Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Washington Social Diary

Table setting at a supper party held Inauguration Eve at the Fairfax Hotel hosted by Buffy and Bill Cafritz, Phyllis George, Robert and Kelly Day, and Ann and Vernon Jordan.
By Carol Joynt

There were a thousand parties in Washington
during the four-day celebration of the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Each had its reason, its draw, its crowd, its list of the known and unknown. Here is the list of individuals invited to the supper party held Inauguration Eve at the Fairfax Hotel. The hosts were long-time Washington hostess Buffy Cafritz and her husband, Bill; former Kentucky First Lady and Miss America, Phyllis George, California oil billionaire Robert Day and his wife, Kelly; and a Washington couple connected like few others, Ann and Vernon Jordan.

It serves as a snapshot of the Washington A-list at the dawn of the Obama Administration. The most meaningful A-list will be established when the President and Mrs. Obama host their first State Dinner. Stay tuned.
Mike Barnicle Esther Coopersmith, Vernon Jordan, Secretary of State designate Hillary Clinton, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Doris Kearns Goodwin listens to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Rita Braver and Bob Barnett

Adler, Mr. David   Burt, Hon. Richard and Ms. Susan Hurley He-US Amb. To Germany, President Reagan
Adler, Ms. Page   Burt, Ms. Gahl Hodges She - White House Social Secretary, President Reagan
Allbritton, Mr. and Mrs. Joe   Burton, Mr. Bill and Ms. Laura Burton Capps Deputy Press Secretary-President-elect Obama
Al-Sabah, H.E. Amb. of The State of Kuwait, Sheikh Salim Abdullah Al-Jabar and Mrs. Al-Sabah   Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight  

Altman, Mr. Roger and Ms. Jurate Kazickas
  Cafritz, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin (Jane)  
Armstrong, Mr. Joe   Cafritz, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad (Ludmilla)  
Arsht, Ms. Adrienne and Guest   Cafritz, Ms. Peggy Cooper and Guest  
Austin, Ms. Patti (w/ Mr. Joe Robert)   Campion, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Heather)
He-President, Dewey Square Group
Axelrod, Mr. and Mrs. David (TENTATIVE) Senior Advisor to President-elect Obama
Bagley, Ms. Nancy and Mr. Soroush Shahebi
Capps, Rep. Lois (D-CA)  
Bagley, The Honorable Elizabeth F. and Mr. Smith Bagley   Carlson, Ms. Margaret
Senior Political Columnist, Bloomberg News
Barco Isakson, H.E. Amb. of The Republic of Colombia, Maria Carolina   Carter, Ms. Lynda and Mr. Robert Altman  
Barnes, Hon.and Mrs. Ben (Melody) Former Lt. Gov. of Texas Castellaneta, H.E. Amb. of Italy, Giovanni and Mrs. Castellaneta  
Bayh, Sen. and Mrs. Evan (D-IN)   Chenault, Mr. and Mrs. Ken
Chairman and CEO, American Express Company
Beals, Ms. Jennifer   Chertoff, Sec. of Homeland Security and Mrs. Chertoff
Bennett, Hon. and Mrs. Willliam (Elayne)   Chipman, Ms. Jan
Bernstein, Hon. and Mrs. Stuart A.   Cho, Ms. Susan  
Bernstein, Mr. and Mrs. Carl   Clinton, Hon. Hilary Rodham
Sec. of State designate
Bernstein, Mr. and Mrs. Tom (Andi) Co-Founder, Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex Cochran, Mr. and Mrs. John J. (Barbara)  
Beschloss, Mr. and Mrs. Michael R.   Colacello, Mr. Robert  
Beshear, Governor of Kentucky and Mrs. Steve Beshear   Coleman, Jr., Hon. and Mrs. William T. (Lovida)
Blackwell, Ms. Harolyn and Mr. Peter Greer
She - Opera Singer...born in WDC Coleman, Mr. John
Desiree Rogers Former White House resident Lynda Johnson Robb George Stevens, Jr., who produced the Inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial
Rima Al-Sabah and Jane Stanton Hitchcock Ned Brown and Patrick Gavin of Politico

Bloomberg, Hon. The Mayor of New York City, Michael R. and Ms. Diana Taylor   Coleman, Ms. Virginia and Mr. Peter Duchin  
Blunt, Rep. and Mrs. Roy (R-MO) (Abigail)   Collicchio, Mr. Tom (w/ M/M Mary Haft)
Judge, Top Chef
Bond, Sen. and Mrs. Christopher S. "Kit" (R-MO)   Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Tim (Andrea)
Founder and CEO, Ripplewood Industries
Booker, Ms. Johnnie and S. Courtney Booker, III (son) Global Director, Supplier Diversity, The Coca Cola Company Collins, Ms. Nancy  
Bradlee, Mr. Benjamin C. and Ms. Sally Quinn   Coopersmith, Mrs. Jack (Esther) and Guest  
Bradlee, Mr. Quinn   Couric, Ms. Katie (Tentative)  
Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. David (Katherine) He-Chairman, The Atlantic Media Company Cutter, Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Erik Smith
She, Transition Spokesperson
Braver, Ms. Rita and Mr. Robert B. Barnett She-National Correspondent, CBS News Daley, Hon. William and Ms. Bernadette Keller
Transition - Advisory Board Member and Inauguration Co-Chair; Chairman of the Midwest Region, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Brewer, Mr. Michael F. and Ms. Janet H. Brown President, Brewer Consulting Group, Inc. Daly, III, Mr. and Mrs. Leo A.
Breyer, Hon. Chuck and Ms. Sydney Goldstein   Daly, Ms. Nancy
former spouse of former Mayor Reardon, LA
Breyer, Justice Stephen G. and Dr. Joanna Breyer   Davenport, Mr. Ronald R., Sr. and Dr. Judith M. Davenport
Chairman, Sheridan Broadcasting
Brinker, The Chief of Protocol, Nancy and Dr. Eric Motley   Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P.  
Broad, Mr. and Mrs. Eli   de Borchgrave, Mr. and Mrs. Arnaud
Editor at Large, The Washington Times
Brokaw, Mr. and Mrs. Tom   Deaver, Mrs. Michael (Carolyn)  
Brown, Mr. Lincoln and Guest
Phyllis George son DiNapoli, Mr. Thomas P. and Mr. Joseph Galante
Mr. DiNapoli: Comptroller of The State of New York
Brown, Ms. Pamela and Guest
Phyllis George daughter Dingell, Rep. and Mrs. John D. (D-MI) Rep.
Brown, Ms. Tina and Sir Harold Evans   Donaldson, Mr. Sam and Ms. Jan Smith
Washington Correspondent, ABC News
Buckley, Mr. Christopher and Ms. Sydney Ferguson
Editor, ForbesLife Downes, Ms. Amanda and Mr. Charles Mathias
She-Social Secretary, The British Embassy
Buffet, Ms. Susie   Dozoretz, Dr. Ronald I.  
Burnough, Mr. Ebs and Ms. Margo Lion Political Director-Michelle Obama Drew, Ms. Elizabeth  
Burns, Ms. Ursula and Mr. Lloyd Bean
She, President, Xerox Corp. Duberstein, Hon. and Mrs. Kenneth M.  
Nancy Collins The band
Conrad and Ludmilla Cafritz Elaine Wolfensohn (left) and Sally Quinn

Dupri, Mr. Jermaine (w/ Mr. Joe Robert)   Ginsburg, Mrs. Ina and Mr. Shayne Doty  
Edwards, Rep. Donna F. (D-MD) and Mr. Nelson Jones   Glicken, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (Barbara)
Chairman and CEO, The Americas Company
Ein, Mr. Mark
  Goldfield, Mr. H.P. and Ms. Kristin Mannion  
Ernst, Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo   Graham, Mr. Donald E.
Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
Farias, Mr. George L.
President and Chief Executive Officer, International Finance Holdings Corporation Graham, Ms. Mary and Ms. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot  
Farouki, Mr. and Mrs. A. Huda   Graves, Ms. Denyce and Mr. Robert Montgomery  
Franks, Mr. Martin D. and Ms. Sherry McCaffrey
Senior Vice President, CBS Inc., President, CBS Foundation Gray, Hon. C. Boyden  
Fraser, Hon. Paul and Dr. Tina Alster   Greenfield, Mr. Jeff and Ms. Lisa Shields
Senior Political Analyst, CBS News
Free, Mr. and Mrs. James C.   Greenspan, Hon. Alan and Ms. Andrea Mitchell  
Fujisaki, H.E. Amb. of Japan, Ichiro and Mrs. Fujisaki   Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. David (TENTATIVE)
Moderator, Meet The Press
Geithner, Miss Elise (Daughter)   Guggenheim, Mr. Davis and Ms. Elisabeth Shue  
Geithner, Mr. Timothy F. and Ms. Carole Sonnenfeld Geithner
Secretary of Treasury designate Haddad, Ms. Tammy and Mr. Ted Greenburg
Gergen, Hon. and Mrs. David R.   Haft, Mr. and Mrs. Robert  
Giffin, Hon. Gordon D.
Former Amb. To Canada-President Clinton Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot S.
Gildenhorn, Hon. and Mrs. Joseph B.   Hall, Ms. Tiffany (Daughter)  
Sisters Ali Wentworth Stephanopoulos and Sissy Wentworth Yates Robert Higdon and David Deckelbaum
Cindy Adams with Hillary Clinton, and Vernon Jordan in the background. Esther Coopersmith and Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Hamlisch, Mr. Marvin and Ms. Terre Blair Hamlisch   Holdren, Mr. and Mrs. John (Cheri) (w/ Mary Graham)
White House Science Advisor
Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. Herbie (Gigi)
  Horyn, Ms. Cathy
Fashion Critic, NY Times
Hand, Hon. and Mrs. Lloyd N.   Hunter-Gault, Ms. Charlayne and Mr. Ronald Gault  
Harman, Rep. Jane (D-CA) and Dr. Sidney Harman   Ifill, Ms. Gwen  
Harris, Deputy Mayor Patricia E. (w/ Mayor Bloomberg)
First Deputy Mayor of New York
  Indyk, Mr. Martin
The Brookings Institution, former Amb. To Israel, President Clinton
Hefner, Ms. Christie and Mr. Billy Marovitz   Isham, Mr. Christopher and Ms. Jennifer Maguire
He-CBS, Washington Bureau Chief--She, Tribeca Film Festival
Helms, Mrs. Richard (Cynthia)   Jarrett, Ms. Valerie
Transition Co-Chair and White House Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison Designate
Henderson, Ms. Helen Lee   Johnson, III, Hon. and Mrs. Clay  
Higdon, Jr., Mr. Robert M. and Mr. David Deckelbaum   Johnson, Mr. James A.
Chairman and CEO, Perseus, LLC
R. Higdon, Director of Finance, Director of Finance, The Prince of Wales Foundation Johnson, Mr. Robert L. and Guest
Chairman and CEO, The RLJ Companies
Hoagland, Mr. Jim and Ms. Jane Hitchcock
Editor and Chief Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post Johnson, Ms. Luci Baines and Mr. Ian J. Turpin  
Holbrooke, Mr. Richard and Ms. Kati Marton   Kahn, Mr. Michael and Mr. Charles Mitchem
Artistic Director, The Shakespeare Theatre
The room before the crowd Lynda and Chuck Robb

Kay, Ms. Katty and Mr. Tom Carver
Correspondent, Washington Bureau, BBC Lehrman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert  
Kennard, Hon. William and Ms. Deborah Kennedy
Managing Director, The Carlyle Group; Key policy expert for President-elect Obama Leland, Hon and Mrs. Marc E. (Jacqueline)
King, Mr. Larry and Ms. Wendy Walker
She - Executive Producer, Larry King Live Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Carol)
Lazard Freres
Kohler, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert V.
Chairman and President, The Kohler Company Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. H. Finlay  
Korologos, Hon. Ann   Lintu, H.E. Amb. of Finland, Pekka and Mrs. Laurel Colless  
Kovler, Mr. and Mrs. Peter B.   Lynton, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Jamie)
Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures
Kraft, Ms. Polly   Ma, Mr. Nicholas (Son)  
Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Orin S.
  Ma, Mr. Yo-Yo and Ms. Jill Hornor  
Kriegel, Mr. Jay and Ms. Kathryn McAuliffe   Ma, Ms. Emily (Daughter)
Langdon, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James C.
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, L.L.P. Malek, Hon. and Mrs. Frederic V.  
Lauder, Hon. and Mrs. Ronald S.   Manilow, Mr. and Mrs. Louis (Susan) (TENTATIVE)  
Lehrer, Mr. and Mrs. James C. (Kate)
  Marchant, Ms. Ann Walker  
U.S. Ambassador to Barbados Mary Ourisman and Mandy Ourisman Bill and Buffy Cafritz with Ann and Vernon Jordan.
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Tom Oliphant, and Polly Kraft Buffy Cafritz, Secretary of State Designate Senator Hillary Clinton, and Ann Jordan

Marshall, Hon. Capricia P. and Dr. Robert Marshall   Moe, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Director, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Masri, Mr. and Mrs. Hani (Cheryl)   Moreno, Hon. Luis Alberto President, Inter-American Development Bank
Mastroianni, Ms. Joanna and Mr. Gideon Lewin   Moss, Ms. Melissa and Mr. Jonathan Silver  
Mathias, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.   Moss, Rev. and Mrs. Otis (Edwina)
Paster Emeritus Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, and Opening National Prayer Service on Wednesday
Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher (Kathleen)   Nappier, Ms. Denise and Mr. Connie Nappier III
Connecticut State Treasurer
McElveen-Hunter, Ms. Bonnie
She - Chairman of the American Red Cross Neely, Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Ken Brooks
Treasurer, City of Chicago
McGarr, Mr. and Mrs. Cappy President, McGarr Capital Holdings, LLC Nesbitt, Mr. Marty (w/ Valerie Jarrett)  
McGuire, Mr. Raymond and Ms. Crystal McCrary Anthony Co-head; Global Banking, Citigroup
Niles, Dr. and Mrs. Mark
McLarty, III, Hon. and Mrs. Thomas F.   Nitze, Hon. and Mrs. William (Ann)  
Mehlman, Mr. Kenneth and Ms. Angela Flood
KKR, Former RNC Chair Nitze, Mr. Paul and Ms. Anna Soelner  
Miller, Mr. Bennett (w/ D. von Furstenberg)
Director, "Capote" Noonan, Ms. Peggy The Wall Street Journal
Brian Williams, Allison Williams, and Jane Williams  Colombian Ambassador Maria Carolina Barco Isakson, Inter-American Bank President Alberto Moreno, and Italian Ambassador Giovanni Castelleneta
Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, Hanori Fujisaki, Meryl Chertoff, and Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff George Stephanopoulis and Alexandra Wentworth

Noor, Her Majesty Queen
  Portman, Ms. Natalie and Mr. Damian Williams (w/ M/M Tim Collins)  

Norman, Miss Jessye
  Powell, Hon. and Mrs. Earl, III
Director, The National Gallery of Art
Norris, and Mrs. John (Jackie)
She-Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama
Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama
Rafshoon, Hon. and Mrs. Gerald  
Nuschese, Mr. Franco and Ms. Tania Paiva
  Raines, Hon. Frank and Ms. Denise Grant  
Oliphant, Mr. Tom and Ms. Susan Spencer
Correspondent, 48 Hours Mystery Raines, Ms. Wendy  
Orth, Ms Maureen and Ms. Christina Orth
Contributing Editor, Vanity Affair Rakieten, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Ellen) (w/ G. Stephanopoulos and A. Wentworth)
Executive Producer, "Oprah"
Ourisman, The American Ambassador to Barbados and Mr. Mandell Ourisman   Rayner, Mr. and Mrs. William  
Payton, Mr. John and Ms. Gay McDougall He-President, NAACP Legal Defense Fund Reuben, Ms. Gloria

Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Perseus, LLC Rice, Ms. Linda Johnson and Ms. Alexa Rice
Linda Rice, Chairman and CEO, Johnson Publishing Company
Perlman, Mr. and Mrs. Itzhak (Toby)
  Robb, The Hon. and Mrs. Charles S.  
Phillips, Mr. John and Ms. Linda Douglass
She - PIC Spokesperson Robert, Jr., Mr. Joseph E. and Ms. Ashley Taylor
Chairman and CEO, J.E. Robert Companies, Inc.
Pincus, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Intelligence Reporter, The Washington Post Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Janice)
(Ann Jordan daughter)
Gerald Rafshoon and Tom Brokaw Jessye Norman and Harolyn Blackwell
Robert Altman, Florence Sloan, and Harry Sloan Katherine Bradley and Capricia Marshall

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Steven V. (Cokie)
She - Contributing Editor, USA Weekend Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Herman J., Sr. (Sylvia)
CEO, H.J. Russell & Co.
Robinson, Ms. Anne and Guest   Russert, Mr. Luke (w/ Ms. Maureen Orth)  
Rodriguez, Ms. Argelia
Exec. Dir., D.C. College Access Program Sant, Mr. and Mrs. Roger W.  
Rogers, Mr. John and Guest
Inauguration Co-Chair; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ariel Capital Management, Inc. Scharioth , H.E. The Amb. of Germany, Klaus and Dr. Scarioth  
Rogers, Ms. Desiree
White House Social Secretary-President elect and Mrs. Obama Schmoke, Hon. and Mrs. Kurt
Dean, Howard University School of Law
Roker, Mr. Al and Ms. Deborah Roberts
The Today Show Schneider, Ms. Pauline and Ms. Diane Camper  
Romano, Ms. Lois and Hon. Sven Holmes
  Schott, Mr. and Mrs. Nash Whitney (Aniko Gaal)  
Rose, Mr. Charlie   Shapiro, Ms. Rita and Mr. Edward Maclary Executive Director, National Symphony Orchestra
Rosen, Ms. Hilary (Tentative)   Sheekey, Deputy Mayor Kevin (w/ Mayor Bloomberg)
Deputy Mayor of NYC for Government Relations
Rubenstein, Mr. and Mrs. David   Sheinwald, H.E. The British Ambassador, Sir Nigel and Lady Sheinwald  
Rubin, Hon. Nancy and Mr. Miles Rubin   Shipman, Ms. Claire and Mr. Jay Carney
She, Corres. Good Morning America; He-Asst. to Vice President-elect Joe Biden, and Director of Communications
Rubin, Mr. Jon Son of Miles and Nancy Rubin Shuman, Mr. Stan
Managing Director, Allen & Co.
Pat and Michael York Dr. Joel Kassimir, Robin Kassimir, Phyllis George, Bill Cafritz, and Red Cross Chair Bonnie McElveen Hunter
William Webster, Buffy Cafritz, and Secretary of State Designate Senator Hillary Clinton Marvin Hamlisch and Itzhak Perlman

Silver, Mr. Adam (w/Ron Silver)   Summers, Hon. Lawrence H. Summers and Ms. Elisa New
Director, White House National Economic Council
Silver, Mr. Ron   Swygert, Mr. H. Patrick and Guest
President, Howard University
Silver, Ms. Alexandra (w/Ron Silver)   Talley, Mr. Andre Leon (w/ D. von Furstenberg)  
Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Allison)
Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Tchen, Ms. Christina "Tina"
Director, Public Liaison, President-elect Obama
Temple, Mr. Riley K.
Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (Florence) (w/ M/M Frederic Malek)
Chairman and CEO, MGM Tobin, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice  
Smith, Ms. Sally Bedell and Mr. Stephen Smith
  Tolbert, Ms. Carolyn (w/ Mayor Bloomberg)
Soros, Mr. George   Tolbert, Ms. Freida (w/ Mayor Bloomberg)  
Steinberg, Mr. and Mrs. James (Shere)
Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy Studies, The Brookings Institution Townsend, Ms. Kathleen Kennedy and Guest  
Stephanopoulos, Mr. George and Ms. Alexandra Wentworth   Valenti, Mrs. Jack  
Stevens, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George C.   Varney, Hon. Christine and Mr. Thomas Graham
Transition - Personnel Counsel
Transition - Personnel Counsel
Stevens, Mr. Michael and Ms. Ali Gifford
Producer, Lincoln Memorial Concert Varney, Mr. Carleton and Mr. Brinsley Matthews  
Stevens, Mrs. Ted (Catherine) RMM, Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Verveer, Hon. Melanne and Mr. Philip Verveer
Chairman, Vital Voices
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis (Stacey Davis)
She-President, Fannie Mae Foundation Vimont, H.E. Amb. of France, Pierre Nicolas  
Stock, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart (Ann)   von Furstenberg, Ms. Diane  
Stonesifer, Ms. Patty and Mr. Michael Kinsley   Walcott, Deputy Mayor Dennis M. (w/ Mayor Bloomberg)
Deputy Mayor of NY for Policy
Stroud, Mrs. Franklin L. and Mr. Andrew Stroud   Walcott, Ms. Dennise (w/ Mayor Bloomberg)  
Nicholas Ma, Yo-Yo Ma, Emily Ma, and Jessica Beals Jamie Alter and Natalie Portman
Valerie Jarrett and former President Bill Clinton Christopher Buckley, Bob Woodward, and former President Bill Clinton

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. George H.
(Ann Jordan sister)
  Wilkes, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
(Buffy Cafritz son)
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. O. Mallory (Diana)
  Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Brian (Jane)
NBC Anchor
Anchor and Managing Editor, The News with BW
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. William M. "Willy" (Sheila)   Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Juan (TENTATIVE)
Senior Correspondent, NPR
Warner, Ms. Margaret G.
Senior Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Wilson, H.E. The Ambassador of Canada and Mrs. Michael Wilson  
Warner, Sen-elect Mark and Ms. Lisa Collis (TENTATIVE)   Wise, Mr. Damon (w/ M/M Mary Haft)
Executive Chef, Craft Restaurants
Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin (Debbie)
President, Xerox Canada Wolfensohn, Hon. and Mrs. James D.  
Wasserman, Ms. Lynne and Mr. Michael Powell   Woodruff, Ms. Judy and Mr. Al Hunt
Senior Correspondent, The NewHour with Jim Lehrer, Public Broadcastiing Service
Webster, Hon. William H.   Woodward, Mr. Robert U. and Ms. Elsa Walsh
Wellner, Mr. Karl and Ms. Deborah Norville   York, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Pat)  
Welters, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony   Zients, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff (Mary)
West, Hon. and Mrs. Togo
Director, Government Relations, Armstrong World Industries, Inc. The Zients Family Foundation
Westin, Mr. and Mrs. David (Sherrie)
President, ABC News Zinterhofer, Mr. and Mrs. Eric (Aerin Lauder)
Westly, Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Anita) (w/ M/M Frank Pearl)
Former California Comptroller, President-elect Obama Finance Committee Zuckerman, Mr. Mortimer B. (w/ Mr. Rick Stengel)
Chairman & Editor in Chief, U.S. News & World Report
Weymouth, Mrs. Elizabeth G. and Mr. Ned Brown
  Genachowski, Mr. Julius and Ms. Rachel Goslins (PENDING)  
Weymouth, Ms. Katharine
Chief Executive Officer and Publisher, Washington Post Media Landrieu, Sen. Mary (D-LA) and Mr. Frank Snellings (PROBABLY REGRET)  
Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Tom
He-Transition:Science, Tech/Space & Arts Agencies Powell, Hon. and Mrs. Colin L. (MAY STOP BY)  
Whitaker, Dr. Eric (w/ Valerie Jarrett)   Talbott, Hon. Strobe and Ms. Brooke Shearer (PENDING)
he-Head of Brookings Institute

In a city swarming with parties
it was difficult to pick and choose what to go to and when, but an unqualified must was the Sunday evening cocktail and supper reception at the Embassy of Kuwait.

It was in effect the launch of the social swim of the inaugural celebration.
Ken Duberstein, Jackie Duberstein, Marvin Hamlisch, Rima Al-Sabah, and Ambassador Salem Al-Sabah
Ambassador Salem Al-Sabah and his wife, Rima, entertain frequently and well and are particularly popular with the city’s political and social establishment.

The bar is good, the food – an array of Western and Middle Eastern standards - is good, and on the way out they have bowls of incredibly tasty chocolates.
Eric Zinterhofer and Aerin Lauder Bo Derek and Colin Powell
Sunday night’s guest list was heavy on familiar faces, but you can bet their next party will show a roster of the new crowd. Sunday night at least it was possible to be in the same room with outgoing Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson and incoming National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones.

The best Washington parties mix it up that way.
Diana Negroponte, Gen. James Jones, selected as President Obama's National Security Adviser, and Janet Cohen OMB Director Peter Orszag and Henry Paulson
Justice Stephen Breyer and Sherrie Westin John Danilovich with Emilia and Pepe Fanjul
Beth Gregory, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty, David Gregory, and Rima Al-Sabah Denyce Graves and Renee Fleming
Ken Duberstein and Sen. Jay Rockefeller Congresswoman Jane Harman, Michael York, Pat York, and Sidney Harman
Photographs by James Brantley, Carol Joynt, & Vicky Pombo/Kuwait Embassy. Carol Joynt is the host of The Q&A Cafe, a talk show at Nathans Restaurant in Washington, D.C.