Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Soirée-ing

Dinner scene at the Sixth Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards gala.
On June 25th, the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic enjoyed their annual summer benefit, Summer Soirée. The evening began with a cocktail reception at Tiffany & Co., where guests mingled and tried on jewelry. A dinner-dance followed at Bryant Park Grill, where guests dined indoors and out under the stars. 285 Young New Yorkers attended and raised approximately $90,000. The evening was made possible by generous support from the Thomas C. Quick Charitable Foundation.

The Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic comprises people aged 21-40 who appreciate and support the New York Philharmonic and symphonic music. The Young New Yorkers enjoy unique opportunities to attend concerts as well as social and educational events in the company of friends, supporting one of the city's most valuable cultural resources. Founded in 1994, the group includes over 4,000 members.
Briana Lesesne
Jeff and Taryn Gross
Emily Berger
Justin Karr and Claire Noland
Jacqueline Keber, Molly McCooey, and Abraham and Lucy Cary
YNY Chairs Christian MacDonald, Georgina Schaeffer, and Adrian Ulrich
Charles Hale with Alec and Sarah Machiels
Richard and Emily Leonard with Mark Gilbertson
Devon Smith and Brian Pitz
YNY Chair Christopher George and Susanna Sanchez
Marissa Piropato, Phillip Thomas, and Cornelia Ercklentz
Rema Parachini, Mary Van Pelt, and Paige Hardy
Sandra Kozlowski receiving Tiffany's raffle prize from Christian MacDonald
Courtney Quick and Chad Burdett
Fernanda Gilligan and Edward Barsamian
Miguel Forbes celebrated the 4th of July aboard the Highlander in Sag Harbor.
Adam Hertz and Margarita Moore
Bill Trent and Patti Kim
Danielle Levine and Miguel Fabregas
Lea and Alexander Lis
Laurel Cummings, Ari Horowitz, and Jessica Lawrence
Meredith Ostrom, Lisa Tan, Richard Gollis, and Sophia Sondervand
Martin Pepa and friend
Elle McPherson and Dasha Valdez
Eiseley Tauginan, Eric Richman, and Jessica Roska
Isabelle and Miguel Forbes
Christian Bild, Sophia Sondervand, Meredith Ostrom, and Jewel Donohue
Aaron Young and Meredith Darrow
Allison Hodge, Miguel Fabregas, and Patti Kim
Elana Rosenblatt and Deedee Charial
Adam Shaw and Katie Plonskier
Angelique Soave and Allison Hodge
Joel Fitzpatrick, Mike Densen, James Sokolin, and Jesse Harris
Brittany Kaleck and Craig Siegel
Bill Trent and Beverly Camhe
Dara Cohen
Frank and Michelle Rella
Niki Beel and Sessa von Richthofen
Courtney Dolan
Ali and Jason Rosenfeld
Joel Whalen
Dominique Punnett and Helena Chazanova
Alex Powers and Natasha Bessez
Eric Richman
DJ Yacine and Natasha Bessez
Craig Spitzer, Chiara Trento, and Sam Katav
Michael Sloan and Chloe Epstein
Ian Curtis and Melissa Kath
Landon Stonesifer, Dan Abrams, and James Sokolin
Landon Stonesifer, David Zinczenko, Melissa Milne, Miguel Forbes, and Dan Abrams
Morgan White and Angelique Soave
Alex Schaffel, Julie Mulligan, and Nina Albright
Chad Eggers and Nicole Oge
Dan Abrams, Landon Stonesifer, and Jean Luc
Richard Johnson and friend
Jennifer Donoghue and Ricky Zitomer
Martin Pepa, Stella Kietel, Zavi Usandizaga, and Patti Kim
On the last Wednesday night in June, at Cipriani 42nd Street Alternative Investment News’ held its 6th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards. The black-tie dinner and ceremony recognized hedge funds, fund of funds, consultants, endowments, foundations and corporate and public funds that stood out for excellence in alternatives investing during the year.

Thomas B. Harris accepting the award for Public Fund Investor of the Year from Lora Goldwater
Nearly 500 leaders and luminaries from the industry attended. Michael Steinhardt, a pioneer in the hedge fund world, and Phil Goldstein, Founder of Bulldog Investments were in attendance to accept their respective awards for Lifetime Achievement and Outstanding Contribution to the Industry.  

Winners were awarded in nine other categories, and included Paulson & Co. for Hedge Fund Leader. (Mr. Paulson, incidentally, is the new owner of the $41 million Southampton estate, Old Trees, shown on yesterday’s Diary).

Also recognized and awarded were the 2008 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds, 20 up-and-coming, talented young professionals poised to be future leaders of the industry.

This year’s award winners were as follows:

Hedge Fund Leader of the Year: Paulson & Co.
Fund of Hedge Funds Leader of the Year: Harcourt Investment Consulting
Emerging Manager of the Year: Algebris Investments
Hedge Fund Launch of the Year: AdultVest
Institutional Manager of the Year: The Blackstone Group
Public Fund Investor of the Year: Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Corporate Pension Fund of the Year: Railway Pension Trustee Company
Nonprofit Investor of the Year: Texas Christian University
Hedge Fund Consultant of the Year: Jason Dubrovay, NEPC
Christophe Reech
Ronnie Jung and Diann Jung
Dylan Curley, Tricia Laccona, and Brian Chung
Michael Steinhardt and John Stossel
Michael Steinhardt receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award from Paul Kazarian
Neil Paragiri and Marcel Herbst accepting the Fund of Hedge Funds Leader of the Year Award from Dylan Curley
Phil Goldstein receiving his Outstanding Contribution Award from Steve Samuels
Francis Koenig, CEO of AdultVest, accepting the award for Hedge Fund Launch of the Year
Davide Serra posing with his award for Emerging Manager of the Year
The Subscribers, a band comprising members from the hedge fund industry, played in support of the charity A Leg to Stand On
J. Tomilson Hill's acceptance speech for Institutional Manager of the Year
Larry Pokora, Paulson & Co.
Jaeson Dubrovay, Michelle Russell Johnson, George Yepes, Paolo Pellegrini, Ty Wallach, and Jennifer Ancker

Photographs by Linsley Lindekens (NY Philharmonic); ©PatrickMcMullan.com (Highlander).

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