Rain into snow into ice
A frigid Sunday night. 9:30 PM.

It rained and rained this past weekend with the temperatures hovering spring-like in the high 40s and low 50s. Saturday night I went out to a couple of birthday parties (more tomorrow) with the sheets of rain beating down. I ended up in the East Village at a birthday party that started (downtown time) at ten (which meant people were arriving at 11). When I got out of the party at about quarter to two, it was snowing and temperatures had dropped to well below freezing, which is where it stayed, reminding us that there really is such a thing as winter in New York.

Kiss Kiss, Patrick McMullan's latest.

Patrick McMullan sent me an inscribed copy of his latest book. Patrick who is nothing if not industrious is the premier event photographer in New York. He covers the waterfront, uptown, downtown, all around town. He’s been at it since the days of Andy Warhol and Interview Magazine (where he cut his teeth). He must have the largest party picture archive in the world and that is not hyperbole. He’s also published several books of his work in the past few years and this one is right on time for the Valentine’s Day crowd. It’s called Kiss Kiss and it’s 200 pages of kisses and kissers. I opened it up wondering how long kissing, kisses and kissers could keep my attention before I lapsed into Enough Already. Answer: right to the very end. It’s an obvious idea and yet it really works. It’s funny, sometimes stupid, sometimes outrageous, sometimes gorgeous, sometimes erotic and ... funny, makes-you-laugh (with joy, no less) funny. We’re telling you about it now because it’s PERFECT for your Valentine. Much love, laughter and joy it’ll bring. All thanks to our man Patrick.

January 16, 2006, Volume VI, Number 9


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