Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Leos!

Vega Martinez, Sylvia Miles, Albert Maysles, Lisa Anastos, Hunt Slonem, Geoffrey Bradfield, Monique van Vooren, and Liliana Cavendish at a birthday celebration at Bungalow 8 for Hunt Slonem and Lisa Anastos.
For the next three weeks, all birthday parties you attend or hear about will be for Leos. Being a Leo myself (having celebrated my birthday this past Saturday) I will refrain from describing the Leo personality and character and rely on the web site

Leos birth sign runs between July 23rd and August 22nd. Traditional Leo traits are as follows: “Generous, warmhearted, creative and enthusiastic, broad-minded and expansive, faithful and loving ....” “On the Dark Side,” adds, are also the following traits: “Pompous and patronizing, bossy and interfering, dogmatic and intolerant.” Nice, huh? Make ya wanna run right out and hook up with a Leo. Not.

Most Leos, however, prefer to define themselves (to themselves anyway) by the “generous, warmhearted, creative, etc.” stuff and forget the pomposity. Or ignore it.

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun which more or less means that Leos like to think of themselves as the source of heat and light in the lives of their loved ones (and maybe even their unloved ones). Another sign of Leo is the Cowardly Lion played so perfectly and articulately by Bert Lahr in “The Wizard of Oz.”
Hunt and Lisa's sparkling birhday cake arrives.
Hunt and Lisa blowing out their birhday cake.
Rufus blowing out his birhday cake.
However, all that considered, I’ve noticed that there are all kinds of Leos. My birthday is also shared by Mick Jagger. I always wished I could dance like Mick Jagger. For years I thought it was very cool. Although I must admit now it looks a ridiculous. Just a mite. Especially when performed by me. Jagger and I also share birthday with GB. Shaw. I wish I could write like Shaw. And Carl Jung. I wish I could think like Karl Jung. And Stanley Kubrick. I wish I could see like Stanley Kubrick. And Dame Helen Mirren.

Today’s Party Pictures includes the birthday celebrations of Leos Lisa Anastos who co-hosted a party with another Leo, Hunt Slonem, and some more pictures from the party at Bungalow 8 last week for Rufus Albemarle who not only celebrated his birthday but also is planning on returning to the UK to live.
Angelica Campagno, Hunt Slonem, and Margo Nederlander
Bill Stewart, Lisa Anastos
Albert Maysles and Liliana Cavendish
Hunt Slonem, Brian Heir, Magdalena Frackowiak, and Geoffrey Thomas
Annie Churchill, Dalia Oberlander, Roopal Patel, Yvonne Lame, Lisa Anastos, Henrietta Huldisch, and Melissa Skoog
Dan Ragone
Brandon Wright, Yvonne Lame, Taylen Richards, Hunt Slonem, and Nathan Mackley
Roy Kean, Mistress B, and Brandon Wright
Ann Rapp
Brian Heir and Magdalena Frackowiak
Rodman Drake and Jackie Weld Drake
Frankie Cocktail, Chandelier, and Ginger Snap
Liliana Cavendish, Geoffrey Bradfield, and Monique van Vooren
Jeffrey Slonim
Nina Richter and Jane Young
Peter von Schlossberg and Ana Saucedo
Yvonne Lame, Hunt Slonem, and Lisa Anastos
Barbara and Andrew Mandell
George Sotelo, Roopal Patel, and Robert Burke
Vega Martinez, Sylvia Miles, and Albert Maysles
Lisa Anastos
Eric Gertler and Bill Stewart
Meghan Hardy and John Maroney
Roopal Patel and Calum Gair Stephenson
A big birthday greeting for Hunt and Lisa
Shamim Momin and Alan Miller
Patrick D'Angelo, Ellie Libby, and John Richter
Taylen Richards, Patrick McMullan, Nathan Mackley, and Brandon Wright
Daniel Benedict, Shirin von Wulffen, and Andrew Saffir
Donna Taylor and Douglas Hannant
Ethan Leidinger and Kate Schelter
Bau Nelson and Christiana Rosa
Jennifer Creel and Contessa Coleman
Contessa Coleman and Miguel Fabregas
Christopher Mason and Anthony Haden-Guest
Krystal Marshal and Natalie Decleve
Leora Wexler and Hannah Young
Natalie Moar, Anthony Todd, Daniella Federici, and Jenne Lombargo
Frederic Fekkai, Shirin von Wulffen, and Bill Smith
Guelso Carpegna and Rufus Albemarle
Bob Coccioletti and Maury Hopson
Billy Farrell, Hannah Young, and Steve Eichner
Abigail Klem and Anne Dexter Jones
Amy Sacco and Euan Rellie
Brie Cross and Arielle Amsalem
Bill Smith and Elizabeth Calendar
Brandon Wright and Nathan Mackley
Poppy De Villeneuve, Vanessa Lawrence, Elise Overland, Greg Foley, and Janiel Kruglikov
Poppy De Villeneuve, Vanessa Lawrence, and Elise Overland
Renny Gleeston, Mike Lucas, Stephanie Watzvorf, and David Wassong
Hud Morgan and Serina Merriman
Julie Boukobza and Janiel Kruglikov
Nadine Johnson, Rufus Albemarle, Vanessa Wiener von Bismarck, and Amy Sacco
Robert Burke, Kathy No, and David Glazer
Serena Merriman, Hud Morgan, and Bonnie Morrison
The Saturday before last, out in East the LongHouse Reserve hosted a Summer Gala on their 16-acre grounds, honoring two distinguished contributors to the arts: Post-Minimalist artist Martin Puryear and Storm King Art Center Chairman, President and Co-Founder H. Peter Stern.

Martin Puryear received the LongHouse Medal of 2008 and H. Peter Stern received the first LongHouse Art Leadership Award.
LongHouse is currently highlighting Puryear’s work, following a recent major exhibition of his sculptures at MoMA, which chronicled the evolution of his 30-year-to-date career. Puryear’s unique influences, range from his interest in Native American history to Scandinavian woodcarving. Primarily through wood, the artist exemplifies the beauty of manual skill and traditional building methods. 

Eve Suter and Sheila Cobb
Fellow honoree Stern, is a true “Renaissance individual,” who has been a great supporter of countless sculptors through the Storm King Art Center in the Hudson Valley, which he co-founded in 1960. The Center now features an internationally-acclaimed permanent collection of American and European modern sculpture; focused on large abstract welded steel works from the 1960’s to the present. 
“Both Stern and Puryear share with LongHouse a great dedication to communicate the relationship between art and nature,” said Jack Lenor Larsen, LongHouse Reserve founder and renowned textile designer. 
More than 350 guests attended. This year’s theme focused on organic beauty, which translates into art installations without bounds, a feast of earthy American flavors and décor that stems largely from the LongHouse’s own natural resources.

Guests enjoyed wines from Kluge Estate and were introduced to Vineyard Estates at Kluge Winery by owners Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses.

Benefit committee members who made the evening possible included: Edward Albee, Jan Cowles, Adelaide de Menil, Helen W. Drutt English, Bill T. Jones, Mark and Elizabeth Levine, Dorothy Lichtenstein, David and Renee McKee, Robert Menschel, Stephanie Odegard, Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon B. Polsky, and Robert Wilson.
A notable new art installation of Wild Horses of Sable Island by Roberto Dutesco dazzled guests who had a chance to wander the LongHouse Reserve’s impressive grounds, which will also feature permanent works executed by such artists as Yoko Ono, Miquel Barceló and Dale Chihuly. During cocktails Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company performed a special dance.
During dinner Christie’s auctioneer, George McNelly enticed guests with a live auction featuring many exciting opportunities to experience art, including important works donated by Miguel Barceló, Dale Chihuly, Martin Puryear, Bryan Hunt and Toshiko Takaezu.
Michele Gerber Klein and Marcia Gyglia King
Tina-Maria Birch and Yuta Powell
All proceeds from the Summer Gala will support the LongHouse Reserve, whose gallery, arboretum, sculpture gardens, and educational programs, unite art and nature, aesthetics and spirit. LongHouse strives to build upon its strong belief that the arts are central to living wholly and creatively.
Through its gallery, arboretum, sculpture gardens and programs, LongHouse Reserve brings together art and nature, aesthetics and spirit, with a strong conviction that the arts are central to living wholly and creatively. LongHouse Reserve is a not-for-profit museum that encompasses nearly 16 beautiful acres in East Hampton, New York. Each year the LongHouse Reserve presents major exhibitions in both the gallery and the gardens. Currently, there are more than 60 sculptures for the gardens including works of glass by Dale Chihuly, ceramics by Takaezu, and bronzes by Barceló, Voulkos, Benglis and de Kooning. Works by Ossorio, Claus Bury, Yoko Ono, Opocensky, and Takashi Soga are also on view, while the installation of a Fly's Eye Dome designed by Buckminster Fuller and a site-specific Sol Lewitt add interesting scale and dimension.

Open days for members and the public are 2 to 5 p.m.
Wednesdays and Saturdays, from April 26 through October 11 (Columbus Day weekend)
July and August - Wednesday through Saturday 2-5 pm.
Edward Albee, Terrie Sultan, and Christopher French
Jeanne Collins, Jack Lenor Larsen, and Barbara Slifka
Dorothy Lichtenstein
Lysbeth Marigold, Dianne Benson, and Robert Wilson
H. Peter Stern, Helen W. Drutt English, and Peter Bienstock
Roberto Dutesco
Last Wednesday night there was an “Art Crawl for Obama” here in New York involving several art galleries including Galerie Lelong, Mary Ryan Gallery, Pace Prints, Matthew Marks Gallery, Charles Cowles, Max Protetch, with a host of art experts on hand to talk about the works with the visitors. At the end of the evening, between 8 and 9:30, there was an afterparty at the Maya Stendahl Gallery at 545 West 20 Street, with Harry Stendhal hosting.
Veronica Roberts and Giovanna Torchio
Corey Modesto, Lindsey Schoefelder, Eric Rothfeder, and Liz Oliner
Stuart Krimslo, Jessica Johnson, and Morgan Hitzig
Harry Stendhal and Jonas Mekas
Jens Thor and Angie Zorotheos
Jens Thor and Angie Zorotheos
Jennifer Rosenbaum and Giovanna Torchio
Francie Nagy, David Orr, and Meredith Martin
Randi Eichenbaum and Daniel Sternberg
Bonita Gutierrez and Daniel Malech
Giovanna Torchio, Patrick McGinnis, and Elizabeth Lind
Sandra Navidi
Eli Curi and Alexis Marotta
Divya Gugnani, Rohan Virmani, and Caroline McBride
Jennifer Tokash
Mike Feldman and Gregory Wolfe
Nura Poursharif and Natalia Vaccarezza
Caroline McBride and Courtney Keyser
Top industry leaders paid tribute to Mitch Bainwol, chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and Cary Sherman, president of RIAA, at UJA-Federation of New York’s 2008 Music Visionary of the Year Award Luncheon at the Pierre.

Singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat, who was celebrating the one-year anniversary of her platinum-selling debut album Coco, performed hits “Realize” and “Bubbly” at the philanthropic event that makes innovative music programs available for New York’s underprivileged youth.

Among those honoring Bainwol and Sherman were industry titans Edgar Bronfman Jr., Lyor Cohen, Fred Davis, Julie Greenwald, Zach Horowitz, Craig Kallman, Kevin Liles, Avery Lipman, Monte Lipman, Neil Portnow, L.A. Reid, Rolf Schmidt-Holtz and Charles Goldstuck.

The world’s largest local philanthropy, UJA-Federation of New York strengthens community and helps 1.4 million people in New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island, as well as 3 million in Israel and 60 other countries. Funds raised by UJA-Federation sustain the activities of more than 100 health, human-service, educational, and community agencies. Every day, these community-based organizations provide a multitude of services that improve and enhance people’s lives.
Colbie Caillat
Kevin Liles, Julie Greenwald, and Lyor Cohen
Honorees Cary Sherman and Mitch Bainwol
Fred Davis
Cary Sherman, Neil Portnow, and Mitch Bainwohl
Wendy Diamond
Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Charles Goldstuck
Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, John Shapiro, and Zach Horowitz
Avery Lipman, Colbie Caillat, and Monte Lipman
Daniel Glass

Photographs by ©

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