Thursday, January 27, 2011

All that white stuff

Building a snow man on the corner of 86th and West End Avenue. 12:45 AM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, January 27, 2011. It snowed yesterday morning in New York. Then it stopped and everything went wet and cold and slushy. Then about 8 pm it began again and by midnight we were in the middle of a full fledged snowstorm.

All that white stuff and the promise from the weatherman of more to come by evening time kept a lot of us off the streets during the day. You could find a cab and they were thankful you did. The best way to travel was by subway, quick and snowless (although wet from the thousands of shoes and boots).
Chldren playing in the snow on their school's rooftop playground. 2:40 PM.
It was Wednesday at Michael’s, and there were cancellations for the Big Day in the Middle of the Week; oh yes, oh yes. Michael’s Big Man, Mr. McCarty himself was dreaming of the 75 degrees, cloudless, crystal clear skies (thanks to the Santa Anas) over Malibu and worried about whether or not he’d be able to head back to his mountainside villa this afternoon. (I told him he would.)

But not everybody stayed away. Among the crowd: Judy Price was there, no rain, no snow, no sleet could keep the lady from her track, with Hilary Heard of Bulgari. Also Debbie Bancroft had a table next to mine where she was lunching with Patricia Duff and Laura Durning. On the other side of them (and me): Fern Mallis was holding forth. Beside her in the bay at Table One, the Power Women of Michael’s – museums, media, mysteries, moderators, law and all the ancilliary rights -- Lynn Sherr, Kimba Woods, Ellen Futter, Lesley Stahl, Linda Fairstein, Esther Newberg were having their (monthly?) confab.
Debbie Bancroft, Laura Durning, and Patricia Duff at Michael's.
DPC and The Daily’s Ashley Baker.
Not far away, the perspicacious Wall Street seer (and looker) Meredith Whitney, who calls ‘em like she sees ‘em, and really knows how to tick off Da Boyz with her predictions (such as: “50 to 100 American cities will go bust this year” -- triggering the next leg down in the financial crisis) with Mark Ford of Time Inc. Nearby CNN’s Robert Zimmerman was lunching with Page Six’s Emily Smith. Also around the room: Gerry Byrne; Hudson News’ James Cohen lunching with his son; Steve Madden, Tony Hoyt and Missy Godfrey; Sarabeth Shrager and Steve Blacker; Amanda Gordon; Felicia Taylor and Rita Jammet of La Caravelle Champagne; Michael Coady with Keith Kelly; Hearst’s David Carey; Mitch Kanner; Michael Del Giudice of Citigroup; private equity honcho Richard Bressler; real estate honcho Bruce Mosler; Jim Casella; Linda Law, plus The Daily’s Executive Editor Ashley Baker who was with this writer; and dozens more just like ‘em.

Getting around the city was fairly easy yesterday and even last night, because the traffic was light except for the plucky and financially challenged cabdrivers (who have to fork over the rent for the 12-hour shift and fill the gas tank, no matter what).

Otherwise, the city’s streets were shrouded in the soft, glowing white, muffling the sounds of what little traffic there was. On East End Avenue it was nearly deserted (except for the occasional sound of the snowblowers and shovels).
East End and 83rd Street, looking north and south, 9:47 PM.
10:47 PM.
11:47 PM.
12:47 AM.
My front door at 2:47 AM.
The early morning scene on the Upper West Side in JH's neck of the woods ...
Looking north along West End Avenue from 85th Street. 12:20 AM.
Looking east across 86th Street. 12:22 AM.
Looking south along West End Avenue from 86th Street. 12:24 AM.
Looking north along West End Avenue from 86th Street. 12:25 AM.
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