Thursday, March 18, 2010

The invitation says it all

"Pisces" birthday party of John Demsey, Alina Cho and Marilyn Gauthier.
The invitation says it all. Birthdays, Pisces, Gems, Jewels, Glamour; at the East Side townhouse of cosmetic executive, birthday boy John Demsey.
And there were (dynamic) birthday gals too: Alina Cho and Marilyn Gauthier.
Debbie Bancroft, Andrea DuBois, Maurice DuBois, and Kevin Krier
Bobbi Brown, John Demsey, and Annemarie Iverson
Harry Slatkin and Laura Slatkin
Jamie Figg and Alison Mazzola
Stephen Strick and Heather Watson
Adam Lippes, Rachel Roy, and Andrew Saffir
Amy Bracco, Michelle Buswell, Guest, and Jason Wu
Bertrand Garbassi and Jane Larkworthy
Aerin Lauder
Karen Buglisi and Al Weiler
Jim Gold, Kim Cho, Jai Cho, and Alina Cho
Howard Johnson and Brenda Johnson
Alexandra Kotur
Coralie Charriol Paul
Tiiu Kuik
Somers Farkas
Amanda Ross, Peggy Siegal, and Anthony Todd
Susie Gilder Hayes, Marilyn Gauthier, and Jean Yves Legrand
Jane Hudis, Sally Susman, and Fern Mallis
Jason Carroll and Christy Prunier
Todd Romano, Christina Addison, and George Ledes
Thomas Carrier, Alina Cho, and Susanna Carrier
Steven Butensky and Di Petroff
Cece Cord
Chappy Morris and Melissa Morris
Douglas Hannant, Frederick Anderson, and Gordon Espinet
Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman, and John Demsey
Erin Fetherston and Sam Bassett
Beverly Durham and Susan Silver
Jamie Biden and Amy Bracco
Amy Gagnon and Kim Cloutier
Alison Mazzola, John Demsey, and Carmen Dell'Orefice
Alina Cho and Rosanna Scotto
Will Cotton and Rose Dergan
Judy Licht and Jerry Della Femina
Eric Villency and Catherine Mollering
Alina Cho, John Demsey, and Marilyn Gauthier
Tuesday night New Yorkers for children held a special cocktail party at the Akris boutique on 835 Madison Avenue, as a kick-off for their upcoming Spring Dinner Dance which will be held at the Mandarin Oriental on Thursday April 8.
Get your tickets now as this is one of the most popular dinner dances on the Spring Social calendar. Co-chairs are Allison Aston, Marisa Brown, Alina Cho, Lydia Fenet, Rory Hermelee, Dayssi Olarte deKanavos, Clare McKeon, Susan Shin and Shirin von Wulffen.
Alina Cho and Anna Porcella Pinheiro
Amy McFarland, Emilie Rubinfeld, Stephanie LaCava, and Allison Aston
Ariel Dede and Tiiu Kuik
Ashley McDermott
Clarita Fodor
Clare McKeon
Donya Archer Bommer
Alina Cho, Marisa Noel Brown,and Anna Porcella Pinheiro
Carineh Martin
Anisha Lakani, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Emma Snowdon Jones
Desiree Gallan and Desiree Dymond
Dalia Oberlander
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos
Gillian Miniter
Fern Mallis and Felicia Taylor
John Clarkin and Tracy Stern
Moises de la Renta and Rachel Roy
Kim Cho, Alina Cho, and Jai Cho
Susan Magazine, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Nicholas Scoppetta, and Marisa Noel Brown
Lydia Fenet and Tinsley Mortimer
Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen
Tinsley Mortimer and Allison Aston
Lisa Anastos
Liz Walker
Oluchi Onweagba
Peggy Siegal
Lauren Pinto and Larry Bushing
Michelle Buswell, Gale Harold, and Tiiu Kuik
Lillian Stern and Mark Gilbertson
Lies Maculan, Dawne Marie Grannum, Sabrina Wirth, Bianca Kawecki, and Dorethy Joseph
Jennifer Argenti and Clare McKeon
Melanie Seymour Holland
Summer Rayne Oakes
Tia Walker
Susan Shin

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