Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings from NYSD

This is Mr. Oliver Dawg Hirsch, a former resident of the Animal Rescue Fund of East Hampton, adopted by JH the same year we started the NYSD at one of ARF's summer functions. Oliver is said to have had three homes in a very short time before he came upon JH with whom he has the right synergy. Oliver is his own dog and marches to no drummer but his own. He's a character, and a sweetie and singularly independent. And when he looks at you with those big brown eyes, he can look right through you. Because he looks, and he notices, and doesn't miss much. He loves snow too.
Merry Merry Happy Happy. It all gets started today and more and more into the evening, into the lives of millions and millions. Dancing reindeers, sugarplum fairies, children laughing and caroleers carolings. That is what the Christmas spirit is about. It is also a time to think about others.

Like the great Oliver Dawg, there are many dogs and cats who are in need of loving home These two furry creatures were rescued by the Lange Foundation on 2106 South Sepulveda in LA, (310) 472-7727.

Little Cleo was turned in at the East Valley animal shelter for reasons unspecified. On Cleo’s fifth day at the shelter, just hours before she would have been euthanized, she was rescued by the Lange Foundation “just in time” with the help of Paige Rense’s Gift of Life to the Lange Foundation, which was founded sixteen years ago in Los Angeles by Gillian Lange. Ms. Lange’s two foundations (the Amanda Foundation is the other) have rescued and placed 20,000 dogs and cats since their founding.
Little Max was turned in (the term they use in the animal shelter business is “surrendered”) by his owners after NINE YEARS. That’s a long life for a dog. The equivalent of more than 60 in human years. Imagine at that age being “surrendered” to nowhere and nothing. Furthermore many people who want pets are not interested in older animals, be they cats or dogs. They do not realize that the older critters are wonderful pets, almost always well-trained, and grateful too. They are wiser than most of us, for they have to be, in order to survive the vagaries of the human society. And they know how to love, something a lot of us humanoids are deficient in. The little ones can be very helpful to us in developing that ability. The rewards are infinite for all and everyone.

I learned about the Lange Foundation a few years ago through Paige Rense, the editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest, who at this time of the year gives a number of Gifts of Life to the Lange in the name of various individuals such as myself. In the past couple of years, Penny Bianchi of Montecito who learned of the Lange through NYSD, became a donor and introduced Oprah to the organization. Oprah, who as everyone knows, is an animal lover, has subsequently shared her largesse with the Lange in helping our furry friends. You can help too. You can adopt and you can also contribute. Bring unconditional love into your life, rescue and adopt.

Visit their site:

Welcome to our annual New Year’s Eve Diary
which is, as you can see, a look at some of the holidays greetings we received this year from friends and readers. Some of these families have been sharing their greetings with us for many years, and so we have seen the progress of many from infancy to youth to adulthood, always an affirmation of the miracle of life. You can see many also have acquired four legged housemates and family members. There are moments at this time when for many all is joy and all is laughter. These greetings affirm that for us.

Here at NYSD, we wish us all a merry merry happy happy holiday time, with Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward All Men (and their devoted furry friends).
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