Friday, June 11, 2010

One To World

Committee members of the Young Patrons Circle of the American Friends of the Louvre at their annual fête – Soirée au Louvre.
One To World focused attention on global hopes and concerns in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria on Thursday, May 27 at its 2010 Fulbright Awards Dinner, as brilliant young Fulbrighters from around the world exchanged views with American and international corporate, academic, and philanthropic leaders. At the heart of the evening was the Fulbright vision of peace through international understanding.

“New York is home to 60,000 international students and scholars from all over the world,” said Deborah Clifford, One To World’s executive director. “This presents an enormous opportunity for citizen diplomacy. Our programs create a constant stream of face-to-face, personal experiences among people from around the globe. Our 33-year history has shown us that this is most effective way to promote cross cultural understanding, foster good will among nations and break down prejudice.”
Meera Gandhi, Harriet Fulbright, and Wenke Thoman Sterns, One To World Board Chair
One To World Honoree David Heleniak and Fulbright Grantee from Pakistan Khaula Jamil
Lord Michael Ashcroft and Wendell Mottley
Honorees were: David W. Heleniak, one of the first Western lawyers to represent China in major commercial dealings with the West, now Senior Advisor at Morgan Stanley (previously Vice Chairman), after a 30-year career with Shearman & Sterling, LLP; Marco V. Masotti, a leading U.S. fund formation lawyer; partner at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison; Fulbright Scholar from South Africa; and human rights activist with Shared Interest, MAD and the Clinton Foundation; Wendell Mottley, who helped to pull Trinidad and Tobago out of a deep recession in the 1990s as Finance Minister, earned a silver medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and is now Senior Advisor to Credit Suisse, directing financial projects in the Caribbean; and Margaret Brennan, anchor of Bloomberg TV’s weekday InBusiness with Margaret Brennan, a Fulbright Scholar to Jordan, and a Whitehead Fellow with the Foreign Policy Association.
Tracy Stein and One To World 2010 Fulbright Awards Dinner Honoree Marco Masotti
/Nat Leventhal and Kathy Brown
On hand were Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor: Africa, founder of Grassroot Soccer, and Stand Up To Cancer Ambassador; Lord Ashcroft, businessman and environmentalist; Tariq Hassan, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan; Susan Baker, Chairman of the New York City Opera; John Vogelstein, Chairman of New York City Ballet; Justin Rockefeller, investment banker and co-founder of Generation Engage; Motoatsu Sakurai, President of the Japan Society; Shinichi Nishimiya, Ambassador and Consul General of Japan; Alberto Vitale, former Chairman of Random House and Fulbright Scholar from Italy; and Harriet Fulbright, widow of the late Senator J. William Fulbright whose 1945 legislation created the Fulbright Scholar exchange program.

Presenting awards were Fulbright Scholars from Pakistan, Jordan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and South Africa. Mak Kamenica, Fulbrighter from Sarajevo, stated, “Education plays such a big part of not only opening the minds of people and but also opening opportunities. I know back home during the war, the people who had less education were much bigger targets for the propaganda machine because they simply did not know what was out there in the world. So programs like One To World are absolutely essential.”
Bonnie Fritz, Fulbright Student from Iraq Haider Hamza, and Stephanie Whittier
Meredith Mottley Haynes and Kashka Haynes
One To World 2010 Fulbright Awards Dinner Honorees Margaret Brennan and Marco Masotti
Co-Chairs Wenke Thoman Sterns, Meera Gandhi, Kevin Brennan, Marc Ganz, and Dr. J. Michael Adams provided event leadership. The dinner raised over $600,000 for One To World programs and was the most successful ever.

One To World was founded in 1977 and is officially designated by the U.S. Department of State as the Coordinator of Enrichment Programs for Fulbright grantees in the New York area. The mission of the organization is to create global citizens and inspire a peaceful world through one-of-a-kind programs in classrooms and communities. One To World programs bring together Americans and international students from over 100 countries every day throughout the year to experience each other’s lives in profound ways.
One To World Executive Director Deborah Clifford, Alberto Vitale, Gioetta Vitale, and Mia Barron
Ethan Zohn, Deborah Clifford, and Micah Sommers
Kim Stone, John Vogelstein, Barbara Vogelstein, and David Nadler
MaryKate Brennan, Margaret Brennan, and Jane Brennan
Consul General of France Philippe Lalloit, Michel Perez, Monique Schweich, and Yann Coatanlem
One To World Revered von Arx, Harriet Fulbright, Yann Coatanlem, and Wenke Thoman Sterns
Thursday a week, the Young Patrons Circle of the American Friends of the Louvre held their annual fête – Soirée au Louvre – to benefit the mission of American Friends of the Louvre and the Musée du Louvre. 

The evening began with a champagne reception at Dalva Brothers Gallery where guests were given a private showing of museum quality furniture, porcelain, and bronzes from the 18th century (some of which had royal provenance).  Dalva Brothers (now in its third generation of ownership) has one of the finest collections of decorative arts in the world. 

Following the reception, the main benefit was held at Cultural Services of the French Embassy (the former Payne Whitney Mansion at 972 Fifth Avenue). Guests mingled and danced in the second floor ballroom with décor by Kyle Hardin de Woody, music by DJ Ari, all overlooking the greenery of Central Park. There was an after party graciously hosted by The Pierre.  Many stayed until the wee hours.  It was a magical evening.
Skye Parrott, Melodia Hall, and Rachel Chandler
Ari Naamami-Goldman
Alison Bock and John Cuviate
Christopher Pastor, Mel Saldana, and Kyle Bain
Solange Umutoni
Lisa Yom and Thorsment Shmitt
Claude Morais, Jennifer Pastore, Sabine Heller, and Francis Tulk-Hart
Kate Gibbs, Melissa Berkelhammer, and Elizabeth Grimaldi Kerpis
Samantha Lynch and David Chines
Julia Basiltsova and Olya Zueva
Jennifer Collins, David Chines, and Alixe Laughlin
Kathleen Beckett and Steven Kroll
Asia and Callie Baker
Arzu Vilek, Eme Dilek, and Kendall Spradley
Claude Morais and Brian Wolk
Caroline Rowley and Melissa Butler
Bernice Donzaoez and Patrick Anderson
Mary Kate Steinmiller and Eleanor Banco
Amanda Strolmek, Amber Gordon, and Indira Cesarine
Elizabeth and Katherine Mcgehee
Daniel Colon and Ronald Freyberger
Asterid Hill, Ashleigh Patte, and Nathalie Pierrepont
Larissa and Max Whitney
Jennifer Pastore and Francis Tul-Hart
Elizabeth Stockton Howard, David Chines, and Lauren Lyon
Annabel Vartanian and Anna Vietor
Kate Gibbs and Maggie Norris
Elizabeth Grimaldi Kurpis and Anne Huntington
Dustin Zuber, Pia Cossa, and Cameron Moir
John De Neufville and William Heath
The International Center of Photography honored nine recipients at the 26th Annual Infinity Awards for excellence in the field of photography.  

Each year, ICP brings public attention to outstanding photographic achievements by honoring distinguished individuals and identifying future luminaries.

ICP’s ongoing mission is to present and champion the variety inherent in photographic experience. The Infinity Awards, first presented in 1985, were created to recognize the contributions of influential photographers and emerging young talent.

This year's winners were: John G. Morris, Lifetime Achievement, presented by Christiane Amanpour; Gilbert C. Maurer, ICP Trustees Award, presented by Leonard Lauder; Peter Magubane, Cornell Capa Award; Raphaël Dallaporta, Young Photographer Award; Sarah Greenough, Publication Award, for Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans; Luc Sante, Writing Award; Lorna Simpson, Art Reza, Photojournalism Award; Daniele Tamagni, Applied/Fashion/Advertising Award, for Gentlemen of Bacongo.

Co-Chairs for the evening were: Pamela Stedman Farkas, Sue Hostetler, Jed Root. Kim Vernon was Event Chair, with menu created by Mario Batali.
Kiane Von Mueffling and Charlie Von Mueffling
La Fleur Paysour, Lorna Simpson (Art Award Winner), and Kinshasha Holman Conwill
Lynn Hirschberg and Stefano Tonchi
Jay Kos and Gaby Basora
Zani Gugelmann
Kim Vernon (Event Chair) and Ann Dexter Jones
Allison Kanders and Ellen Davis
Ann Maurer and Leonard Lauder
Arielle and Pamela Farkas (Co-Chair)
Jeffrey A. Rosen, Willis E. Hartshorn, Glenda Bailey, and Jed Root (Co-Chair)
Christiane Amanpour
Glenda Bailey and Gilbert C. Maurer (ICP Trustees Award Winner)
Pat Schonfeld, Frank Bennack and Mary Bennack
Daniele Tamagni (Fashion Photography Award Winner) and Ching Ryan
David Turnley, Colleen Criste, and Ann Curry
Thelma Golden, Hamish Bowles, and Lorna Simpson (Art Award Winner)
Calvin Klein and Frank Bennack
Mark Seliger
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Cathie Black, and David Granger
Raphael Dallaporta (Young Photographer Award Winner)
John G. Morris (Lifetime Achievement Award Winner)
Tabitha Simmons, Kim Vernon (Event Chair), and Alexandra Kotur
Mark Gilbertson held his annual end of season/start of summer cocktail party this year in the Palm Court of the Plaza, a great place for a large cocktail party of New Yorkers.
Mai Harrison, Katherine Bryan, Cece Cord, Carolyn Roehm, and Jackie Weld Drake
Roric Tobin, Helena Lehane, and Geoffrey Bradfield
Valentin and Yaz Hernandez
Ara Hovnanian and Elisabeth Saint-Amand
Sandy Golinkin and Leah Brokaw
Tracy Snyder and Alex Lind Rose
Patrick and Dana Stubgen with Chuck Scarborough and Cornelia Bregman
Whitney and James Fairchild with Jill Fairchild
Karl Wellner and Deborah Norville
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Ann Jeffreys with Fred Krimendahl and Emilia Saint-Amand
Stephanie Krieger and Brian Stewart
Tara Rockfeller
Peter and Allison Rockefeller
Tony Ingrao, Felicia Taylor, and Randy Kemper
Imogen Webber and Jeff Sharp
Stewart Manger and Lise Arliss
Tim Schifter and Jay Snyder
Sara and Charlie Ayres
Courtney Moss and Hilary Dick
Vicky Ward and Mark Gilbertson
Ann Colley and Jennifer Creel and friends
Leonel Piraino, Nina Griscom, and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Tatiana and Thorne Perkin
Frederick Anderson, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, and Douglas Hannant
Yaz Hernandez, Mark Gilbertson, and Martha Glass
Dixon and Arianna Boardman

Photographs by Cutty McGill (Gilbertson); (Young Patrons)
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