Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shop til you drop

Tahari’s East Hampton store opening to benefit New Yorkers for Children.
More and more these days, social life in our cities and country towns is emanating from commercial interests. Shopping parties, you could call them. Fund-raisers they are, at times, such as the Tahari’s East Hampton store opening that benefited New Yorkers for Children. But it’s now a given that when planning a party, if you wanna draw a crowd, hold it in a store and they’ll all come running.
Cassandra Steeinfeld
Judy Licht
Todd Clegg and Sana Rizvi
Lynn Stefanelli and Meredith Capiro
Ed Ankudavich and Rosemary Ponzo
Jeff Kaplan, Deborah Malvin, and Keith Green
Lorraine Otto, Claire Walsh, Christa Ruggiero, Leslie Cacciapaglia, and Tiffany Tankersley
Ms. McGill, Paul Downs, Jessica Baltera, and Sophia Bush
Anne Chaisson and Ronni Ramirez
Amy Zerner, Ester Taster, and Tun Yin
Katrina Pavlos and Roy Kean
Royce Pinkwater and Steven Jacobi
Rory Tahari, Elie Tahari, Cindi Leive, and Howard Bernstein
Amanda Lederman and Donny Deutsch
On Tuesday, there was the opening of a new store in Soho called Little Prince and Piggy (LL&P New York) ...
Brenna Vega, Catherine Fung, and Drew Livingston
Catherine Fung, Little Prince, and Steven Chang
Catherine Fung, Little Prince, and Shoshanna Fischhoff
Catherine Fung and Millet Tsai
Olivia Allen and Rosanna Preston
Kuni Sato and Jade Kwan
Little Prince and Kanuck
And on the same Tuesday in Beverly Hills, there was a shopping festival at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills.
Phoebe Price
Kahori Ohasha
Jessica and Hope Willbanks
Kim Beattie
Anita Srinava, Nika Srinava, and Misha Srinava
Chanel models with Elizabeth Park
Donna and Liza Woodcraff
Audrey Tang and Jean Yu
Candie Weitz and Mark Papara
Daniel and Holly Schulte
Fufhma Adarkar and Thedra
Jennifer Wagner and Tracey Maltz
Marcia Darden and Susan Marx
Sandy Graines
Miho Sukuma
Rita and Iva Abdoula
Susan and Rena Tren
Sally Perrin and Gaye Gasmin
Lori Smith and Patricia Mock
Nicole Chavez and Kate Lee
While over in Southampton last Saturday, Hatchlings Spring 2008 "Hatch" Boys Collection was hosted by Annette Lauer, Cristina Cuomo, and Ana Maria Perez.
Allison Parlante, Frances Hontoria, and Jim Hontoria
Ana Maria Perez, Cristina Cuomo, and Christina Peffer
Coby Bronfman and Eli Bronfman
Annette Lauer, Christina Peffer, and Tatiana Ernst Callimanopulos
Bella Cuomo and Miranda Cohen Hausman
Alex Kramer
Tara and Landon Lipton
Karen and Natalia Chudnoff
Andy, Spencer, and Alison Brod
Kaitlin Donohue, Danielle Harrington, Danielle Howe
Jolie and Allison Horowitz

Photographs by ©
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