The day after
Evening sky. Photo: JH.

The snows from the Blizzard of ’06 continue to dominate the pace of city life. I waited almost a half hour for a cab late yesterday morning because so few were coming along East End Avenue and even fewer were vacant for the growing number of customers (two or three on every block). When I finally did get one, my cabbie told me that traffic was terrible all over the city, especially because of the snowbanks created by the plows (and the snowed under vehicles).

The snows, however, did not cool the social set, that wide, vast network of energetic New Yorkers of all ages, stripes and interests. Monday night, for example, the Museum of the City of New York held its 20th annual Director’s Council dinner dance. And from all reports, it was the most successful.

This fund-raising (and fun-raising) enterprise had been guided for years by Mark Gilbertson, the social impresario of what used to be known as the Junior Set. The Junior designation has of course outlived its definition as time wears on (and more than occasionally wears out). Interestingly – and I would credit Gilbertson’s diligence along with his loyal and energetic band of supporters/workers – the Museum Ball (as it is known to its regular subscribers) is moving right up there in the ranks of Must Go/Must Do events on the annual winter calendar. This is because those “Juniors,” having grown up (and now raising their own “Juniors”), have taken more and more positions of leadership in the community. And because of the diligence and foresight of its supporters, it continues to attract the new junior set.

One telling indication is the Ball’s sponsorship by Oscar de Renta. Charity sponsorship, especially of a cultural nature, is directly related to a business’ marketing strategy. Because of the age and growing prosperity of the events subscribers and supporters, you can bet there were a lot of Oscars on parade that night and unlike a lot of other designers, the House of de la Renta does not “lend.”
Amy Fine Collins
Barbara de Portago
Bettina Zilkha and Jill Roosevelt
Leslie Stevens
Andrew Black and John Auerbach
Alexandra Lind Rose and Ann Caruso
Blair Husain, Tara Rockefeller, and Roz L'Esperance
Bingo Gubelmann, Trevor Traina, and Phoebe Gubelmann
Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict
Charles and Clo Cohen
Andrew Oshrin and Michelle Smith
Celerie Kemble, Chris Edgar, and Christina Murphy
Dennis Basso, Nina Griscom, and Michael Cominotto
Claudia Overstrom
Dan and Cynthia Lufkin
Roopal Patel
Michelle and Chris Barish
Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer, Lauren DuPont, and Alexandra Hamilton Kimball
Caroline Dean, Jill Roosevelt, Sara Ayres, and Pamela Gross
Courtney Moss, Nina Richter, and Moby
Christine Schwarzman, Zac Bacon, Sara Ayres, and Steven Schwarzman
Dana Vachon and Georgina Schaeffer
Rachel Hovnanian and Mark Gilbertson
Samantha Boardman
Shoshanna Gruss
Nina Griscom, Muffie Potter Aston, and Jamee Gregory
Trevor Traina, Alexis Swanson, Veronica Beard, and Jamie Beard
Tinsley Mortimer
Robert Janjigian and Jamee Gregory
Sarah Cristobel, Euan Rellie, and Olivia Eslan
Zani Gugelmann, Carlos Souza, and Claire Bernard
Tenley Black and Frederick Anderson
Jacquetta Wheeler
Valesca Guerrand-Hermes and Lillian H. Stern
Heather Mnuchin
Eric Javits and Helena Lehane
Stephen Schwarzman and Aby Rosen
Wendy Carduner
Melissa Gelman
Joanne de Guardiola and Caroline Dean
Meredith Melling Burke and Max Federbush
Douglas Hannant and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
Nicole Helen and Holly Miller
Elizabeth Meigher and Bingo Gubelmann
Mia Matheson, Courtney Moss, Anne Baker, and Kathryn Bohannon
Michelle Smith
Holly Miller, Michelle Barish, Moby, Allison Aston, and Nicole Helen
John Burke and Euan Rellie
Polly Onet and Brad Comisar
Pepe Fanjul, Patricia Duff, and Arthur Altschul
Jackie Williams, Pierre d'Arenberg, and Tinsley Mortimer
Monique Yazigi and Martha Glass

February 15, 2006, Volume VI, Number 29
Photographs by Chance Yeh ©Patrick McMullan


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