Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stated objectives

Brett Johnson, Stephanie Harcrow, Meredith Stebbins, Joost Gieskes, Lauren Bush, Eliott Merck, and Grant Johnson at FEED's Annual Holiday FEED-Raiser & Market at the Chelsea Art Museum.
FEED's Annual Holiday FEED-Raiser & Market at the Chelsea Art Museum this past Tuesday night got a big turnout. FEED Projects goal is to reach hungry children through the sales of their FEED bags. The bags raise much-needed funds for WFP school-feeding operations and awareness of the problem of child hunger. The goal of FEED Projects is to market and sell as many FEED bags as possible and to FEED and educate the world's 400 million hungry children.
Alexandra Seegers and Sharon Bush
Dylan Lauren, David Lauren, and Lauren Bush
Christina Marchitto and Maureen Lynch
Ellen Gustafson, Lauren Bush, Eugene-Richard Gasana, Francine LeFrak, and Nicole Sexton
Becca Marcus, Andy Frankenberger, and Nicole Gabona
Alan Pinto and Jessica Ausieo
Bob Gustafson, Laura Gustafson, Christine Meloro, and Pete Meloro
Denise Hilty, Bridget Bailey, Tom Mendes, and Francine LeFrak
Brad Tucker and Samantha Cohen
David Kiftner, Melissa Rosenberg, and Bradford Rand
Matthew Margolin and Ari Ackerman
B.J. Carter and Nick Lipkin
Ellen Gustafson, Dylan Lauren, Lauren Bush, and Sharon Bush
Nicole Sexton and Catherine Shimony
Lindsay and Matthew Harrison
Diane Saltzman and Alexandra Weininger
Alyson Wise
Kimberly Mimnaugh and Hunter Palmer
Reed Hague and Indre Rockefeller
Terry Satchi and Alixandra Mathiros
Lauren Bush, Ellen Gustafson, Eugene-Richard Gasana, and Francine LeFrak
John Forte
Nicholas Kalikow, Colette Karnovsky, Sarah Siciliano, and Todd Lowen
Catherine Shimony and Linda Barnett
Stephanie Harcrow, Henry Hargraves, Joost Gieskes, and Meredith Stebbins
Sara Ann Johnson, Alexandra Seegers, Sharon Bush, and Jennifer Bawden
Kelly Poston and Nicole Gabona
Robin Abram and Michelle Olson
Jackie Shafiroff, Jean Shafiroff, and Sharon Bush
Shruti Ganguly and Marisa Renee Lee
Photographs by Patrick McMullan

A few weeks ago, The Alpha Workshops’ fourth annual Masquerade Ball took place at The New York Design Center in New York City.

Presented by Jim Druckman, President of The New York Design Center and Kenneth Wampler, Executive Director of The Alpha Workshops, this annual fundraising event brought together members of the design community showcasing their creativity in their costumes! From historical New York City monuments to the Marx Brothers, Fred Astaire and Judy Garland to light fixtures and cheerleaders, everyone got into the Halloween spirit and enjoyed what is now becoming a yearly anticipated event for Alpha.
Christine Keller, Richard Frazier, Michael Tavano, Laura Kirar, and Lloyd Marks
Amy Lau Design
Craig Hoeksema, Marcus Hutcheson, Gerry Le Francois, and Dennis Miller
Tony Manning and guests
Lisa Jasper, Joshua Schoenfelder, Alex Kirckman, and Nicole Janok
Leah Blank, Jim Druckman, Alix Lerman, and Alana Moskowitz
House Beautiful staff
The Alpha Workshops is the only not-for-profit organization in the country that trains and employs people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts. We are an industry pioneer ever since our founding in 1995, both in developing a unique training curriculum and in creating a flexible, supportive workplace responsive to the medical, financial and emotional needs of people living with a chronic illness. Alpha Workshops runs a highly regarded design studio, staffed completely by our trainees and graduates, and is well-known for our handcrafted wallpapers, on-site custom painting, decorative finishes, gilding and handcast lamps.
Dennis Rolland and Janice Langrall
Jayne Michaels, Kate Korten, and Joan Michaels
Harold Spitzer
Julia Noran and Sophia Donelson
Bradley Stephens
Ken Wampler
Jason Kontos, New York Spaces, and Todd Moore
Paul Phillips, Guy Clark, and Harrison Morgan
Pierre Frey and Tori Mellott
Photographs by Patrick McMullan & Paul Fittipaldi.

Literacy Partners, the organization that has helped thousands of New Yorkers learn the basic reading, writing and math skills through their literacy programs, is holding an “Intimate Luncheon Series to Benefit Literacy Partners.” They’re interesting fundraisers for the literate and never-bored-but-curious.

The first one was held last with a discussion between Jon Meacham, Editor of Newsweek and author of Franklin and Winston, and his newest, Pulitzer Prize winning American Lion, and CBS’s Emmy award winning journalist, Lesley Stahl. The next one will be on January 27th with Jeanette Walls and Liz Smith, and the last will be held on March 23rd with Elizabeth Stout, Pulitzer Prize winning author and a Surprise Guest.

The luncheons are held at The Ballroom on 122 East 66th Street. For information called 646-237-0105 or visit their web site at
Jon Meacham and Lesley Stahl
Ellen Arthur and Molly Helfet Jacqueline Weld Drake and Peggy Siegal
Lauren Banyar Reich and Susan McLean with staff
Alan Katz and Mark Jackson Norma Perlov
Kay Burley, Katherine Raymond, and Rosemarie Lieberman
Carol Van Wyck and friends
Susan McLean and Edwidge Thomas Peter Brown and Parker Ladd
Les Hinton, Mark Jackson, and friend
Rosemarie Lieberman, Kay Burley, and Katherine Raymond
We’re a few weeks late on this but it’s important. Last month one night down at the Chelsea Piers Project Morry held its 13th annual Autumn Elegance Gala. This year they honored Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Project Morry is an organization. Their stated objective is simple: “Project Morry is a nonprofit, year round youth development organization anchored by a residential summer camp with an educational focus.” They are dedicated to giving inner-city children enriching learning opprotunities.

Gala co-chairs were Ellen Kisner and Michelle Coleman.
Executive Director Dawn Ewing with Morry Award Honoree and Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and daughter Elizabeth Gates
Event Co-Chairs Michelle Coleman and Ellen Kisner
Board President Pamela Heller and husband Erik Hartog
Tom Coleman (left) and Project Morry board member, David Heller (far right) and friends
Emily and Tony Stein, Shelley and David Tager, and Mark and Laura Newfield
Board member Marcus Ticotin and wife Rebecca Lawson
John Spohler and friend
Event committee member Michael Angelo and program coordinator Holly Stein
Past board president William Cooper and mother Joan Cooper
Board member Sherrish Holloman
Board member Evan Jacobs and wife Liz Kaplow
Steve Schainman and Dan Zenkel
Andy Pritikin and Brandi Carnivale
Henry, Aimee, Eve, and Jeffrey and Johanna Skier
Mike and Judy Musiker
U.S. Soccer Olympiad Sara Whalen Hess and husband Jon Hess
Dara O'Hara and friends
Dr. Michael Fisher and wife Davina
Rita Kestenbaum, board member Laurence Glickman, and Erica Lazarow



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