Zurich nights
Outside Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich.

Two weeks ago in Zurich, September 22nd to be exact, Galerie Gmurzynska Zurich opened an exhibition of recent works by Hedi Slimane (eddy-sli-main) in its phenomenal Paradeplatz location.

The artist, once best known for designing the men’s clothing line for Christian Dior, has become a veritable cult figure in the art, fashion and rock world. His exhibited works included videos, installations, photographic prints on aluminium and for the first time acrylic on canvas- reflect his passion for these three worlds.

After the vernissage, which was attended by an international crowd of admirers, Krystyna Gmurzynska and Mathias Rastorfer offered a splendid soirée at a private restaurant.

Among the attendees were the artist being feted, Princess Rosario Nadal of Saxe-Coburg, Prince Michel of Yugoslavie, Almine and Bernard Ruiz Picasso, Renate Thyssen-Henne, Marion de Picciotto, the Archduchesses Ludmilla and Marie-Christine of Habsburg, Hans von Meiss, Raúl Suárez -vice-president of the gallery, Ellen Ringier, London based Photographer Count Claus von Bohlen und Halbach, Isabelle Bscher-Gmurzynska, jewellery designer Majo Fruithof-Humer, Roman Plutschow, Fritz and Renate Gerber, Warhol muse Diane Brill and finally London’s new hot Rock Band The Bishops.

The dinner stretched late into the night then the revellers, as is their wont, danced into the wee hours of the morning.

Hedi Slimane Vernissage at Galerie Gmurzynska
Gitti Hug, Dr. Beat Raaflaub, Martin Bölsterli, and Roman Plutschow
Rosario Nadal and Hedi Slimane
Dr. Beat Raaflaub and Antoinette Stern
Fritz and Renate Gerber with Krystyna Gmurzynska
Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso
Archduchesses Ludmilla and Marie-Christine of Habsburg
Count Frederic D'Hautfayt and Margitta Kracht
Isabelle Bcher-Gmurzynska and young revelers
Majo Fulthof Humer and Krystyna Gmurzynska
Marion Picciotto and Michel de Yugoslavie
Clockwise from top left: Afer opening dinner; Alexander Ostrowsky and Raul Suarez; The Bishops Band.
Anne Rufer, Gitti Hug, and Ellen Ringier
Dianne Brill


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