Thank gawd it's Friday
Driving down Seventh Avenue. 8:20 PM.

Last night in New York. Over at the Armory on 67th Street and Park Avenue, there was an opening of the International Fine Art and Antiques Show with a preview benefiting the Society for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  This is one of the premiere social events of the autumn season in New York and its benefactor is one of the most prominent and successful charities in the city with a steller roster of some of the city’s most prominent citizens who are required to work to prove their serious intent. And they do.  

This is the seventeenth year of this Antiques Fair that was started and is still produced by Haughton Fairs International. Both Anna and Brian Haughton, who are British and have businesses in fine arts and antiques  in London have had a hand in the transformation of the now colossal international art and antiques fair business.  We’ll have lots of pictures and lots more information on the show which was sponsored this year by two individuals – also women, and also from out of New York:  Janna Bullock, who is Russian (and lives in Moscow among other places across the globe), and Taryn Rose, the enormously successful women’s and men’s shoe designer and manufacturer.

Ten blocks south, over on the corner of Madison Avenue and Fifty-seventh Street, at Montblanc, they were holding a reception and book party for Sally and Roger Horchow, daughter and father, who have published a book: The Art of Friendship. We had never met father or daughter before. The only thing I knew about them was that Mr. Horchow was a very innovative businessman who started what might have been the first luxury mail order business, The Horchow Collectcion, and turned it into a bonanza. In real life, the Horschows are a very warm and friendly family.  More on that with pictures on Monday’s Diary.

Artist Norman Sunshine in front of one of his "Worlds" paintings from his exhibition now on view at the Neuhoff Gallery in the Fuller Building.
Vera Safai, Janna Bullock, Fernanda Niven, Susan Bodnar Malloy, Jamie Niven, Taryn Rose, and Joanne de Guardiola at the International Fine Art and Antiques Show preview benefiting the Society for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
The Horchow family at Montblanc for a book party for The Art of Friendship.
Alex Kuczynski salutes the plastic surgeon community at her book party for Beauty Junkies at at "21."

From the Horchows I moved on over to “21” where there was a book party for Alex Kuczynski and her already most-talked about book: “Beauty Junkies,” a review, report and confessional about the $15 billion a year cosmetic surgery business.  Mrs. K (who is Mrs. Charles Stevenson in private life) not only reported on it, but went through it. All kinds of things; everything anyone has ever considered in the way of plastic surgery. Well not everything; I’m being hyperbolic. But close. The author is an intrepid reporter and a curious cat.  But more about that on Monday too, and with pictures. 

This past week was very very active in New York, with all kinds of wonderful and stellar events and parties including the opening night of the American Ballet Theatre season, Evelyn Lauder’s Annual Breast Cancer Luncheon, the National Arts Awards with Aretha and Kitty Carlisle, the Mt. Sinai annual fundraiser, artist Norman Sunshine’s exhbition “Worlds” at the Neuhoff Gallery in the Fuller Building, followed by a dinner at Nicole.  More on Monday.


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October 20, 2006, Volume VI, Number 162
Photographs by DPC & Jeff Hirsch/NYSD


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