Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Breakthroughs and Balls

Tiki Barber, Al Leiter, Laureen Kelley, Les Lieberman, Swizz Beatz, Steve Guttenberg, and Gail Evertz
The Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation (CCBF) hosted its annual “Breakthrough Ball” fundraising gala at the Plaza. The Foundation raised over $1.5 million for treatment and research into the causes of childhood cancers and blood diseases. Proceeds from this benefit will ensure that the CCBF continues its exceptional mission to provide the very best up-to-date treatments for young people, as well as engage in breakthrough research that will hopefully lead to improved care and cures.

Swizz Beatz wrote and produced a soon-to-be-released song entitled “One Day,” an inspirational song dedicated to the children who are being treated for cancer and blood diseases. A very heartwarming video of Beatz’s visit to the clinic, and the time he spent with the children, was shown at the event.

Charles Grodin
once again served as master of ceremonies. Former NFL great Tiki Barber, last year’s honoree and honorary co-chair, returned to award this year’s CCBF Breakthrough Spirit Awards. This year’s honorees were: artist, musician and producer, Swizz Beatz; actor/activist Steve Guttenberg; major league star and Yankee analyst Al Leiter; and Laureen Kelley, founder, Save One Life, Inc.
Simon de Pury and Gail Evertz
Brian and Stacy Hundt, Bob, and Kathie and Kristin Eckert
CCBF Chairman Les Lieberman, Ray Mirra, and Dr. James Bussel
Hunt Slonem, Tara Reddi, and Les Lieberman
Dr. Ward Cunningham-Rundles and Dr. Susanna Cunningham-Rundles
Lauren Iervolino and Patrick Ryan
Jennifer Zaleski and Suzanne Salamon
Peter and Erika Marsh with Les Lieberman
Trish Iervolino, Tiki Barber, and Ron Iervolino
CCBF Doctors James Bussel, Rosandra Kaplan, David Lyden, and Stefano Rivella
Craig Kallman, holding football signed by Tiki Barber
Charles Grodin and Al Leiter
Jerome and Anne Guttenberg, Steve Guttenberg, and friend
Sy Syms, Denise Calicchio, and Lynn Syms
Suzanne and Jonathan Davis
This past Sunday afternoon Peggy Siegal gathered together a large gang of pals for a casual pre-Thanksgiving Brunch at the new Oak Room at the Plaza. Along with the buffet there were plenty of screens for fans to watch the Jets defeat the previously undefeated Tennessee Titans.
Annabelle Selldorf and Martha Stewart
Ian and Mary Snow
Besides Peggy, the rest of the girls hosting were: Sara Ayres, Tory Burch, Marisa Brown, Susan Hess, Suzanne Ircha, Renee Rockefeller, Jill Fairchild, Danielle Ganek, Marjorie Gubelmann, Perri Peltz, Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn, Christine Schwarzman, Vera Wang, Vicky Ward and Linda Wells.
Lilly McCuddy and Katie Clark
Robert Wiesenthal, Lisa Anastos, Felicia Taylor, and friend
Alexia Hamm Ryan and Mary Snow
Carol McFadden, Piers Moreton, and Georgia Moreton
Bonnie Englebardt and Peggy Siegal
Katie Lee Joel and friend
Lauren Allaham, Martha Stewart, Joey Allaham, Annabelle Selldorf,and Peggy Siegal
Celerie Kemble and Boykin Curry
Christine Schwarzman and son
Senator Frank Lautenberg and Bonnie Englebardt
Bill McCuddy and Ken Clark
Helen Schifter and Marcia Mishaan
Steve Schwarzman and Gov. John Corzine
Brooke and Dan Neidich
Alex Hitz and friend
Dennis Paul and son
Joanna Jordan and Holly Millea
Lisa Jackson and Tory Burch
Marina Rust and Tory Burch
Paul Schneider, Arthur Becker, and Vera Wang
Linda Karas and Vicki Mabrey
Victor Neufeld and John Stossel
At the 11th annual Samuel Waxman Foundation Benefit, “Collaborating for a Cure,” Honorary Chair Chevy Chase opened the live auction with a chance to bid on an evening with him and wife, Jayni, at the Waverly Inn, which sold for $20,000.

Auctioneer Hugh Hildesley of Sotheby’s proved guests of the benefit were in the spirit of giving when he enticed six people to donate $50,000 to the foundation without an auction item even in the bidding.
Donald Fagen of Steely Dan
A total of $4 million was raised at the benefit, with $1.2 million from the live auction. Steely Dan & the Lost Trailers closed the evening with an over the top concert at the benefit. Guests included Dr. Samuel and Marion Waxman, Michael and Ellin Nierenberg, Tamara Tunie of Law & Order: SVU, jazz singer Gregory Generet, CANCER101 founder Monica Knoll and Joey Kramer, drummer for Aerosmith.
Joey Kramer and Linda Pappan
Jayni Chase and Nancy Jarecki
Ed Solan and Robin Lathrop
Ali Pearl and Mark Buen
Dan Krysa and Caleigh Chase
Tamara Tunie and Gregory Generet
Samuel Waxman and Chevy Chase
Kristen Fizulich and Kelly Debusschere
Dennis Herman, Linda Herman, and Gary Jacob
Gray Smith and Mignonne Gavigan
Didi Lacher
Marion Waxman and Michael Nierenberg
Monica Knoll founder of CANCER101

Photographs by (Oak Room & Brunch)

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