did Blue Smoke Memphis Style Baby Back Ribs; Tom Colicchio of Craft prepared Braised Blue Fin Tuna ; Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar made Grilled Octopus Salad with White Beans; Waldy Malouf of Beacon: Chilled Wood Roasted Lobster with Tomato Habanero Oil; Dave Lieberman of TV Food Network did Grilled Mako Shark with Sundried Tomato Pesto; Sheila Lukins: Roasted Salmon Salad; David Burke: Oven Baked Blue Fish and Black Bass with Marjoram Aioli.

Scott Linquist from Dos Caminos roasted a pig in the backyard and served Anchiote Marinated Slow Roasted Pork with Plantains and Tortillas. Jeffrey Harter from Allison's in Bridgehampton made a fresh seafood paella in a huge paella pan also on the lawn.

Other guests included: Katie Lee (Mrs. Billy) Joel who made a peach cobbler, Gene Pressman brought his famous ribs; Roberta Morrell, Andy Arons ( Gourmet Garage), Gael Greene.
Fred Stahl, Pamela Morgan, and Jacqueline Stahl
Sue Chalom and Karen Alpert
Pam Phillips and Michael Petrycki
Elyce Arons, Susan Spungen, and Pamela Morgan
Lohkmin Lee, Paula Lajaunie, Terese Feltes, and Zach Maxwell
Steve Kasher, Susan Spungen, Lori Silverbush, and Tom Colicchio
John Moye and Park Kerr
Cassandra Seidenfeld, Alfred Portale, Roberta Morrell, and Nikos Antonakeas
Michael Braverman, Ellen Klapper, and Herb Klapper
Pamela Morgan, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Jacqueline Murphy-Stahl, and Coleen Rein
Mark and Cassandra Seidenfeld
Josh Feigenbaum and Norah Lawlor
Kerry Heffernan and Laura Yang
Todd and Jennifer Klein
Pamela Morgan and Newell Turner
Christine Salata and Whitney Casey

Photographs by Rob Rich/516-676-3939

August 29, 2005, Volume V, Number 149


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