Friday, December 21, 2007

Palm Beach for a Day

Brazilian Court. 11:20 PM. Photo: JH.
We arrived late yesterday afternoon for a book breakfast and interview conducted by Parker Ladd at the Brazilian Court Hotel with me and photographer Patrick McMullan. I am to be interviewed about the NYSD and about a book I wrote in 1988 for “the kid” in “Singin’ In the Rain,” Debbie Reynolds (her autobiography) My Life. And some life it has been.

The plane (Jet Blue) ride down was packed with people laden with bags and gifts for this upcoming long holiday weekend (and for many, the next week and second long holiday weekend).

We are returning to New York today as I am looking forward to the quietest time of the year in Manhattan except for the city’s visitors. Some people love this holiday, others have mixed emotions. It is a time when our emotions are enhanced or encumbered by nostalgia for family that usually extends far back to the beginnings of our lives. For this writer it is a time for peace and reflection and a chance to dip into the many good books that I love.

NYSD readers will recall the Acria dinner we attended last week downtown. Part of their fundraising came from the sale of works donated by prominent artists. This is very last minute, but there are still wonderful works to be had and now, for just a few days, available at a nice discount. Leslie Klotz reports in to tell us just a little bit more about it. In the meantime, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. And to all, a good night ...
Chris Jordan. Container Yard #5, Seattle 2003. Price: $750.
The ACRIA Gallery

ACRIA is well known for its events (the annual Cocktails at Sunset in the Hamptons and Holiday Dinner, covered here recently), including its Unframed and Emerging art events. Each year people line up around the block to buy art from some truly renowned artists, all donated and for sale at benefit prices to support the group’s HIV research, treatment, and education work. ACRIA has long been supported by the arts community.

Do-Ho Suh. Karma. Price: $400.
Ross Bleckner is President Emeritus of the Board, and over the years artists like Ross, Julian Schnabel, Donald Baechler, Louise Bourgeois, Alex Katz, Cindy Sherman, Vik Muniz, Damien Hirst, Terence Koh, and so many others too numerous to name have contributed their efforts.

What’s not so well known is that all year round ACRIA’s online gallery has work available for purchase. And through Friday, December 21st they’re holding a first-time-ever 15% off sale. You can’t beat it: beautiful limited edition and unique pieces by famous and fast-rising artists at below benefit prices, and there’s no sales tax. Plus, all the proceeds will help people with HIV and AIDS live longer, stronger, healthier lives.

So while you’re online click on and get that last minute holiday shopping out of the way by picking up a Christopher Wool, Tony Feher, Ellen Carey, Dike Blair, Tina Barney, Matthew Pillsbury, or Ross Bleckner today. To shop or learn more you can also contact Scott Drevnig at or on (212) 924-3934, ext. 101.

— Leslie Klotz
Ross Bleckner. bleckner07. Price: $1200.
Christopher Wool. Untitled, 2005 (unframed). Price: $1000.
Fred Tomaselli. Untitled 2004 (unframed). Price: $300.
Mary Ellen Mark. MarkA. Price: $500.
Matthew Pillsbury. Perseus. Price: $500.

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