Happy Valentine’s
Times Square. 8:30 PM. Photo: JH.

Last night in New York, it was cold and the roadways were a little on the slushy side. People are still shoveling out snowbanks to free their cars from the Blizzard of ’06, but New Yorkers are intrepid and always on the go. JH and I were scheduled to go to Chicago for an event but our flight was canceled and so we stood at home. He went over to the Rainbow Room to catch a look at the crowd with the Digital, and I went over to “21” where Nancy Holmes was having a little dinner to celebrate her 85th. What is it with the octogenarians? They all have twice as much energy (not to mention joie de vivre) as so many people half or even a quarter their age.

Nancy Holmes

At the Holmes dinner: Chuck and Ellen Scarborough, Dominick Dunne, Bob and Barbara Taylor Bradford, the Hoovers from Oklahoma City, the Tuckers from somewhere down that way, Randy and Connie Jones and the birthday girl. The theme wasn’t her birthday (which is coming a little later in the month) but a Holmes Musical Evening where she burned a CD of Country & Western songs (she’s from Texas), each of which represented one of the guests. The one dedicated to me (I’m one of Mrs. Holmes’ newer friends) was Willie Nelson singing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.”

Meanwhile over at the Rainbow Room, the Drama League were holding their annual fundraiser “So In Love; A Night of Romance At the Rainbow Room.” Hugh Jackman was honorary chair and the girls who put it all together and filled those tables, the Benefit chairs were Debbie Bancroft, April Gow, Jeanne Lawrence, and Elizabeth Stribling. Harry Connick Jr. was host and the cast of the hottest musical ticket in town “Jersey Boys” were only part of the entertainment – so everyone got their money’s worth.

Kelli O'Hara and Harry Connick Jr.
Rachel York
While 50 blocks up the avenue, the Museum of the City of New York’s Director’s Council was holding their 20th annual Winter Ball with the invitation calling for White Tie or Black Tie. Oscar de la Renta sponsored the evening. The evening was chaired by Mark Gilbertson, Rachel Hovnanian, Cynthia Lufkin, Calvert Moore, Allison Rockefeller, and Andrew Roosevelt. Between them and the stellar roster of co-chairs and the enormous committee, the Benefactors, Sponsors and Patrons, they make this event hugely successful and glamorous.

And for another kind of glamour, very show-biz, very New York, and very downtown show-biz glam, there was the 3rd Annual Love ‘n Courage Benefit benefiting the Theater for New City on 155 First Avenue. Charles Busch and Julie Halston were hosts. The evening benefited the Theater for the New City’s Emerging Playwrights Program with a portion of the tickets benefiting Southern Rep, the regional theater of New Orleans.

The evening featured the Music (and the wonderful lyrics) of Yip Harburg, the man who wrote the lyrics for the The Wizard of Oz and Finian’s Rainbow. Mary Cleere Haran performed as did the New Orleans jazz singer Troi Bechet and her Quartet, and there was a very special appearance by the very special Kitty Carlisle Hart. Which speaking of joie de vivre and energy, and the girls not even an octogenarian anymore, she moves so fast. Get a life, kids!
Elizabeth Stribling, Julia Hansen, and Marjorie Reed Gordon
Chappy Morris and Melissa Stanley
Debbie Bancroft and Cece Black
Jeanne Lawrence and Debbie Bancroft
Jamie deRoy and Liz McCartney
Philip Smith and Tricia Walsh Smith
L. to r.: Paola Isabella Tornito; The Jersey Boys John Lloyd Young, Christian Hoff, and J. Robert Spencer; Michael Cerveris.
LeAnn Lazar and Aaron Lazar
Katie Clarke and Chris Rhodes
David Granoff and Joan Jedell
Ed Lobrano, Elizabeth Stribling, Stephanie Krieger, and Brian Stewart
Polly Espy and Julia Hansen
Kirk Henckels and Fernanda Kellogg
Patricia Follert and Jamie deRoy
Jano Herbosch
Georgette Mosbacher
Guy Robinson
Larry and Denise Wohl
Barbara Tober and April Gow
Conrad Kessee, Irene Aitken, and Christian Kessee
The Rainbow Room

February 14, 2006, Volume VI, Number 28
Photographs by Jeff Hirsch/NYSD.com


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