Christmas/Holiday Cards for all ...
One of the treats of Holiday/Christmas time is the cards. I remember loving them when I was kid, impressed by the elaborate, the religious, the Santas. I had a favorite aunt who was very impressed by the sheer number she received, and there was no doubt in the family, that she received the most. Looking back, I can understand her being impressed.

The fashion of having cards printed with your name was just coming into fashion back then (1950s). Now the fashion is both – printed and signed, and at least one-third of the cards, judging from the number I receive, are photographic.

The early photographic ones back in those days featured the families newest member. Then the entire family looking stiff and dressed for grandmother’s house.

My eye was looking for the clue to the drama which was clearly evident by their almost stony faces. Then it was families – even generations. The photography had gone from near amateur to portrait photographers. People became much more comfortable with the lens, even camera-ready. Then it was the grandchildren, and then the dogs. And now this year, I notice, it’s the whole fam-damily as they say. The dogs, the babies, the grandkids, the generations.

What they all say, however – and I’m going out on a fairly heavy weight bearing limb with this – is the same message that’s been conveyed in my entire lifetime, and it’s not a religious message per se. Or if it is, it’s authenthically non-sectarian – a message of joy, of happiness; a message that might even make you laugh with joy, or the familiarity of family – something that is now often as elusive as personal joy.

So when we share these photo-Holiday cards with you, please bear in mind that most of us, no matter who we are, where we are, how we are, would like to share, share in, and experience that joy. And peace for all. We need it now.


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December 27, 2006, Volume VI, Number 200


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