Walking Tall

A walk signal comes to life.

Michael’s Wednesday lunch. The media boldfacers and the etcetera boldfacers yakking up a storm. Terry Allen Kramer, Tom Brokaw, George Stevens Jr, John Sykes, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Joe Armstrong, Dave Zinczenko, Michael Gross, Sheila Weller, Felicia Taylor, the one and only Atoosa; Neil Sedaka, (did you know that Neil Sedaka wrote three of the ten most played popular songs in the world? Know which ones?); David Hirshey, Judy Price, Peter Price, Richard Rubenstein, Joan Rivers, Bill Sammeth, Fred Graver. At one table Brooke Hayward Duchin, Alex Hitz, Bill Rondina and Tom Fallon were having a birthday luncheon for that ole laughing grouch Peter (“What Becomes A Legend Most”) Rogers.

DPC with Jen Goodkind and Jayne Chase

I was lunching with Jayne Chase and Jen Goodkind who have a radio show every Wednesday morning at 9 on WGCH (1490 on the AM dial) in Greenwich (you can stream it out there in Wichita or Hong Kong) called “The Fashionable Life.”

Chase and Goodkind are typical of the modern American woman of a certain age and sensibility. Wives, mothers, entrepreneurs; workers. Besides their radio show where they interview all kinds of people (including this writer a couple of times), Goodkind has a jewelry retail business in Greenwich and Westport, and Chase (who lives in New Canaan) is fashion for the Cottage & Gardens magazines. 

They spend about three or four of their weekdays in the City with their various enterprises and pursuits.  During Fashion Week which begins February 5th, they’ll be broadcasting from the tents in Bryant Park where all of the major shows are held.

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Last night in New York. Beth DeWoody, a friend and neighbor of mine, gave me a lift over to the apartment of Denise LeFrak and John Colicchio for a book party celebrating Denise’s book “High Rise Low Down” (see Tuesday’s NYSD). LeFrak and Colicchio live in adjoining duplexes in a building put up 81 years ago by Arthur Kobler, publisher of Hearst’s American Weekly (25 million circulation on Sunday). The LeFrak/Colicchio apartments had only two previous tenants in its long history: Herbert Lehman and David Suskind.. Both men whose names are not familiar to many New Yorkers under 40, were both very prominent and influential New Yorkers – Lehman in the financial and philanthropic world and Suskind in television.

It was a book party but also a get together for old friends and neighbors.  Beth DeWoody, for example, ran into women she went to grade school with. That’s when New York becomes the really small town it is to many of us.

The LeFrak living room last night.

I talked to three journalists from the New York Observer Michael Calderone, Tom Acitelli and Max Abelson.  Mr. Calderone covers media, Mr. Acitelli, real estate and Mr. Abelson real estate (and everything around it). The pink sheet weekly Observer, where Graydon Carter once served as E-I-C before moving on to the land of Big Media Bucks over at Conde Nast and VF, was recenty purchased from former Wall Street banker/sculptor and newspaper owner Arthur Carter by a young (25) man named Jared Kushner, whose father made a fortune in New Jersey real estate. Mr. Kushner is 25 and looks like a fresh faced choir boy of sixteen and a half. He paid millions for his share of the paper and so everyone will be watching carefully to see just what youth and mucho moola can do on its own. You can think anything you want and you can also think William Randolph Hearst (the Citizen Kane one). We shall see, said the blind man.

The three collaborators: Eunice David, Denise LeFrak, and Kathryn Livingston

Solange Herter and friend, Armene Milliken, and Mr. Herter

Denise LeFrak and John Colicchio

Eunice and Hal David (Burt Bachrach's lyricist, i.e. "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head")

Beth DeWoody and Karen Glantz

Beth DeWoody and Jane Hershey

Tom Acitelli, Max Abelson, and Michael Calderone of the Observer

Lisa Bytner and Jennifer Diggins

In the kitchen

Geraldine Fabrikant, Bert Manning, and Tim Metz

Kirk Henckels and and the Hardwick Brothers

Bob Hardwick and Tobie Roosevelt

Barbara Cates and friend

Clockwise from top left: A Warhol creation; Allison Kauffman, Denise LeFrak, and Jennifer Diggins (daughters and mom); Denise LeFrak and Felicia Taylor; Eliza Nordeman and Barbara Cates.

I left the Colicchio-LeFrak party for Le Cirque where Casey Ribicoff was giving a little birthday dinner for the aforementioned ole advertising badboy Peter Rogers who celebrated his over-21 birthday dinner with (again) Alex Hitz, Elizabeth Peabody, Adolfo, Helen O’Hagan, this writer, and Liz Smith.

With this crew the conversation hit on Washington, Hollywood, Hillary and even inevitably Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump, but mainly Rosie. Hillary always provokes the same comments ranging from vilification to love and devotion. The consensus about the Donald and Rosie was that it’s all good for publicity. Then they moved on to Rosie who has both admirers and detractors (detractors: loud and vulgar) (admirers: generous, philanthropic, tells it like it is and has made “The View” a must see again). Publicity, publicity, all is vanity.

However, amidst that folderol we were briefly visited by Sarah, the Duchess of York who was dining at a nearby table with Patricia Altschul and party. Possibly of all the boldfaced names you could meet, all the aforementioned today and any day, you won’t meet anyone more Herself than the duchess. Gracious, friendly, neighborly, just folks, humorous, witty and her own person — Fergie as the world refers to her with pleasure and affection.

Casey Ribicoff, Adolfo, and Elizabeth Peabody

Alex Hitz and Helen O'Hagan

L. to r.: Liz Smith, Peter Rogers, and Casey Ribicoff; Michele Herbert, who was dining at a table nearby with her husband Larry and friends.


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January 25, 2007, Volume VII, Number 16


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