Sunday in New York
Spring in Gramercy Park. 2:00 PM. Photo: JH.

Sunday in New York. It was chilly and there were dark clouds of rain that moved in the early afternoon but never developed into much other than an occasional very light rain. But…with it came that breath of spring, the smell of the fresh wet earth, bringing with it those Proustian moments that remind you of when you were very young and fresh yourself; one of those moments when you can almost literally feel the new day coming.

Chris Stern and Lizzie Grubman

All kinds of wonderful things happened in New York while we were in Maastricht, Paris and London.  For example, the Public Relations Princess Number One, Lizzie Grubman got married.  This was not a sudden move.

The groom, Chris Stern, and the bride have known each other for some time. And it was a big party – I should say – at Cipriani 42nd Street where four, five, six hundred can dine and dance very comfortably and festively. I don’t know how many attended the Grubman-Stern nuptials, but it was a big crowd, no doubt.

The bride is the daughter of one of the most influential entertainment lawyers in America – Allen Grubman.  And her stepmom, Debbie Grubman is one of the top real estate brokers in the city. So between them and the bride, they know the world. And it’s a very close family.  The Grubman mansion out East in the Hamptons is full up every weekend in the warm weather with family and friends and more family.  And they’re always together.  It just got a little bigger now with Mr. Stern joining the ranks.

Allen Grubman, Deborah Grubman, and Larry Shire
Ali Zweben, Lizzie Grubman, and Rachel Krupa
L. to r.: The reception scene; Chris Stern and Lizzie Grubman.
Andre Harrell
David Aaron and Annelise Peterson
Billy Farrell and Joe Schildhorn
Lexi Lehman, Kelly Brady, Rachel Krupa, and Suzanne Lehman


Jessica Meisels, Rachel Peters, and Dori Cooperman
L. to r.: Steven Rubenstein and Paula Froelich; Ben Widdicombe and Steven Rubenstein; Victoria Gotti and Lizzie Grubman.
Kelly Brady, Jamie McCarthy, Yorkanis Francis, and Rachel Krupa
Julian Grove, Camilla Grove, and Lloyd Grove
Farnsworth Bentley and DJ Cassidy
Jesse Stern, Chris Stern, and Zeke Stern
John Gotti Agnello, Victoria Gotti, and Carmine Gotti Agnello
Norma Augenblick and Greg Jones
Michael Klefner and Ann Dexter-Jones
Daniella Rich, Goga Ashkenazy, Lizzie Grubman, Dori Cooperman, and Jennifer Raines
Jason Silber, John Gotti Agnello, and Carmine Gotti Agnello
Dani Stahl, Mr. Stern, Lizzie Grubman, and Jessica Meisels

Also, we missed the 40th birthday bash of one of New York’s most beautiful women, Tiffany Dubin.  As you can see by the invitation,  the host and hostess went all out by hiring Capitale for the night. It was either that or Cipriani 42nd Street. For again, between mother, stepfather and daughter, they know the world. 

The invitation’s reference to “vintage” if you didn’t already know has to do with Tiffany’s long time aesthetic and commercial interest in vintage collectibles which includes not only clothing items but all kinds of objects, including household items and kitsch that harken up an earlier decade.  Tiffany developed a “vintage” market when she was at Sotheby’s and later created a “vintage” department at Henri Bendel.

Tiffany’s mother is the beautiful Judy Taubman, the wife of real estate tycoon Alfred Taubman.  Her uncle is the handsome man-about-the-world Boaz Mazor who is the sales director for Oscar de la Renta.  Tiffany was recently divorced from real estate investor/developer Louis Dubin with whom she has a daughter.

The front and back of Tiffany Dubin's 40th birthday invite

Vintage Tiffany ....

March 27, 2006, Volume VI, Number 50


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