What a difference a day makes
Looking southwest from 72nd between Fifth and Madison. Friday (above) and Sunday (below). Photos: JH.
Paris dateline/Geneology. It seems everyone in Paris was celebrating the birthday of Zozo de Ravenel, the Marquise de Ravenel to us’n. The Count and Countess Jean Charles de Ravenel (Zozo’s son and daughter-in-law Jackie) gave a big glorious party for Zozo with about 100 guests. The party was held at the de Ravenels’ luxurious apartment, said by some to be the most beautiful in Paris, on the Rue de Lille, next to the Musee d’Orsay. The apartment is in a fabulous French house owned by Count Jean-Louis de Maigret, who was one of the guests at the party.

Jackie de Ravenel, Carmen Saint, and Betty Catroux
Zozo, who was married to the late Marquis Wlady de Ravenel, was the daughter of Prince Jean-Louis Faucigny-Lucinge, a descendant of several great families of France. Jean-Louis who was a great Proustian social figure of Paris in his time was a close friend of many including the late Queen Mother of England. His daughter Zozo numbers among her great friends Nancy Reagan whom she met through Betsy Bloomingdale. Zozo was often a guest of the Reagans in the White House. There were times when Zozo, her father and Jerry Zipkin, the New York social gadfly were all staying with Jackie and Jean-Charles at their house in Lyford Cay and the phone would ring and they would never know who would be calling – the White House or Buckingham Palace.

Zozo and her husband lived in Paris, at a house outside Paris, and also in a beautiful big house on the sea in Cap d’Ail, just a hop, skip and a jump from Monte Carlo and the Grimaldis.

Everyone at Zozo’s party was talking about the coming “Wedding of the Year” – that of Athina Onassis Roussel and Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto who will marry on December 3 in Sao Paolo just six weeks before the Greek shipping heiress turns 21. It is said that there will be 750 guests, a small Catholic ceremony followed by a glittering reception. Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez (in other words, J-Lo) has been asked to perform at the reception for an incredible fee (incredible to you and me but not to little Athina). Also among the chatter at the party was the sale of Alberto Pinto’s fabulous house in Tangier for millions of dollars to the Emir of Qatar.

Zozo de Ravenel and Dodie Rosekranz
Among the guests at Zozo’s party were her daughter Airelle and her ex-husband, their son Kim and his girlfriend Constance Clement, M. et Mme. Jean-Pierre Marcie-Riviere, Prince and Princess Poniatowski, Countess Jean Louis de Ganay, Bettina Graziani, Charlotte Aillaud, Countess Pia de Brantes, Jim Mitchell, Carmen Saint and Carmen’s daughter Betty and her husband the great French interior designer Francois Catroux (the Catroux were on their way to the black tie dinner for Yves Saint Laurent – she was his muse – and the opening of “Smoking Forever,” an exhibition of Yves’ “le smoking.” Jimmy Douglas was there with his tiny digital taking his wonderful photographs of everyone and even making a movie of the party. Baron Guy de Rothschild, Count Phillippe de Nicolay (the late Marie-Helene de Rothschild’s son), Liz Fondaras who was staying in her apartment in Paris (see NYSD 6/17/04), Dodie Rosekranz from San Francisco who now lives in Paris and in Venice; Florence van der Kemp, Doris Brynner in her usual “le smoking,” Daisy de Cabrol, looking more beautiful than ever, Laure de Beauvau Craon, Gaelle d’Oncieux who had not left her house in two years but came out for her good friend’s birthday; Dr. Olivier Sompairac who is everyone’s doctor in Paris, Micheline and Jean Pierre Simeon (Micheline was married to the late Roger Crevetto, the financial advisor and close friend of Prince Rainier); Pierre Celeyron and lots of others who came out to celebrate Zozo’s 80th and to see Jackie and Jean-Charles before they left for Portugal to see Jackie’s daughter. Jackie and Jean Charles’ daughter Rebecca now lives in New York where she works for Oscar de la Renta.

Edgar Batista
Paris was full full full – the Eiffel Tower is lighted for ten minutes each hour after 10 pm and sparkles with thousands of white lights. This lighting was designed for the Y2K but there were so many requests for it to be lighted the year round that the French government has now made a happening of it each night. The fashion people were arriving for the couture collections. There was the Nuit Blanc, the White Night where Parisians are supposed to shop and stay up all night.

People everywhere and not one taxi to be found. The big tribute to Yves St. Laurent, “Smoking Forever,” was at the Fondation Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent, 5 Avenue Marceau, which will run through April 23, 2006. The beautiful and charismatic Catherine Deneuve was at the opening dinner and was seated between Yves and the Minister of Culture Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres. When Yves arrived, everyone stood up and raised their glasses of vodka as the waiters passed the caviar molded out of ice from Prunier – Pierre Berge’s restaurant. Some of the other guests were Loulou de la Falaise who has just shown her first couture collection. She wore a YSL tux made in the YSL house in 2002 before he retired. Also Monique and Jack Lang, the former minister of culture; June Newton, widow of Helmut Newton; Betty and Francois Catroux (Betty was wearing a 1966 YS tux and said she did not remember her first YSL tux, “but I have always worn the tux with nothing under it;” Corinne Ricard of the spirits dynasty, Francois-Henri Pinault, the CEO of PPR, and lots of others.

More of where they are:
The magnificent Aimee de Heeren is in her magnificent apartment on the Rue de Varenne. Aimee will spend Christmas in Granada with her daughter Cristina. Jimmy Douglas and Rod Coop gave a dinner for Mary McFadden, Jim Mitchell, and Edgar Batista at their Rue de Bac apartment. Charles Sevigny’s Saturday lunches are famous at his amazing apartment on the Quai d’Orsay over looking the Eiffel Tower. Charles also owned York Castle in Tangier with the late Yves Vidal. Joan Schnitzer and Irvin Levy (Mr. and Mrs.) were at the Ritz and gave dinners at Tong Yen (Paris’ favorite place to dine on Sunday nights) and Chez Ami Louis. Jim Mitchell gave a dinner at Chez Allard for Carmen Saint, Charles Sevigny, Tom Gunther, Jimmy Douglas, Prince Benedict Solms who owns “Phonebook of the World” on the internet and Rod Coop. Karl Lagerfeld is often at the Café Flore which is full every night. Ahh, Paree ...

Left, top to bottom: The Invalides; St. Marie Madeleine church; Arch de Triomphe. Above, top to bottom: Baron Guy de Rothschild and Charlotte Aillaud; Jean Charles de Ravenel and Bettina Graziani.
Francois Catroux, Charlotte Aillaud, and Carmen Saint
Carmen Saint

Simon LeBell and Jimmy Douglas
Laure de Beauvau Craon and Doris Brynner
Betty Catroux and Alexis Gregory

Artists Eduoard and Arm
Left to right: Bettina Graziani and Dr. Ribholz; Ambassador Archibaldo Lanus and Natalie Champin in the de Ravenel apartment.

Zozo de Ravenel and Liz Fondaras
Daisy de Cabrol and friend

Kim Ribholz and Constance Clement
Liz Fondaras and Jackie de Ravenel
Airelle de Ravenel and Pilar de Brantes

Gaelle d'Oncieux and Dr. Olivier Somparirc
L. to r.: Constance Clement, Kim Ribholz, Airelle de Ravenel, and Zozo de Ravenel; Carmen Saint and Jim Mitchell; Tom Gunther, Charles Sevigny, and Ben Solms.

Micheline and Jean Pierre Simeon with Carmen Saint
Jimmy Davidson and Mary McFadden

Charles Sevigny and Jimmy Douglas

October 17, 2005, Volume V, Number 177


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