Thursday, June 17, 2010

Revelry all around

Jane Pauley, Karen Redlener, and Joan Baez at the Children’s Health Fund's annual benefit.
Last Thursday, the Children’s Health Fund held its annual benefit and raised $1.2 million in an event hosted by CHF’s co-founder and President, Dr. Irwin Redlener, CHF co-founder Paul Simon and the organization’s Executive Director Karen Redlener.

They honored Jane Pauley, also a CHF Board Member, James L Dolan, President and CEO, cablevision Systems, and Joan Baez.
Steve Schirrippa
Robert Randolph
Matthew Modine, Irwin Redlener, and Allan Houston
The evening included private performances by Mr. Simon and Ms. Baez who performed together and ended with Simon’s “The Boxer,” which has one of my favorite lyrics in popular American song. Written more than thirty years ago, it remains precisely prescient about the state of things as they appear today:

I am just a poor boy, though my story's seldom told.
I have squandered my resistance,
For a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises.
All lies and jest.
Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
Garry Trudeau and Jane Pauely
Kristin and Jim Dolan
Irwin Redlener, Jane Pauley, Paul Simon, Karen Redlener, and Tom Brokaw
Also among the honored guests of the evening: Tom Brokaw, Steve Schirripa, Matthew Modine, Allan Houston, Sean Avery, Robert Randolph, Adam Graves, Chris Duhon, Al Trautwig, Pubic Advocate Bill De Blasio, City Council Member Eric Gioia, and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

The evening’s chairs were Greg Irace, Skip Keesal, and David Pulman PhD.
Therese Molina, J. Mario Molina, Skip Keesal, and Beth Keesal
The Children’s Health Fund are neighborhood heroes and personification of beneficient leadership in the community. It is the nation’s leading pediatric provider of mobile-based health care for homeless and low-income children and their families. Their mission is to bring health care directly to those in need and the promotion of guaranteed access to health care for all children. CHF currently has 50 mobile medical clinics serving hundreds of locations across the country. They could use more; a lot more. For more information visit
David and Clare Pulman and their son Simon Pulman with his fiance
Andrea Hernandez, Chris Duhon, Vivian Harper, and Alan Shapiro
Dr. Barbara Russel, Greg Irace, and Deborah Snider
Joan Baez, Paul Simon, and Irwin Redlener
Joan Baez, Jane Pauley, and Rickie Trudeau
Michael Balaoing, Bob Herbert, and Chuck Grodin
Adam Graves and Sean Avery
Caleb and Mia Redlener
Paul Simon and Joan Baez perform
This past Tuesday, at DEBUT on 298 Mulberry Street, Sang A and Lisa Weiss hosted Parsons/New School Senior Showcase.
Max Wilson, Patrick Hughes, Nancy Shuler, and Renaldo Barnette
These are the school's annual senior collections, which spotlight the class's top designers.
Felica Chen and Olga Fermanova
Helen Jung and Haesu Kwon
Gilda Su and Bae Jeong Koh
Brenda Chewaproug and Roxy Fata
Renaldo Barnette and Nancy Shuler
Liz Shayala and Meghan Asha
Tristian von Christiann and Elisa Palomino
Yujin Kwon
Samantha Sleeper and Laura Siegel
Erica Roseman and Lori Sutherland
Haesu Kwon, Laura Siegel, and Nicole Mobasser
Leila Shams and Chiara Sullivan
Elaine Choi
Sugar Vendil and Nicole Merritt
Elizabeth Emmons and Anna Goldman
Hye Lee and Carolyne Affe
Sang A and Lisa Weiss
Emilie Ghilaga and Tathiana Monacella
Kevin Alexander and Stephen Mikhail
John Ortved
Gina Nanni and Oscar O'Brien
Nicole Mobasser
Kevin Joo Hwang
Haesu Kwon
Katharina Cabczynski
Torrents of Rain did not stop 450 people flocking to a picnic supper under the Solar One tent on 23rd St and The East River to celebrate SOLAR ONE’S REVELRY BY THE RIVER “IMAGINE” on Wednesday, JUNE 9th, 2010.

The Evening honored, ARUP, the largest engineering and design company in the world making sustainability their key theme, received The Sustainability Achievement Award. Lauren Remington Platt and Ashley Wilcox Platt received the Young Environmentalist Award. 
Ashley Wilcox Platt, Nigel Nicholls, Chris Collins, and Lauren Remington Platt
One of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s 14 energy initiatives in PlaNYC 2030, Solar One, is located in Stuyvesant Cove Park on the East River at 23rd Street in New York City. In 5 short years Solar One has reached more than 20,000 school children from more than 75 schools throughout NYC about public awareness for energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Solar One’s annual Revelry By The River “Imagine” Picnic Supper to build enthusiasm and awareness for the Solar 2, Green Energy, Arts and Education Center. When built Solar 2 will be the first carbon neutral, net-zero energy use building in NYC. It will deliver a unique blend of youth education, informative forums and world-class exhibit space. It will offer interactive learning opportunities on topics as diverse as recycling, energy conservation in apartment living and estuary systems of the East River.
Hartley du Pont, Paul du Pont, Lisa Nelson Levine, and Geoffrey Milton
Guests included, Chairs, H. Hartley du Pont and Barbara Winston, Solar One Board Chair Rick Cherry, Executive Director Chris Collins, Lauren’s and Ashley’s mother Dr. Katie Peper, Arup’s Nigel Nicholas, Paul du Pont, John Kluge, Kelly Brook Ellis, Harry LeFrak, Helen Rockefeller Armide, Owen Pataki, Maximilian von Bismark, Miguel Forbes, Christian Cota, Elizabeth Cordry, Alexandra Kerry, Sang A, Tatiana Smith, Asia Baker, Genevieve Bahrenberg, Alexandre Leviant, Lindsey Burnett Coleman, Gabriel Calatrava, Gonzalo Mendoza, Brooke Douglas Block, Diego Marroquin, Bettina and Jamie Prentice, Shirin Najafi, Krista Schulz, Alexis Tobin, Ashleigh Pattee, Maximilian Kirschner, James Corl, Margaret Brennan, Johnny Kelly, Jane and Michael  Hoffman, Cynthia Basinet, Stephanie Krieger, Tracy Snyder and her nephew Jackson, Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, Jean Shafiroff, Hilary Cushing Block, Peggy Race, Michael Gross, Janet and Peter Simon, Sharon Bush, Emery Westfall, Paula and Bill Hunnicutt, Jessica Barensfeld, Olga and Paul D’Alto, Kathlean de Monchy, Melissa and Thor Thors, Wendy Sarasohn, Gina Jeanette Argento of Broadway Stages.
Carole Bellidora and Christine Biddle
Beau Sam and Katherine Bernard
Carole Bellidora Westfall and Emery Westfall
Elliott Jones
Eva Baczynska, Lauren Remington Platt, and Tatiana Smith
Gina Argento
Brooke and Hilary Block
Chris Collins and Barbara Winston
Janet Simon and Hartley du Pont
Bettina Prentice, Lauren Remington Platt, Christian Cota, and Elizabeth Cordry
Nigel Nicholls, Rick Cherry, and Eric Siegel
Krista Schulz and Jim Corl
Sophie Moore, Brooke Block, and Elsa Vreeland
Paul and Olga D'Alto
Kerry Brook Ellis and John Klug
John Kelly, Margaret Brennan, and Maximilian Kirscher
Lindsay Pease and Kristen Martin
Lauren Remington Platt, Ashley Wilcox Platt, Hartley du Pont, and Dr. Katie Peper
Cynthia Basinet, Alex McCord, Chris Collins, and Simon van Kempen
Peggy Race
Spencer Millius, Morgan Shields, and Peter Millius
Tracy and Jackson Snyder
Paula and Bill Hunnicutt
Jean Shafiroff and Kathlean de Monchy
Rein Triefeldt and Valorie Jennings
Susan Dunrovich and Erik Brockman
Sophie Snook, Dee Snook, and Calli Snook
Wendy Sarasohn and Michael Gross
Also this past Tuesday Dr. Robert T. Grant hosted a makeover lecture with Brooke Alpert and Jacqui Stafford at the Carlisle Showroom on East 52nd Street. Dr. Grant is Plastic Surgeon-in-Chief for the combined Divisions of Plastic Surgery at New York-Prssbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.
Sweeny Hovhanessian and Alicia Leroy
Cindy Guyer
Kathleen Giordano and Sharon Morantz Walsh
Brooke Alpert, Dr Robert T Grant, and Jacqui Stafford
Ann Hale and Michelle Marie Heinemann
Sabine Ohler and Selim Koder
Michelle Marie Heinemann
Dale Cohen
Viva Bhogaita and Tessa Carlson
Janna Andrews, Paulina Rogawski, and Erika Balfour
Sharon Morantz Walsh, Leena Gurevich, and Anne Akers
Lauren Friedman and Julia Simon

Photographs by Jason Green and Monika Graff (CHF);
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