Thursday, November 29, 2012

A lot going on around town ...

The scene at Doubles for the 25th Anniversary party for Quest magazine. 7:30PM. Photo: DPC.
Thursday, November 29, 2012. Beautiful, sunny day, yesterday in New York. Cold but energizing.

A people day and a lot going on around town within this reporter’s purview.

First, the Wednesday Michael’s lunch.
The holiday decorations are up, adding a certain something to the vibe. A big crowd; all kinds of business going on. You can see how all kinds of business can be conducted at these tables and no one will overhear. Because everyone is talking. That’s media, no?
The room when I arrived for lunch at Michael's. In the picture below, Michael himelf is standing overseeing his guests' tables ...
Michael's staffers Robyn Wolf, special events coordinator, and Danny DiVella, dinner manager.
In the backroom Peggy Siegal had organized a luncheon for Omar Sy, one of the stars of The Intouchables (2011), the French comedy-drama that was a huge hit in France (it has also made a big splash in the US). It’s a Weinstein Company picture and Harvey Weinstein and Omare Sy were present. Someone told me Malcolm Gladwell was among the guests too. At another table Lord Weidenfeld was lunching with Marie Brenner, Meryl Tisch, Jessica and Drew Guff, Peggy Noonan, Carol Saper, Sascha Havlicek.  I was told they were all there to discuss the extraordinary international dialogue that is at the core of Lord Weidenfeld’s foundation based at Oxford:
The great Omar Sy and producer Harvey Weinstein.
Surrounding Lord Weidenfeld before the Frank Stella: Carol Saper, Meryl Tisch, Jessica Guff, Marie Brenner, and Sascha Havlicek.
A Table One, the crew and guests Ivan Bart, SVP of IMG; Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, President and CEO of SWW Creative; Bonnie Fuller, President and Editor-in-Chief of; Diana Miller, Executive Producer of CBS Live From The Couch; Carlos Lamadrid EVP and Publisher of; and Gerry Byrne the Vice Chairman of PMC.
DPC and his Wednesday guest, Mary Hilliard.
Around the room: Tommy Mottola; Michael Kassan; Larry Kirschbaum; Mickey Ateyeh; Jim Abernathy; Stan Shuman; Stephen Swid; Alexandra Chemia; Diane Clehane with Anne Fulenwider of Marie Claire; Robert Zimmerman and Muffy Potter Aston; Allen Grubman with Len Blavatnik; Beverly Camhe with Allan Dodds Frank; Hamilton South; Ben Lambert; David Pecker; Star Jones; John Huey of Time; Vin Cipolla; Daniel Glass: Kay Koplowitz and Shelly Palmer; Henry Ittleson; Wednesday Martin; Joe Armstrong, Mistah Mayah with David Zinczenko; Tamara Rogers; Sarah Cooper; William and Cornelia Wolf. At Table One, Bonnie Fuller, Carlos Lamadrid, Gerry Byrne, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Diana Miller, Ivan Bart, et al talking; and my lunch guest, Mary Hilliard, the society photographer who was the cover story on last month’s Departures. And that’s just half the list!
This photograph was taken in 2001, shortly after Bill Clinton left the White House. Joe Armstrong organized the lunch at Table One. A good time was had by all: Billy Crystal, (the late) Ann Richards, Liz Smith, Joe, President Clinton, Robin Williams and Diane Sawyer. The personal inscription by Mr. Clinton reads: "To Joe Armstrong -- Thanks for the happy memory of our beloved Ann, the funniest person at the table that day -- Bill Clinton."
In the evening, the calendar was packed, including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Opening Night Gala; A Magical Evening, the annual gala benefit for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation; The Silver Hill Hospital Gala, Michael Cominotto and Dennis Basso honorary co-chairs and honoring Neil Sedaka and Ward Cleary; The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House’s Celebrate the Neighborhood benefit with cocktail at Armani on Fifth Avenue and dinner and dancing at a very smart private club on Park Avenue in the 50s; the 4th Annual Mom on a Mission Awards and fundraiser hosted by Kelly Rutherford, honoring Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein for their work on the docu “The Business of Being Born;” while over at the Mandarin Oriental, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories were hosting their annual fundraising gala; and up at Archivia, interior designer and entertaining consultant Charlotte Moss was holding a booksigning for her new book, “A Visual Life; Scrapbooks, collages and inspirations.” I didn’t make that one since I had a personal conflict, but I heard they were literally lined up around the block (probably hype but fits the picture of the clamoring crowds who were there).
The book, Charlotte Moss' A Visual Life. Click to order or buy immediately at Archivia on 72nd and Lex. The author with Michael Bruno.
Some of the guests waiting for their books to be signed.
Whew. Me, I was down at Doubles the private club in the Sherry-Netherland where I was co-hosting a cocktail party with Chris Meigher, the publisher of Quest  and Heather Cohane, founder of Quest were celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the magazine. More on that tomorrow.

There were two or three hundred passing through Doubles all done up fo the holidays as you can see. Someone said to me, “you know this is a great party ... because there are a lot of people; meeting and greeting, that it ran well beyond its 8 PM time.
Two or three hundred passing through Doubles ...
DPC in the center of it all ...
Harry Benson, Heather Cohane, and Chris Meigher.
Gigi Benson, Sy Anthony, and Heather Cohane. Quest's managing editor Lily Hoagland and Harry Benson.
Muffie Potter Aston with Karl Wellner and Deborah Norville.
Kathy Rayner, Michel Witmer, and Sabrina Forsythe.
Felicia Taylor and Paul Beirne
CeCe Cord, who'd just come from Charlotte Moss' booksigning, with Barbara Bancroft. Amy Fine Collins on her way to the Silver Hill Hospital gala benefit wearing a complete Dennis Basso creation in his honor (he was an honorary chair with Michael Cominotto).
Jeff and Liz Peek with Mark Gilbertson.
Jack Lynch, Heather Cohane, and Mai Harrison.
JH and Mrs. JH (Danielle Rossi Hirsch). Lily Hoagland and her wickedless stepmother who came up from Washington just for the occasion, Jane Stanton Hitchcock.
Emilia Saint-Amand and Jane Hitchcock discussing their fondness for Pawley's Island in South Carolina.
After that, I skipped down to the corner of 57th and Fifth to get some shots of the holiday decorations – including The UNICEF Snowflake, Bergdorf’s, Bulgari, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton. From there it was home, to sup, to work and to hit the hay at a decent hour.
The windows down at Bergdorf's.
The UNICEF Snowflake over Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. Last night was also the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center, just seven blocks south. Several hundred thousand were expected, and the sidewalks were crowded with visitors and shoppers.
Bulgari's diamond necklace.
The windows at Tiffany.
And at Louis Vuitton.
And at Louis Vuitton. And at Bergdorf Men's.
More Bergdorf Men's ...
Bergdorf Men's to beat the band.

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