Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anniversaries, films, and fashion

Blythe Danner
Cokie Roberts
Idina Menzel
Lisa Edelstein
Last Thursday night at Lincoln Center, Save the Children celebrated its 75th  anniversary of service to children and families. The evening paid tribute to President George H.W. Bush, President William J. Clinton, and Melinda Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for their global humanitarian work and support of Save the Chldren and its programs which reach 12 U.S. states as well as more than 50 countries worldwide.

Robert Daly and Former President Bill Clinton
Samuel L. Jackson was Master of Ceremonies. Throughout the evening Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars told their inspirational stories through music and dance. The All Stars are a group of talented musicians who were forced to flee their homeland of Sierra Leone during its horrific civil war. They provided a stirring musical interpretation of life in the refugee camps, the horrors of war, and the universal need for peace. The SLRAS’s story has been documented in an award winning film that debuted this summer on PBS.

Who was there: Presidents Bush (Sr.) and Clinton, Mrs. Gates, Mr. Jackson, Julianne Moore, Drew Carey, Mischa Barton, Ellen Barkin, Edie Falco, Blythe Danner, Robert and Eva Cavalli, Cokie Roberts, Deepak Chopra, Christopher Plummer, Idina Menzel, Anna Deavere Smith, Liza Edelstein, Charles MacCormack, President and CEO of Save the Children, Mark Kennedy Shriver, Vice President and Managing Director of Save the Children’s US Programs.
Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson
Bill Frist with wife Karyn
Drew Carey and friend
George H.W. Bush, Melinda French Gates, and Charles MacCormack, CEO and President of Save the Children
Mark Shriver and Blythe Danner
George H.W. Bush, Ana Ligia Mixco Sol de Saca, and Melinda Gates
Martha DeLaurentiis, George Bush, Melinda Gates, and Roberto Cavalli
Marc Ecko
Robert Daly, Bette Midler, Doctor Deepak Chopra, and Carole Bayer Sager
Edie Falco
Mischa Barton and Roberto Cavalli
Julianne Moore and Samuel L. Jackson
Women’s Wear Daily called it the most celebrity-filled night of the Summer. Indeed, the Cinema Society’s screening of The Good Night was a stargazer’s paradise. Crowds packed the street outside the East Hampton movie theater for a look at the swarms of A-listers that turned out for Jake Paltrow’s feature film directorial debut, starring his sister Gwyneth.

The film received raves from the boldfacers in attendance at the Wall Street Journal-sponsored evening. Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir welcomed a crowd that included Chris Martin, Ed Burns and Christy Turlington, Billy and Katie Lee Joel, Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney, Barbara Walters, Kate Capshaw, Christie Brinkley, Blythe Danner, Donna Karan, David Geffen, Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber, Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley, Cliff Robertson, Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant, Rashida Jones, Dick Cavett, James Lipton, Dan Abrams, Bob Balaban, Lauren Bush and David Lauren, Ross Bleckner, Candace Bushnell, Hana Soukupova, Jill Rappaport, Sandy Gallin, Richard and Sessa Johnson, Rosanna Scotto, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Daniel Benedict, Todd Meister, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Marjorie Gubelmann, producer Donna Gigliotti and the Wall Street Journal’s David Wachtel and Andrea Norlander.

Following the screening, the stars headed to an intimate dinner and were joined by Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, Brooke Shields, Molly Sims, Lori Singer, Andre Balazs, and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters.

Starry night indeed.
Billy Joel
Daniel Benedict
Barbara Walters
Cliff Robertson
Christy Turlington and Ed Burns
Andrew Saffir and Jake Paltrow
Andrea Norlander and Jeffrey Sharp
Bob Balaban
Christie Brinkley
Candace Bushnell
Desiree Gruber and Kyle MacLachlan
Annabel Kim, Jodi Della Femina, and Charlie Kim
Jaime Murray and Dan Abrams
Dick Cavett
Donna Karan
Kathy and Rick Hilton
Marjorie Gubelmann and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
Lauren Bush and David Lauren
Ross Bleckner
Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen
Rosanna Scotto
Rashida Jones
Stella McCartney
Dina Merrill
Gwyneth Paltrow
Hana Soukupova
Katie Lee Joel
Kate Capshaw
Kedakai and James Lipton
Meredith Ostrom
Sandy Gallin
Sandy Brant and Ingrid Sischy
Todd Meister
Toast to the Great Ladies – Benefits Rogers Memorial Library Foundation

Ginger Pennington wearing Style Paris by Susan Sutherland
The courtyard at 28 Jobs Lane was the sun drenched setting for a Toast to the Great Ladies of the Hamptons – Then and Now. New to the Hamptons French couturier Style Paris by Susan Sutherland and Nancy Stone, president of the Rogers Library Memorial Foundation co-hosted a champagne reception which featured Houses of the Hamptons co-author Gary Lawrance giving a talk about the mistresses of the magnificent houses of the Gilded Age in Southampton from Louise Hobbs Livingston to Millicent Rogers.

Nancy Stone spoke about the radical changes in the role of great ladies and their social activism in using their homes for luncheons, cocktail parties and fabulous balls to benefit worthy causes. The tiny shop was filled with many of the new wave of hostesses including Melanie Wambold who this year co-chaired the Southampton Hospital gala and Sara Hebert Galloway, co-chair of the Help for Orphans cocktail and auction. Ginger Pennington in a strapless black velvet by Susan Sutherland looked as if she had just stepped out of a Sargent portrait.

Throughout the reception there was informal modeling of Susan Sutherland’s evening and day wear from her fall collection. In salute to the Paris based designer, several of the ladies were dressed in her timeless classics including Nancy Stone, Maggie Wilson and Melanie Wambold. The season’s hot item is a pea coat blazer in Loro Piana cashmere.
Allison Levine and Jeanine Becker
Christine and Lisette Perelle
The evening benefited the newly founded Rogers Memorial Library Foundation whose mission is to enhance the quality of the free association Library’s services to the community by securing resources to support library programs and projects not normally met by public funding.

Sipping the Hillinger Rose Prosecco from Austria generously donated by Herbert & Rist were Linda Schaller, Dennis Basso, Kristi Witker and Dick Coons, Imogene Willis and Tony Palmerio, Liz Derringer, Jeanine Edington, sisters Christine and Lisette Perelle, Gregory D’Elia, Allison Levine, Janine Becker, Diana Sadowski, Pamela Willoughby, Diane Corey, Eric Schwartz, Kimberly Strong, Nicole Garaone with Zachary Tunick, Janet Macri, Janice Sharp and’s Nicole B. Brewer, and Robert Florio.
Dennis Basso and Nancy Stone
Gregory D'Elia and Melanie Wambold
Kimberly Stone and Debra Rothberg
Christine Perelle and Diane Corey
Kristi Witker Coons and Sara Herbert Galloway
Jeanine Edington and Robin Schiff
Susan and Ann Madonia
Lisette Perelle, John Wegorzewski, and Christine Perelle
Vanessa Leggard and Judy McDowell
Diane Sadowski and Sara Herbert Galloway
Janice Sharp and Janet Macri
Gary Lawrance and Leonard Bart
Melanie Wambold and Linda Schaller
Christine Perelle and Eric Schwartz
Zachary Tunick and Nicole Garaone
In the Courtyard on Jobs Lane
Maggie Wilson, Nancy Stone, Susan Sutherland, and Ginger Pannington
Dr. Martin and Nancy Stone
Lisette Perelle
Leonard Barton and Pamela Willoughby
Melanie Wambold, Ginger Pannington, Gary Lawrance, Nancy Sutherland, and Susan Sutherland
Nicole Brewer, Nancy Stone and Robert Florio

Photographs by ©
(The Good Night).

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